The Suit of swords Explained: Your mental state of consciousness

The suit of swords is one of the four suits in the minor arcana, and it represents our logic and capacity for thinking.

This suit is associated with the element of air, which symbolizes change, knowledge, power, and action.

Anger, guilt, harsh judgment, a lack of sympathy, and verbal and emotional abuse are all bad qualities of the Suit of Swords.

Its strengths are communication, intelligence, and thought; the way we structure our life, organize, and analyze our actions.

While its weaknesses are violence, aggression, and conflicts.

At its worst, this suit can use words to intimidate and bully.

It is a problematic one used for both good and evil. 

Swords Tarot Card Meanings Explained

Three Card Tarot Spread

Ace of swords

This card symbolizes that you are at the beginning of a new journey or endeavor.

The ace of swords appears when you are about to start a project you may have left behind or when you need clarity or fortitude to move ahead.

In reverse, this card may mean that your ideas are not working or that you may not want to share your ideas with others yet. 

Two of Swords

When this card appears in your reading, it may symbolize that you are dealing with misunderstanding or mixed signals.

Two of Swords

In reverse, this card means you are caught in a tough position where whatever decision you take may lead to a negative consequence. 

Three of Swords

This card shows when you are dealing with sorrow, separation, and heartache.

If it appears in your reading, it may be a warning that something sad may happen soon, so you should brace yourself to heal and grow.

In reverse, it encourages you to find strength in your inner self and to believe in yourself. 

Four of Swords

The Four of Swords shows when you are in a state of physical burnout or total emotional breakdown.

When it comes up in your reading, it’s a call for you to take a break.

And if it shows in reverse, it tells the same message that you need to rest and recharge yourself. 

Five of Swords

This card symbolizes losing, conflict, winning, and tension.

Five of Swords

When it appears in your reading, it reminds you to examine if the battle you’re participating in is worth it.

In reverse, it represents that you have to walk away from whatever conflict you are in, not minding if you are the winner or loser. 

Six of Swords

When this card appears in your reading, it is a reminder that walking away might be painful, but it is the right thing to do to ensure that you do not regret your actions in the future.

In reverse, it means you have identified how to bring about a new you, and you are on a path to fruition. 

Seven of Swords

This card symbolizes deception. When it appears in your reading, it reminds you to look for a way to get ahead.

In reverse, it may mean you are experiencing imposter syndrome, and you doubt your abilities. 

Eight of Swords

There are times when it seems like there’s no way out; this card reminds you that there’s always a way out.

Eight of Swords 

That whatever may be holding you from taking the right step is self-imposed.

In reverse, the eight of swords means that your self-beliefs are holding you back. 

Nine of Swords

The nine of swords appears when you are experiencing fear and anxiety.

When it shows up in your reading, it is a reminder that you should not worry. In reverse, it reminds you that you are hard on yourself. 

Ten of Swords

This is the final limit.

10 of swords

Ten of Swords appears to remind you that the final line has been crossed, and there’s no turning back. No hope for revival, and you should move on.

In reverse, it reminds you that the more you resist, the more the issue will continue to drag on. 

Page of Swords

When this card appears in your reading, it tells you to get things in motion.

You should start your research, get the facts, plan the process, and start working.

In reverse, it shows when you are holding back from expressing your truth, especially to the public. 

Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords is always ready; he does not consider roadblocks or back out from a challenge.

knight of swords

He is a sharp man who acts first and asks questions later.

When this card appears in your reading, it’s time to re-examine yourself before you move forward.

In reverse, it suggests that you should slow down; otherwise, you may burn out. 

Queen of Swords

She sits on a throne decorated with a cherub, an honest, smart, independent, and self-sufficient Queen.

Queen of Swords

When this card shows in your reading, it symbolizes that you need to fight for yourself and act with independence.

In reverse, this card tells you that you allow your emotions to get the best of you. 

King of Swords

He is a force of wisdom that gained his knowledge through his approach to life and experience.

When this card appears in your reading, you may be in the position to guide others.

King of Swords

In reverse, it means you may be misusing your influence and authority.

The Swords Suit in a Tarot Reading

If the majority of the cards in a Tarot reading are Swords, you are looking for answers to what are largely mental difficulties, dispute and debates, and decisions that must be taken.

There might also be a lot of squabbles or perhaps violence right now.

Tarot readings

While Swords may convey many negative or very powerful, forceful messages, they can also act as a caution to be extra watchful of what is going on around you.

Suit of swords Summary

The astrological signs of Air – Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini – are frequently represented by the suit of Swords Tarot cards.

When you encounter a Swords Court Card in a Tarot reading, it usually refers to someone born under the sign of Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini.

Swords individuals are often bright, thoughtful, reasonable, logical, and good communicators.

They are rational beings that like experiencing the universe by comprehending and analyzing what is going on around them.

Swords individuals, on the other hand, may be harsh, dominating, aggressive, and inflexible.

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