Numerology personality number

We think that we know ourselves better than anyone else.

Yet, other people often point out things about us and our personalities that we haven’t noticed before.

Your personality number, which is derived from the consonants of your full birth name, is the personality that they see.

This number projects the characteristics others are most likely to see about you before they know you. 

Destiny, or Expression Numbers are divided into two main categories.

The Personality Number is among the least known of these types when compared to the Soul Urge number which can be calculated using only your vowels in your name at birth.

What Is a Personality Number?

In numerology, a personality number is a master number, or a single-digit number derived from the consonants of your full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate. 

Personality Number


Numerology personality numbers unravel the layers of your personality and lets you know how others see you.

It defines your qualities, characteristics, vibrations, and traits and shares your inner instincts.

If you learn how to calculate your personality number in numerology, you will understand yourself, practice self-love, acceptance, and self-compassion.

Knowing this can also help you work on certain areas of your life, to grow, improve and develop those areas into maturity. 

A Manual Personality Number Calculator

Write Down Your Full Name

Write down your first name, middle name, and last name.

Then take out the consonants from all of them. For example, if your name is Johnny Wilson.

The consonants are J, H, N, N, Y, W, L, S, and N.

Note that this name must be the name on your birth certificate from the date you were born.

Even though your name is misspelt on your birth certificate, use that to calculate your numerology personality number

Convert the Consonants to Numbers

Every alphabet has a numerology number, and this can be seen in the alphabet conversion chart below:




































Johnny Wilson’s consonants become:

J – 1, H – 8, N – 5, N – 5, Y – 7, W – 5, L – 3, S – 1, N – 5

Calculate your personality number: Add the Consonants Numbers Together

In Johnny Wilson’s case the total will be 1 + 8 + 5 + 5 + 7 + 5 + 3 +1 + 5 = 40.

Make It One Digit

Most personality numbers are single-digit numbers except numbers 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are called master numbers.

Since Jonny Wilson’s result is 40, the sum of 4 and 0 is 4. So, Johnny Wilson’s personality number is 4. 

Master Numbers

11, 22, and 33 are master numbers because they are supercharged and rare.

Master numbers are the first three double-digit same-digit numbers because 1, 2, 3 are included in the triangle of enlightenment.

Note that 44, 55, 66, and so on are not master numbers.

If you end up with one of the master numbers as your personality number, you hold traits of the numbers that make up the double digits and the sum of the double digits.

This means a person with the number 11 will have the traits of personality numbers 1, 2, and 11. 

And that is how a personality number is calculated.

If you want a free numerology chart, there are plenty around on the internet.

Some Numerology Personality Numbers & Their Meanings

Personality Number 1

one Numerology personality number

Key traits 

  • Leadership skills
  • Confidence 
  • Creativity 
  • Loyalty 

What to work on 

  • Stubbornness 
  • Their ego
  • Being overconfident 
  • Their lack of compassion 

Someone with personality number 1 is a born leader who takes risks, is self-driven, and who fears nobody or anything.

They are creative leaders who are very confident that they may scare people off.

People whose numerology personality number is one need to learn how to lead people gently and work compassionately. 

Fashion style is very important to those with a personality number 1

Personality Number 2


Key traits 

  • Friendly 
  • Trustworthy 
  • Reliable 
  • Honest 

What to work on 

  • Shyness 
  • Moodiness 

People with personality number 2 are trustworthy and honest.

They are the best kind of friends because they are natural peacemakers.

Despite their shyness, they are fiery, but they keep the fight inside.

This is what makes them moody. Twos are philosophical and are talented with great ideas. 

Personality Number 3


Key traits

  • Creativity
  • Intuition
  • Communication skills
  • Opportunistic nature

What to work on

  • Manipulative streak

People with personality number 3 are talkative and talented at it.

They have excellent communication skills, which makes it easy for them to make friends.

Threes are opportunistic and intelligent, so they know when to engage someone in a conversation.

However, they are usually seen as manipulative people, which they have to work on.

Personality Number 4


Key traits

  • Well-dressed
  • Stable
  • Mature
  • Pragmatic
  • Family-oriented
  • Nurturing nature

What to work on

  • Dull attitude
  • Being too serious

People with personality number 4 are perfect gentlefolk and are very mature.

They’re close to their family, well dressed, and organized.

Fours are very nurturing, and they make for excellent guides, helpers, and managers.

However, their serious looks make them come across as boring, and they need to loosen up a little.

Personality Number 5


Key traits

  • Adaptable
  • Travel enthusiast
  • High spirited
  • What to work on
  • Overburdening

What to work on

  • Overburdening the self

A personality number 5 can handle almost any challenge, and they are a joy to know.

They are risk-takers with high spirits who love to travel.

People with personality number 5 work too hard and tend to overburden themselves.

Personality Number 6


Key traits

  • Caring
  • Warm
  • Responsible
  • Well-balanced

What to work on

  • Vulnerability
  • Over-worrying
  • Financial frivolity

A personality number 6 is vulnerable and will toughen up when criticized.

They are caring, generous, and tend to worry a lot.

People with this personality number are warm and friendly to anyone right away.

They are not logical when it comes to spending money.

Personality Number 7


Key traits

  • Dignified
  • Rationality
  • Intelligence
  • What to work on
  • Unemotional nature
  • Reserved attitude

What to work on

  • Unemotional nature 
  • Reserved attitude 

People with personality number 7 are intelligent and dignified people.

They are mostly scholars who react to any situation with rationality and confidence.

People mock sevens because of their poetry and dress sense, so they develop a “don’t-care” personality which may seem unappealing.

Personality Number 8


Key traits

  • Controlled
  • Successful
  • Intuitive
  • Amazing judgment

What to work on

  • Dominating people
  • Show-off

People with this personality number are great judges of character.

They have a controlled and strong attitude which makes them successful in life and can also come across as being dominating to others.

Eights like to show off, and they may be disliked for this.

Personality Number 9


Key traits

  • Confident
  • Influential
  • Magnetic
  • Philanthropic
  • Charming

What to work on

  • Entitlement
  • Being aloof

Nines are graceful people who are adored by many.

They are elegant and have confidence that draws people in.

However, their confidence can pass for cockiness, and they may start acting self-entitled and arrogant, which is not ideal for a charming person.

Personality Number 11


Key traits

  • Patience
  • Sensitivity
  • Passionate
  • Gentle nature

What to work on

  • Vulnerability

Elevens are loving, gentle people who do not like arguments.

They always want to be at peace with the people around them.

Personality number 11 people are vulnerable, and people tend to see them as targets to lash out to or as a victim.

Personality Number 22

Twenty two

Key traits 

  • Powerful 
  • Reliability 
  • Consistency 

What to work on 

  • Self-doubt 

Twenty-twos are powerful and consistent people who can be relied on to do excellent work with expertise and efficiency.

They have a high level of energy.

However, they doubt themselves a lot and often feel inferior and insecure around others.

This is something they should work on. 

Personality Number 33


Key traits 

  • Artistic 
  • Confident 
  • Parental nature 
  • Inspiring 

What to work on 

  • Worrying 
  • Bad judge of character
  • Vulnerable 

Thirty-threes are artistic and nurturing people who are inspiring and confident.

People look up to them, and this makes them worry and very vulnerable to criticism.

They are not the best judge of characters, making them surround themselves with people who are not healthy for them.  

Closing Words

Your life path is heavily dependent on your personality number.

This post has highlighted how you can calculate your personality number and we hope you got value from it.

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To end with, let us know What YOUR numerology personality number is?