Karmic Debt Numbers : Making Amends For a Previous Lifetime

Usually, the first thing that comes to mind when ‘karma’ is mentioned is repaying for past actions.

Karma in numerology means the same thing, but, in this case, it refers to a spiritual cause and effect that happens in one’s lifetime.

It’s an action that happened in a previous lifetime that you are now making amends for. 

These karmic conditions are known as karmic debt, and they are clarified through numbers.

Your karmic debt number helps you understand what you must settle in this lifetime, how to stop making the same mistakes, and how to break the cycle.

Karmic debt numbers are pretty common, but not everyone has a karmic debt number.


After you’ve computed all five of your core numbers (see below), you may assign them to a Karmic Debt Number.

Discover Your Personality Number

Your personality number reveals your personality qualities and how you interact with people in the world.

Numbers and a heart written in the sand

According to New Age Numerologists, this number also indicates the person you wish to be.

Add the numbers of your birth month and day to obtain your personality number. Then you may simplify.

For instance, if you were born on March 28th, multiply 0+3+2+8=13, then reduce to a single number, 1+3=4.

Discover Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number corresponds to your Sun sign.

It reveals a person’s life purpose, desires, and goals. It reveals our strengths, faults, and undiscovered skills.

Add the numbers in your full birth date to discover your Life Path Number.

As an example: March 28th, 1983,  add 0+3+2+8=13, then reduce to one single digit, 1+3=4

Your Expression Number

The Expression Number, often known as the Destiny Number, is one of Numerology’s five fundamental numbers.

The Expression Number reveals a person’s talents, ambitions, and interests.

It describes the abilities that a person carried from a past life into this one.

Your Birth Date Number 

The energy on the day you were born has particular abilities from prior lifetimes.

This number represents a person’s innate abilities.

So let’s get started. If your birthday is on the 14th of the month.

Then you’d simplify 14 to 1+4=5. The birth date number is five.

Number 5 is associated with Karmic Debt Number 14.

Discover Your Soul Urge Number

What is in a person’s heart is revealed by their Soul Urge Number.

It is about passion, desire, and what the heart really desires.

This is the thing you fantasize about.

To get a Soul Urge Number, sum all of the numerals that represent the consonants in a name.

The Soul Urge Number has no vowels.

Moving On

In the rest of this article, we will discuss the different karmic debt numbers, how you can find yours, how you can use them for your personal growth, and why you may not have any debt from a past life.

Let’s get started! 

The Karmic Debt Numbers

13, 14, 16, and 19 are the four karmic debt numbers in numerology and each number tells of the difficulty a person must pass through in this life. 

Number 13

Karmic debt number 13 indicates a past abuse for material gain.

It signifies that you have to work hard and learn several lessons before you can achieve career success.

Karmic debt number 13

People with debt number 13 always encounter a lot of roadblocks when they are trying to achieve their personal goals, but they can avoid this by not taking shortcuts and putting in a more methodical and grounded effort.

Number 14

Karmic debt number 14 is about the abuse of freedom in a past life.

Karmic debt number 14

It signifies that you can still be a free-spirited individual while maintaining limitations and boundaries so that you don’t go off the rails.

People with this debt number should learn self-control and moderation to overcome this debt.

Number 16

Karmic debt number 16 is related to past life love transgressions.

It means you have broken other people’s hearts or had your heart broken repeatedly.

Karmic debt number 16

People with debt number 16 should unlearn their toxic relationship patterns and commit to loyalty and honesty.

Number 19

Karmic debt number 19 relates to the abuse of power in a past life.

It signifies that you must learn how to let go of your stubbornness and ego-based behavior.

Karmic debt number 19

People with debt number 19 must learn how to support themselves through life struggles and live independently without others.

How To Find Your Karmic Debt Number

Numerology charts show your karmic debt number and several other symbolic core numbers like your life path number.

And these numbers hold a unique significance in your life.

A karmic debt number that appears with your life path number is most powerful.

However, since the path numbers are always reduced to single numbers, no one’s karmic debt number will be their life path number in its final form.

When calculating your core numbers, and you come across 13, 14, 16, or 19, you have karmic debts.

It is common to have a karmic debt number in numerology; this doesn’t mean you are going to fail in life.

It means you have some obstacles that you need to tackle in your current life journey, and once you know what these obstacles are, you will have a better idea of how to overcome and clear them.

How To Pay Off Your Karmic Debts

No one wants to settle a debt they don’t recall taking.

That’s why a lot of people do not accept the concept of karmic debts.

However, like all debts, someone has to pay for it, and it’s going to be you.

If you have karmic debts, there’s no need to freak out, all you need to do is find out what your karmic debts relate to, and you can start working on how to release yourself and settle the debts.

The importance of knowing you have a karmic debt to settle is, it helps you grow out of personal struggles and behavioral patterns.

Hands tied behind back

Oftentimes when you are going through the same phase over and over again or face the same challenges repeatedly, it means you have a karmic debt to settle.

If you ignore this, it will continually show up as obstacles and hold you from reaching your goals or true potential.

However, acknowledging your karmic debt can help show you what you’re meant to let go, learn, and overcome in life.

When addressing the issues, you must lean into the positives, which will help you counter the negative effects.

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Why Don’t I Have Karmic Debts?

This is rare, but it’s possible not to have any karmic debt.

This indicates that your journey in this life holds a different meaning, and you have no debt to pay from a past life.

Everyone is fighting one issue or another, and if you are facing challenges at this point, it’s not tied to karma.

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