The Justice Tarot Card Meaning: Both Upright And Reversed

The Justice Tarot card indicates a time when fair decision-making is crucial.

This card stands for order, balance, fairness, and truth.

It often emerges in situations requiring a choice between two options.

We reflect on our actions to progress.

This article covers the upright and reversed meanings of the Justice tarot card.

It explores love, career, health, and spirituality.

Let’s begin!

The Justice Tarot Card Description

The Justice Tarot Card shows a woman seated between two pillars, signifying balance.

This figure of Justice holds a sword in her right hand, symbolizing logical, ordered thinking.

Her left hand carries a scale, representing fairness and truth.

Lady Justice wears a red robe, showing wisdom and power.

She also wears a crown with a tiny, square clasp holding her cloak.

This symbolizes well-ordered thoughts.

The Justice Tarot Card meaning
The Justice Tarot Card meaning

Her feet reveal a hint of a white shoe, hinting at the spiritual consequences of her actions.

A spiritual reminder.

Behind her, a purple cloak and a chair suggest compassion and understanding.

The yellow background represents intellectual clarity.

Upright Meaning – The Justice Tarot Card

The upright Justice tarot card symbolizes truth, fairness, law, cause and effect, and structure.

It indicates that decisions must be made with reason and impartiality.

The card suggests you may be facing a significant decision.

It highlights the need for clarity and honesty.

It may also imply a situation that requires you to analyze your actions.

You should also consider their consequences.

This card emphasizes the importance of balance and equality.

It applies to personal, relational, or professional matters.

Its appearance advises making informed choices.

Moreover, it also advises upholding integrity, righteousness, and responsibility for your actions.

Now, let’s look at more meanings of the Justice tarot card.

Upright Love & Relationships

This major arcana card symbolizes Justice and truth, so you can trust that your relationships are on solid ground.

You may also have a strong sense of integrity and responsibility to all involved.

The Justice Tarot card suggests that, when considering love, you should be level-headed about your romantic life.

Romantic walk

It would be best to consider both sides before taking action, ensuring Justice is served for everyone involved.

Upright Career & Finances

The Justice card signifies fairness, balance, and ethical decisions in a career and financial context.

It suggests a period of accountability, where all deeds, good or bad, yield their respective rewards or penalties.

You may be involved in legal agreements, contracts, or settlements.

The Justice card often reflects legal matters.

legal matters in tarot

It encourages honesty and morality in business dealings.

This will bring good luck to the financial future.

If you seek Justice, it will likely be served when this major arcana card appears.

It may also indicate a job in the legal field.

Decisions made now will impact your financial stability and career growth.

Make them based on rational thinking and integrity.

This card emphasizes ethical decision-making and professional transparency.

Upright Health

In terms of health, the Justice card upright symbolizes balance and fairness.

It’s a prompt to treat your body right and ensure a balanced diet, regular exercise, and sufficient rest.


Health issues you’ve faced may soon be diagnosed accurately.

This will bring fair treatment and recovery.

The card also implies making rational choices concerning your health.

If you’ve abused your body, now’s the time for self-accountability and setting things right.

Upright Spirituality

In spirituality, The Justice tarot card denotes truth, fairness, and the law of karma.

It signifies the importance of fairly evaluating both oneself and others.

It advises understanding the impact of your actions while promoting personal accountability.

The card suggests that universal fairness is at work.

It highlights the need for balance and adherence to ethical principles.

And the importance of spiritual growth.

your soul

It also indicates a crucial decision-making time to align your actions with universal justice.

Like scales in balance, the card urges careful consideration of your spiritual actions.

Reversed Meaning – The Justice Tarot Card

In reverse, the Justice Tarot Card symbolizes dishonesty, unaccountability, and unfairness.

It may represent a lack of balance and harmony, often caused by poor decision-making or evasion of accountability.

The Justice Tarot card meaning reversed
The Justice Tarot card meaning reversed

The Justice reversed suggests a low acceptance of others’ perspectives and a misuse of authority leading to injustice.

Legal problems and the inability to understand the consequences of your actions could also be highlighted.

The reversed Justice card urges self-evaluation, re-balancing, and moral rectitude.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The reversed Justice Tarot card indicates imbalance or unfairness in love and relationships.

It also suggests a lack of accountability.

It could mean an unwillingness to admit wrongs or to take responsibility.

In addition, there is an unwillingness to settle disagreements amicably.

This major arcana card signifies a relationship marked by manipulation, dishonesty, or refusal to face the truth.

It could also suggest unresolved legal issues affecting the relationship.

Decisions based on ego, not fairness, may be causing harm.

The card emphasizes the need for open conversation and reconciliation.

These can bring back the lost balance and harmony.

It’s about love.

Reversed Career & Finances

The reversed Justice card suggests injustice or imbalance in financial dealings.

It may also indicate unfairness.

It may imply unresolved legal issues, unfair treatment at work, or an imbalance in compensation.

You could be putting in a lot of effort yet receiving little reward.

You might also despise your job and yearn for something fulfilling.

Career setting

Financially, it may suggest poor financial decisions or financial disputes.

It’s essential to reassess your situation.

Consider seeking professional advice. Strive to restore balance in your career and financial life.

Reversed Health

When the reversed Justice card appears, it can indicate a lack of balance in your health.

You must care for yourself correctly or ignore any warning signs your body sends you.

Avoid unhealthy choices instead of healthy habits.

And focus on diet and exercise.

There can also be an imbalance between physical and mental health; it is essential to take care of both.

If your physical health is suffering, it could be a sign that your mental health is also in danger.

mental health

As a result, your body and mind will be in harmony if you pay attention to their needs.

In spirituality, a reversed Justice card may mean you are not being honest with yourself.

It could also mean you deny personal truths or face karmic lessons for past actions.

It can also indicate accountability ignored or bias affecting your judgments.

Such imbalance may hinder spiritual growth.

It urges you to rejuvenate your relationship with the spiritual realm.

It also encourages you to reassess your moral compass.

This can help you return to a path of integrity and equilibrium.

Reflect on your actions and thought patterns.

Rediscover your spiritual core. Make soul-aligned decisions to restore harmony.

Wrapping Up

The Justice Tarot Card symbolizes power and balance in personal life.

It also symbolizes power and balance in our larger world.

Its upright meaning in a tarot reading implies a need for fairness, Justice, responsibility, and moral order.

The reversed meaning of this card can denote a lack of Justice or fairness.

It can also signify guilt or oppression that arises from wrong choices.

Additionally, it may indicate a fear of making necessary changes in life.

Ultimately, this card encourages us to look at things objectively.

It also encourages us to take responsibility for our choices.