Numerology For Beginners – What You Need to Know

If you are looking for information on the basics of Numerology, then you are in the right place.

This post will be all about Numerology For Beginners 

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of relation of numbers with an individual and the universe.

It is a universal language of numbers through which we decode information about an individual through the numbers connected with them.

This is a numerology for beginners guide.

Numerology is Ancient

In almost all the ancient civilizations of the world, be it:

  • Egyptian civilization
  • Mayan civilization
  • Chinese
  • Vedic,
  • Greek civilization

You can find traces of numerology.

Numerology and Planets

All these civilizations believe that numbers carry an inherent power with them.

So this brings us to our third point.

There are Many Schools of Numerology

Numerology can at times be very difficult or complex because there are many schools of numerology.

There is Chinese numerology.

As well as Chaldean numerology.

There is also Pythagorean numerology, Arabic, Vedic numerology, but the underlying principles among all these schools of numerology is the same.

That is the numbers.

So this brings us to our fourth point.

Numerology is Simple

Through the numbers connected with an individual, we decode some information about them.

So this makes numerology very simple. 

The first step is to calculate your destiny number.



To calculate it, you need to take the digits of your date of birth.

If your date of birth is a single digit number, then take it as it is.

And if it is a two-digit number, then add those two digits.

If the sum of the two digits is a single digit number, then take it as it is.

And if it is again, a two-digit number, then further add those two digits, and you will arrive at a single digit number.

So this brings us to our destiny point.

For, example, if someone is born on 24th January, so their date of birth will be two, four.

Now you add two and four, two plus four is six.

So six becomes the destiny number.

If someone is born on 4th February, so four is the destiny number.

Similarly, 14th June, one plus four, five.

So five becomes the destiny numbers.

Numerology For Beginners

Our first number is zero.

See, in numerology, zero is considered as an unlucky number.



Because zero carries no real value with it.

It is a number, it is a real number, but it has no real value with it.

For example, if you multiply anything with zero, it becomes zero.

Like one into zero is zero, 100 into zero is zero. 1 billion into zero is zero.

So anything which gets multiplied with zero becomes zero.

That’s why it has no real value.

And because of that, it is considered as an unlucky number.

The more the number of zeros a person has in his date of birth, the bad effect of that zero increases.

But there is also a positive side of zero.

The people who have zeros in their date of birth, they are generally very helpful people.

They help others.

They care for others.


Because if you put zero after any number, it’s value increase.

Like you put zero after one, it becomes 10.

If you put zero after 10, it becomes 100.

So the value increases.

In the Western orchard traditions, zero is also the symbol of eternity or infinity.


Because you see the symbol of zero is a circle.

A circle has no beginning and no end.

That’s why zero also represents eternity or infinity.

Number One

The dates connected with one arm, 1 10, 19 and 28.

The number one is ruled by the Sun.

The Sun

So people having destiny number one, they are very intellectual people.

They are very bright people.

And these people also have a very strong sense of individuality.

They have their own personality, they have their own persona, and they are also very fortunate.

Lady luck shines upon them.

These people also love to rule.

The Sun is the king of astrology.

So these people, they love to dominate others, they love to impose their own thoughts, but they are not dictatorial.

They are sometimes obstinate as they are intolerant of others’ views and interferences in their life.

But they are very disciplined and truthful people.

They are lovers of growth.

They are very disciplined in their life.

Some of the examples connected with number one are Bill Gates.

He was born on 28th January 1914.

So 28 is two plus eight, 10.

Then one plus zero, one.

Second example is Carlos Slim.

He was born on 28th October 1955. Then Bill Clinton and Elon Musk, who was born on 28th June 1971.

Number Two

The dates connected with number two are 2, 11, 20 and 29.

The planet ruling number two is the Moon.

The Moon

The moon is a very artistic planet in astrology.

It is connected with our arts, fine arts, music, dance.

People having the destiny number two, they are also very romantic people.

They are very good at love.

And these people are also ever-changing.

So these people also, they experience mood swings.

They change their thoughts very easily, but they’re also very sensitive people.

They are sensitive to others.

And  are very sensitive of what others speak of them. And they’re also very diplomatic.

They weigh their words before speaking them. And they are foody.

They love to eat and they also love to cook.

And are also travelers.

See, traveling is very much connected with destiny number two.

These people love to travel.

They love to explore new places and explore new cultures.

But sometimes the negative trait connected with number two is that these people can sometimes go rogue.

Their ego becomes so much inflated sometimes that they can go rogue.

For example, we have Thomas Hardy who was a British novelist, a very intellectual person who wrote novels.

Our second and third example are Benito Mossolini and Hitler who went rogue.

Number Three

The dates connected with number three are 3, 12, 21, and 30.

The planet ruling number three is Jupiter.


So people having destiny number three, they are very charming, they are very handsome-looking.

They are very good-looking people, but they are also very hardworking.

Number threes put the best of their efforts into their work, and they are also innovators.

They bring out-of-the-box and unique solutions and they also have very unique and very innovative thoughts.

And they are also very reliable.

These are the people whom you can trust and rely upon.

And these people, they are sometimes very much obsessed with success.

In the negative side, they can go to any length to achieve success, but they’re also very helpful.

These people, they help others.

They care for others.

