Calculate Time Frames with Tarot: Predicting Events

The most asked questions in a Tarot reading usually start with “When.”

When will I find true love?

When will I find a job?

When will I become successful?

People want to know the exact time frame an event will happen in their life.

Knowing the exact time frame for an event using tarot reading can be a challenging and daunting task.

However, there are techniques you can use to calculate time frames with tarot cards.

Divinatory Meanings

This involves using divinatory meanings of the cards to explain when and how the event will happen, and what may happen before the event.

For example, if a client asks you, “when will I get married?”

calculate time frames with tarot

Depending on the card you draw, your response should help the client achieve a positive change in their life before they can get the result they so desire.

You shouldn’t respond that they have a predetermined destiny; instead, give a response that shows free will.   

Elements and Suits

Tarot cards elements and suits can help predict a more specific time frame. For examples: 

Pentacles – Winter or Years 

Cups – Summer or Months 

Swords – Autumn or Weeks

Wands – Spring or Days

For cards numbered Ace to Ten, combine the card number and the suit.

For example, the Nine of Cups means nine months of summer.

Nine of Cups 

Calculating the time frame of an event using the Court cards may depend on another individual. 

When you search the internet or read other Tarot cards, you may find different associations.

So, use what works for you and what feels right. 

Card Positions

A card position can give you hints about the time frame of an event.

You will first have to narrow it down to a specific card in a spread.

Then look at the card interaction with other cards and predict the outcome based on what the card is telling you.

Only choose a card that stands out to you and use your intuition. 

Tarot cards are like a modern-day oracle, but with an added twist.

That’s because tarot card interactions and flows can predict when something will happen by looking at how the other cards “hint at” what might be happening in your future.

One way to do this is by seeing which card (or set of cards) stand out most prominently for you right now .

Even if it doesn’t make sense yet why that particular deck stands out from all others currently on display.

The Rider Waite Tarot deck is one of the best to get started with.

Numbers and Time Predictions

Tarot cards are like a modern-day oracle, but with an added twist.

That’s because tarot card interactions and flows can predict when something will happen by looking at how the other cards “hint at” what might be happening in your future.

Tarot Card Numbers for Psychic Abilities

One way to do this is by seeing which card (or set of cards) stand out most prominently for you right now.

Even if it doesn’t make sense yet why that particular deck stands out from all others currently on display.

This article will look at how to predict events by learning how to calculate time frames with tarot


This technique involves using astrology to predict the outcome of an event based on the card and astrological sign.

For example, The Emperor is associated with Aries, 7 of wands is associated with Mars in Leo, Queen of Pentacles is associated with Capricorn, etc.

The astrological time of the year (Capricorn) can be used to predict the time frame if the Queen of Pentacles card is picked.

Astrology card

Another example is when you pick 7 of Wands, this may indicate that the event will happen on the 7th of a Leo month, or you can check in an ephemeris or online to see when Mars will be in Leo. 

The Minor Arcana Planet and Astrological Associations:

Tarot readers place high emphasis on the signs of the zodiac when doing their readings.

Here are the astrological associations.


2 of Wands – Mars/Aries

3 of Wands – Sun/Aries

4 of Wands – Venus/Aries

5 of Wands – Saturn/Leo

6 of Wands – Jupiter/Leo

7 of Wands – Mars/Leo

8 of Wands – Mercury/Sagittarius

9 of Wands – Moon/Sagittarius

10 of Wands – Saturn/Sagittarius


2 of Cups – Venus/Cancer

3 of Cups – Mercury/Cancer

4 of Cups – Moon/Cancer

5 of Cups – Mars/Scorpio

6 of Cups – Sun/Scorpio

7 of Cups – Venus/Scorpio

8 of Cups – Saturn/Pisces

9 of Cups – Jupiter/Pisces

10 of Cups – Mars/Pisces

10 of swords

2 of Swords – Moon/Libra

3 of Swords – Saturn/Libra

4 of Swords – Jupiter/Libra

5 of Swords – Venus/Aquarius

6 of Swords – Mercury/Aquarius

7 of Swords – Moon/Aquarius

8 of Swords – Jupiter/Gemini

9 of Swords – Mars/Gemini

10 of Swords – Sun/Gemini

Ten of Pentacles 

2 of Pentacles – Jupiter/Capricorn

3 of Pentacles – Mars/Capricorn

4 of Pentacles – Sun/Capricorn

5 of Pentacles – Mercury/Taurus

6 of Pentacles – Moon/Taurus

7 of Pentacles – Saturn/Taurus

8 of Pentacles – Sun/Virgo

9 of Pentacles – Venus/Virgo

10 of Pentacles – Mercury/Virgo

Aces and Courts

The purest of the elements reside in Aces – fire, water, earth and air.

