The Minor Arcana Tarot Cards And their Meanings

The minor arcana tarot consists of 56 cards.

Each of these cards represent specific things that govern our everyday relationships, small-scale projects, practical aspects, struggles, small wins, etc.

There are four suits in the minor arcana.

Each suit consists of fourteen cards that provide insights into past situations and advise you on how to make the right choices that influence your life.

The Minor Arcana Suits

Pentacles, Cups, Wands, and Swords are the four different suits in the minor arcana.

Each suit contains 14 cards:

The King, Queen, Knight, Page, and 10 numbered cards representing specific areas of your life.

Here’s what each suit represents.

The Suit of Wands

The suit of Wands belongs to the fire element; it reminds us of our passions in life.


Our career, the things we want to accomplish, our political activities, the projects we want to work on, our social activities, and our strong interests.

They help show if we can make viable plans and stick to them, reminding us of when our skills need improvement.

The Suit of Cups

This suit belongs to the water element, and it reminds us of our state of emotions, how we relate with ourselves, others, and the things happening in the world.


It can tell when we have passion, pleasure, sensuality, and friendliness in our lives.

The Cup suit cards mostly tell of relationships, past ones, present ones, and the future.

Cups also guide us to make the right decision even though it’s not what the heart craves.

The messages conveyed in this suit are usually powerful, and it incorporates the past, present, and future.

The Suit of Swords

The suit of swords belongs to the element of air, and it connects us to our spirituality.

10 of swords

It clears our minds, keeps our focus, and reminds us of our reality.

The cards in this suit have meanings that aren’t easy to understand, and this is because the mind is highly complex, and a little psychic sense helps us understand the sword card’s meaning.

When we feel gloomy, experience negativity, mood swings, hopelessness, the sword cards show this and give a positive and deeper meaning to our situation.

The Suit of Pentacles

The pentacles suit belongs to the earth element, and it shows when we need basic things like safety, security, food, water, and other aspects of the physical world.

Ten of Pentacles 

When you see these cards in a Tarot reading, it reminds you of the abundance you have in your life.

It reveals if you have been open to receiving and giving, and it guides one on how to meet their most basic needs by clarifying the “why’s” and the “how’s.”

Most decks use different names for the four suits, and that’s okay.

The meaning of the suits remains the same, so if you have such a deck, make a note of which suit belongs to which so that you won’t get confused.

Meaning Of Minor Arcana Cards in Your Tarot Reading

When you have a minor arcana in your tarot reading, it shows the events happening in your life and how it affects you.

Your thoughts, emotions, experiences, and interactions are revealed using these practical cards.

It shows you what you are dealing with currently and how the choices you make influence your situation.

When A Minor Arcana Is a Majority In Your Tarot Reading

If you have minor arcana cards the most in your Tarot reading, this means you are dealing with temporary issues that may not necessarily have a long-lasting effect on your life. 

Tarot readings

These issues you may be facing are presenting you with an opportunity to learn from these experiences and how they affect you in the long term.

Following and learning from the lessons the minor arcana shows you can have a major impact on your everyday life.

You should also consider the numbers on the cards and their predictive meanings.

This also gives us insight into how to go about the journey of our souls.

In Conclusion

The Minor Arcana, or the cards of minor importance in tarot fortune telling are all about learning how life works.

These represent our daily experiences and mundane tasks which give meaning to one’s existence as they are layered with transitory events like death or change itself.

However, these can also be used for new beginnings when we have an exciting opportunity at hand!

You can read about the major arcana here.

Or if you are a beginner, learn more about the basics and using your tarot deck.