Unlocking Mysteries with the Celtic Cross Spread: A Journey into Tarot Wisdom

You’ll learn about the Celtic Cross Spread, an ancient tarot card reading technique.

The Celtic Cross Spread is a powerful tool that provides insight into your life and helps you understand your experiences more deeply.

Using the Celtic Cross Spread, you’ll find clarity in various situations and confidently make decisions.

So, let’s get started and explore the power of the Celtic Cross Spread!

The Celtic Cross Spread offers deep insights into your life’s journey. It reveals current challenges, past influences, and future possibilities. It serves as a personal guide, helping you navigate life’s questions with clarity and confidence.

Hanna Burgess

Structure of the Celtic Cross Spread

Let’s dive into the structure of the Celtic Cross Spread.

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread

Think of this spread as a map where each position serves a specific purpose, guiding you through life’s questions.

Present Position (Card 1)

Like standing at a cross’s center, this card symbolizes your current state, reflecting your emotions, thoughts, and surroundings.

Challenge (Card 2)

Think of this as an obstacle that’s blocking your path.

Placed across the first card, it shows the immediate challenge or problem you’re facing.

Past Influences (Card 3)

Positioned below the cross, this card reveals the past events and experiences that have influenced your journey.

Future (Card 4)

Above the cross, this card hints at what’s coming next.

It’s not set in stone, but it gives you a heads-up about potential outcomes.

Conscious (Card 5)

On the left side, this card mirrors what you already know.

It reflects your goals, desires, or what you’re actively thinking about.

Unconscious (Card 6)

Positioned to the right, this card reveals your situation’s deeper, hidden aspects, including fears, hopes, and underlying feelings.

Self’s Influence (Card 7)

Now, visualize a smaller column of cards beside the cross to form a staff.

The first card at the base shows how you influence your situation.

It reveals your role and how your actions affect things.

External Influences (Card 8)

Moving up the staff, this card offers a glimpse into the people, energies, and events that sway your path but are outside your control.

Hopes or Fears (Card 9)

Next, explore your deeper emotions.

This card can be a dream you hope to achieve or a worry nagging at you.

It’s personal and powerful.

Outcome (Card 10)

At the top of the staff, you get to see a possible resolution.

Remember that it’s not a definite ending but one that could happen based on the current trajectory.

Each card tells a part of your story, and together, they make up a complete picture.

Using the Celtic Cross Spread in Readings

tarot readings

Preparing Your Reading

Begin your Celtic Cross Spread session when you feel clear-headed and ready.

Think about a question or situation you need guidance on.

Make sure it’s specific.

Write it down to keep your focus.

Now, shuffle your Tarot cards.

Imagine your question while you shuffle.

This puts your energy into the cards.

Laying Out the Cards

Next, cut the deck into three piles, and then stack them back up in any order you like.

It’s your reading, so follow your instincts.

Now, begin to lay out the cards.

Start from the left and lay them in the pattern of the Celtic Cross.

Celtic Cross

Remember, each spot in the spread has a meaning, like ‘the past’ or ‘hopes and fears.’

Place ten cards, one in each position.

These cards will form a narrative.

The first card indicates your current situation, while the second, placed across it, may represent a challenge or obstacle.

Cards three to six relate to your past, future, and present thoughts.

The final four cards offer guidance and predict possible outcomes.

Interpreting the Spread

Lastly, look at your spread.

Think about what the cards and positions mean together.

Take your time to understand the story they tell about your question.

Trust what you feel when you look at the cards.

It’s your reading, and your intuition is critical.

Variations of the Celtic Cross Spread

After mastering the standard Celtic Cross Spread, you may find occasions where altering it slightly suits your needs.

That’s okay!

Tarot is flexible, and many readers tweak the spread to fit their needs.

Here are some ways you might adjust the traditional layout:

Swap Positions: If that feels better for you, you could switch the spots where the ‘future’ and ‘past’ cards sit.

It’s your reading, so do what makes sense.

More Cards: Some readers add cards on top of the original ten for more details.

For instance, you can lay a card on the ‘outcome’ for more clarity.

Personal Touch: Feel free to introduce your custom positions.

For example, include a card for advice on ‘what to do next’ or ‘what to watch out for.’

When you’re trying out variations:

Stick to what’s essential: Make sure your changes still help answer your original question.

Be clear on meanings: Decide what the new positions mean before you start.

Practice: The more you try different layouts, the better you’ll get at reading them.

Changing the Celtic Cross Spread helps you make it your own.

It’s like having a personal guide that knows just what you need.

Example Reading Using The Celtic Cross Spread

Let us walk you through an example reading with the Celtic Cross Spread.

Let’s say your question is, ‘What should I focus on for personal growth?’

Then here’s the sample reading:

Present: You draw The Fool.

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

This means you’re beginning a journey and are eager to learn.

Challenge: The Three of Swords pops up. You face some heartache or disappointment.

Past: Drawing The Star card reflects your past filled with hope and positive experiences.

Future: You pull out The Emperor, suggesting structure and discipline are coming your way.

Conscious: The Ten of Cups indicates you seek happiness and fulfilment.

Unconscious: The Hermit suggests a subconscious need for solitude and introspection.

Advice: The Justice card advises you to focus on fair choices and balance in life.

External influences: The Six of Pentacles suggests help or resources might be available from others.

Six of Pentacles Meaning

Hopes and fears: The Sun reflects optimism for success and the fear of it not materializing.

Outcome: The Wheel of Fortune ends the spread.

It hints that changes and new opportunities will influence your personal growth.

Look at the story these cards tell together.

They guide you to embrace new beginnings, face challenges, and find balance.

Remember, the future isn’t set in stone.

Use this reading as a map for your journey.

Trust yourself and use what you learn to grow.

Wrapping Up

The Celtic Cross Spread is a powerful tool in Tarot readings.

You’ve seen how each position in the spread has a special meaning.

Utilizing the spread provides insights into your current circumstances, challenges you face, and future possibilities.

Remember, you can change the layout to make it work for you.

The example reading demonstrated how to interpret the cards in practical situations.

Continue practising, as each spread will deepen your understanding of life’s complex puzzles.