Ace of Pentacles 

Due to this fact alone it’s difficult for them to represent other parts of humanity such as court cards that are representative or personifications each element:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Air.

Court cards are representative of the personification of elements, so using them for prediction isn’t as effective.

Pages on the other hand represent earth and water with their wands or cups respectively.

Pages can be used more easily than court cards because they have elemental qualities associated to what you want to know about ahead.

Like if it is a good time in business when one is looking at an air suit card.

Court Cards 


There isn’t a fast and easy rule for calculating the time frame of an event using tarot reading.

The above techniques can be used to calculate the time frame of an event, but you need your intuition to always guide you.

It will guide your eyes and attention to which card will give you a good calculation for an event’s time frame. 

Minor Arcana Suits

A deck of cards is a simple yet powerful divination tool, and when it comes to time-related matters, the minor arcana are your go-to.

Each suit in this set corresponds with one aspect of timing: pace (wands), intervals (cups), dates (swords) or duration/pacing for events that have happened but not quite yet(coins).

As you can see from these suits’ associations with each other above – relative pace goes hand in hand with interval as well as date.

I know that it’s always difficult to predict the future, but by looking online or in an ephemeris you can find out when Mars will be entering Aries.

This is a great tool for divination and predictions!

Maybe your major arcana card was Death?


Use this information to determine if Scorpio season may hold some significance about what could happen in the near future.

The major arcana does play into prediction too however.

Their court card counterparts correspond respectively to past kings and queens who deal more so on making things happen rather than predicting them happening which aligns nicely next door.

Major arcana

Tarot cards are a way to better understand the nature of an event.

Using individual major arcana cards can help determine or intuit timing or speed associated with that predicted event.

The Fool, for example, is quick and unexpected while the World moves slowly–one might say relentlessly so.

One could also quickly see how high Priestess’s steady pace would be indicative of someone who takes their time before making decisions.

Now, the Hanged Man may appear stagnant as they wait patiently for something good to happen in life.

the hanged man

Meanwhile, Lovers’ initial rush may settle into more regular pacing after some development (or cease completely).

Tarot timing

In the early days of humankind’s existence on earth, there was a battle between these primordial elements.

The Spirit of Air and Water sought to suffocate mankind with their gas while Fire wanted nothing more than for them all to burn in its flame.

In order to maintain peace among themselves, they decided that only one could be lord over Earth at any given time; this would ensure balance as well as harmony within nature’s domain.

It is said that whenever you are faced with important decisions or changes happening in your life, it means either air (spirit) has taken hold again or water (spirit).


-Spirit of Air – The Fool

-Spirit Of Water – Hanged Man

-Spirit of fire – Judgment

The three elemental trumps are known to be outside of tarot timing, but this doesn’t stop them from having their own associations with specific planets.

Adding Time Frames to Your Tarot Readings

So, how do you add these techniques into your Tarot readings?

tarot readings

You can choose any of the following options.

  • Add a card that focuses on ‘when.’  
  • You can make an entire Tarot Spread based on “when” (i.e., using a yearly forecast spread).
  • Use a four-card tarot spread that explains what will happen before it even can occur.

Card 1 – Realization

Card 2 – Acceptance

Card 3 – Acknowledgment

Card 4 – Action

In this article, we have explained different Tarot reading techniques and how to use them to calculate the time frame of an event.

Try each technique and find which one works for you and produces accurate results.

Before You Go

The tarot is a powerful tool that can offer you guidance in your life, but there are no steadfast rules for using it.

The above suggestions serve as recommendations and should be mixed with intuition to get the best reading possible based on what feels right to you when looking at cards during a tarot session.

When making time predictions, having an ephemeris or knowing how certain planets move through space will come in handy if they’re not easily accessible online somewhere else.

So, now you know how to calculate time frames with tarot.

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