Is Meditation Better Than Medication

Meditation or Medication

When our bodies betray us and we begin to suffer from a certain sickness, it may seem as if there is no other option to fight back but to take medicine to suppress the symptoms. What if there is an other route? Consider this: Instead of constantly medicating with: mood stabilizers sleeping pills pain relievers … Read more

How To Meditate with Movement: Mute The Aches In Your Brain

Meditate with Movement

The term ‘meditation’ often brings images of people sitting, lying, or standing in stillness, deeply focused or relaxed. However, these are not the only positions possible for meditation. Movement meditation, which involves gentle motions, offers an alternative approach. Discover the tranquility of movement meditation, where every step and motion brings you closer to inner peace … Read more

Transform Your Mind: Discover Meditation’s Secret Power for Enhanced Memory and Focus

How Meditation improves the mind

Meditation, a technique used for centuries, serves various purposes for many of us. Meditation helps establish spiritual connections, calm the mind, and relieve stress. Despite its spiritual origins, increasing scientific studies now demonstrate its advantages. Moreover, this practice can also benefit mental health. For example, it can lead to an increased concentration of grey matter … Read more