How to Interpret Tarot Card Combinations

Interpreting tarot card combinations helps reveal the story in a reading.

You can easily interpret the combinations based on their relationship with each other and their shared meanings.

Each Tarot card combined reinforces and strengthens one another in a simple line or side by side or when there is a spread. 

There are different factors to take into consideration when interpreting a tarot combination.

They include the context of the reading, the spread used, other cards present and your reading style.

With over 3000 different tarot card combinations, learning a specific reading for each combination or learning 3000 combinations is not an option.

Instead, we will be listing out techniques that will help you interpret the Tarot card combinations.

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Techniques to Interpret Tarot Combinations.


The easiest way to interpret Tarot card combinations is by using phrases or keywords.

When you have a combination, choose a word or phrase for each card in the spread and then join those words to have a meaning.

For example, if you have a Two of Wands (working) + Five of Swords (conflict) = you’re working with a devious partner or you’re about to have a conflict with your work partner.

There can be several meanings to a combination, so you should match and mix the phrases and keywords associated with each card until you get an interpretation that resonates.


Every card in the tarot deck has a number except the fool card.


You can use the numbers on the paired cards to discover the meaning of the combination numerologically.

When you have a combination with the same number, the significance of that combination is enhanced.

For example, Two of Cups (new relationship) + Two of Wands (Working or Partnership) = partnership in work and love.

Another thing to look out for is if the cards are in the +/- of each other.

Cards within the range of 1 to 3 mean the beginning of a cycle, 4 – 6 means the middle of a cycle and 7 – 10 means the end of the cycle.


The symbols on the tarot cards can help you interpret the cards according to their themes. 

Check the card combination for a common colour or symbol, and this may provide you with information about the combination.

Interpret the cards using the meaning of the symbols.

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For example, Judgement + Temperance both have archangels, and this may mean that your angel is watching over you, or it could mean faith and hope during a difficult time.

Symbols have personal meanings and common meanings.

The way you interpret the symbol based on your past experiences, intuition or subconscious mind is personal meaning.

While the common meanings are what you find in courses, websites, books etc.

If you don’t find a common symbol, then use another method outlined in this article.


If a combination contains Minor Arcana cards, it will be easy to interpret the cards based on their elements. 

minor major

The element for Suit of Wands is Fire, that of Suit of Cups is Water, Suit of Pentacles is Earth and Suit of Swords is Air.

When the cards in a combination share the same element, the energy is enhanced.

If they share different elements, you should combine the meanings of the elements.

Here are two examples: Eight of Pentacles + Three of Pentacles = a focus on money, work, or/and material things. Cups (Water) + Swords (Air) = balancing the heart and the head.

People Interactions

Using this technique is exciting and interesting because it involves looking at the people in the cards and interpreting how they interact.

Are they looking away or facing each other?

How does this affect their relationship?

For example, Page of wands + Queen of Cups = A loving relationship between a son and his mother. While Queens of Cups + Page of Wands = A teenage boy ignoring his mother

The key to becoming an expert in anything is to practice, so try all of the techniques above for 5 or 10 minutes every day.

When you do this frequently, you will master the tarot card combinations and get better at multi-layered interpretations of the cards.

Court Cards

The Court cards are difficult for many Tarot beginners.

Court Cards 

They’re hard to understand because they can represent people as well as personalities or situations of a person in some cases.

The best thing I recommend when you’re first starting out with these cards is keeping it simple by interpreting them based on what personality type each card represents.

Whether that be your own or someone else’s.

You can always explore other interpretations later once you get more comfortable with the deck.

Tarot cards can be used to predict the future. If you find yourself in a relationship with two people who are Court Cards, it means that both of these dominant personalities play an important role for success within your partnership.

A Bit More….

The Tarot is often seen as way to see into one’s fate or destiny and some believe it has psychic powers too.

The good thing about reading tarots is that not only does this process tell me what my true feelings may be but also gives me guidance on how I should act towards others around me without them even knowing they’re being read by someone else.

When dealing with multiple court cards at once, they typically indicate more than just a friendship between those involved.

Instead each personality plays out their most dominant side because

Tarot readings

Let’s look at some card meanings

Tarot cards have individual meanings that you can take into account when doing readings.

Knowing this will also help with interpreting combinations.

Which Tarot card means luck?

The Wheel Of Fortune card is a symbol of chance, destiny and success.

Wheel Of Fortune card

How we contribute to our own happiness can be tricky at times: the wheel spins round and around in an uncertain pattern that makes it hard for us to predict where next it’s going.

The good news?

That unpredictability also means there are different ways for you to get what you want

If your intent is strong enough.

What is the most auspicious Tarot card?

The sun is a symbol for life.

Sun tarot

The heart of our solar system, the provider and maintainer of all that we need in order to live healthy lives – from food to warmth- the sun gives us everything.

What Tarot card means soulmate?

There are a few cards that suggest soulmates but you’ll need to look at the surrounding context for confirmation.

One card, ‘Justice’, is usually interpreted as representing your twin flame or perfect partner because its numbered 11 in the major arcana and represents balance of energy.

Justice tarot 11

Another, 6 cups can represent love between two people who have found each other with their souls mate-like qualities no matter where they may be geographically located on earth.

There are a few cards which could indicate potentials for finding one’s soulmate like lovers (depending if its relationship related).

What tarot card means true love?

The Lovers is the card of love.

the lovers

This meaning comes from a deep connection and bond between two people that are so connected they think as one.

They feel what each other feels, share every moment together without hesitation or hold back their thoughts in fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

There isn’t anything worse than not being able to be who you truly want to be with.


Tarot card combinations can be used to tell the story of a reading.

These cards may appear next to each other.

In sequence from left-to-right or top-to-bottom on one line.

Appearing as separate stories that are related but not quite enough for us to see an entire picture yet and need more information about what is going on before we move onto another part of their lives.

This will give you a clearer insights on what to do to improve your relationship in a healthy way.

Understanding the relationships between the different tart cards helps you read the cards.

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