Numerology for Capricorn: Mixing Numbers & the Zodiac

Numerology for Capricorn

Capricorn’s association with the number eight often comes to light in numerology. This number symbolises power, authority, and the reward following a hard work period. As a Cardinal sign, Capricorn marks the beginning of winter. This is when leadership and ambition take centre stage, setting you off on a journey to accomplish your highest goals. … Read more

Numerology for Sagittarius: Your Numbers & Meanings

Numerology for Sagittarius

Numerology for Sagittarius reveals key figures linked to your sign. It can shape your destiny and daily life.  Take the number nine, for instance.   It guides them towards personal growth. They must balance pursuing knowledge with the wisdom to refuse when needed. Grasping the numbers aligned with the Sagittarius zodiac sign offers insights into … Read more

Numerology for Leo: Numbers for this zodiac sign

Numerology for Leo

Numerology for Leo highlights the fifth sign of the zodiac, which stands out with intense brightness. You are a fire sign, born between July 23 and August 22 under the sun’, blazing a trail with confidence and verve. The Sun, your ruling planet, sustains life and gives vitality. Given your solar qualities of radiance and … Read more

Numerology for Virgo: Lucky Numbers for Love & Life

Numerology for Virgo

Numerology for Virgo combines number meanings with astrology to offer deep and useful insights As a Virgo, your sign means you are detailed and precise, like numerology. Numerology shows the strong link between numbers and human life. Numerology number five, linked to Mercury, reflects your love for adventure, change, and learning. Fives symbolise curiosity, much … Read more