But, they can exaggerate their own achievements.

What’s more, they are sometimes very boastful, and the sense of pride is also very much developed in people who have their destiny number as three.

The examples we have is of Queen Elizabeth II.

She was born on 21st April 1926. So 21st is two, one.

So two plus one, three.

And the second example we have of Martha Stewart.

Number Four

The dates connected with number four are 4, 13, 22, and 31.


The planet ruling number four is Rahu, which is the north node of moon.

These people are very bold.

They don’t hesitate to express their views or opinions on any point.

And they are also very patient.

The people, they can struggle for a very long time.

They know that success is theirs; that they will definitely achieve success and they will definitely achieve victory.

That’s why they have patience and they can struggle for, or work for a very long time.

They are also out-of-the-box thinkers.

These people bring unique and out-of-the-box solutions and ideas, and they also always try to improve.

They always try to better and improve their skills, their talents.

They are also rebellious.

See, the rebellious nature is very much connected with destiny number four.

They have very rebellious views.

So much so, they want to revolutionize their field, or they want to start a new movement, but they are very balanced people also.

They are very balanced personalities.

They do what they should do at a particular time.

Like they don’t work while eating or eat while working.

But they’re also very secretive.

See, they maintain secrecy of their plans.

They don’t easily reveal their thoughts.

So this makes them very secretive, but they are self-made people.

They usually don’t welcome others help and they are very much self-made people who through their own hard work and efforts develop their personality.

For example, we have Taylor Swift.

She was born on 13th December 1989.

Next is Barack Obama and Robert Downey Jr., or Iron Man, who was born on 4th April 1965.

Number Five

The dates are 5, 14 and 23.

The planet ruling number five is Mercury.

See, Mercury makes them very thoughtful person.


It makes them very calculated person.

They have a very youthful appearance, but these people also are adaptable.

They easily adjust with other people and they easily adjust in any environment.

And these people, they always try to impress others.

They always try to win others’ appreciation.

They always want to impress other people with their thoughts, with their looks, with their luxuries, which makes them sometimes very spendthrift.

Sometimes these folk love to spend all of their money on luxuries or trying to maintain their good looks.

But these people are also very lucky in love.

Relationship heart

They are very dedicated in their relationships.

They usually get very dedicated partners.

And they are also very innovators.

They always try to bring new solutions.

They always try to bring new ideas to impress others.

Examples we have is of Walt Disney who was born on 5th December 1901, along with Albert Einstein and Donald Trump.

Number Six

So the dates are 6, 15 and 24.

The planet ruling number six is Venus.


These people are very gentle people.

They have a gentleman-like personality.

They are very charming personality.

These people may sometimes be entertainers.

They can be actors, comedians, directors, producers.

Means these people can be connected to entertainment business.

They’re handsome and they always want luxury.

These people are always after luxury, which sometimes can be a negative trait as they can go to any length to achieve their luxuries.

But they are true lovers.

They are very much dedicated lovers, but they can be sometimes hedonistic and crafty.

See, the quality of materialism can be very much developed in these people and they can become very crafty and duplicitous people.

An example we have is of Queen Victoria.

She was surrounded by all the luxuries of the world.

Number seven

The dates are 7, 16 and 25.

The ‘planet’ ruling number seven is Ketu, which is actually the south node of Moon.

People having destiny number seven, they are very mystical people.

They have something mystical in their personality and they are also very revolutionary.

Numerology beginners


They have revolutionary thoughts.

And they have a very developed sense of justice.

They want that there should be justice with everyone.

Everyone who should get what they deserve.

And these people maybe sometimes connected to the law field.

Like they may be lawyers or judges, but they’re also very duplicitous.

They have a very duplicitous or a two-faced personality.

But these people always adjust with others.

They are very adjustable and very easy-to-adjust people, but they are brave.

They are not hesitant of expressing their views or they are not timid.

These people are very brave personality and they are also travelers.

They love to travel to mountainous regions.

And this is a specialty of number seven; that they love to travel to mountains.

They want to go to Himalayas, the Alps and the Rockies.

Katy Perry is an example.

Number Eight

The dates connected with… are 8, 17 and 26.

The planet ruling is Saturn.


These people, they are very confident people.

They have the depth of thought.

They’re also very sincere people, but their lives may be sometimes full of struggles, but because of their sincerity and depth of thought, they easily surpass all those struggles.

They easily win over all the struggles.

And they are also very opportunistic people who can go to extremes to achieve their goals.

John Pierpont Morgan is one example.

Number Nine

The dates are 9, 18 and 27.

The planet ruling is Mars.


See, the people having destiny number nine, they can be fighters.

They love to fight. The sense of fighting is very much developed in them.

They have strong willpower.

They don’t easily give up.

But these people are also very optimistic.

They believe in themselves.

They believe in their capabilities and they’re optimistic.

And they also have a very developed good sense of humor.

Comedians are generally connected with number six and nine, and they’re also very responsible people.

But they can be impulsive

Which means that they can sometimes be dictatorial, which makes them not good at love, but they love glamor.

They want to have an aura of glamor around them.

And the quality of friendship is very much connected with people having destiny number nine.

Examples we have is of Elizabeth Taylor and Carl Sagan.

Numerology For Beginners: Final words

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