Life Path Number 7 and 8 – The Numerology of Relationships & Love

So you’re a life path number 7.

In numerology, your life path number is one of the most significant numbers in your chart.

Aside from that, it tells a lot about you: personality, career, It shows you how to pursue your talents while avoiding potential pitfalls (weaknesses) (your weaknesses).

Your life path number may even predict your relationship behavior and career choices.

Others in your numerology chart may reveal more about you.

Your own year number, for example, provides a glimpse into the next year.

Your birth date determines your year number.

Numbers, like the vowels in your entire name, may be dependent on unique personal information. 

What Does a Life Path Number 7 Mean in Terms of Love?

Despite the fact that giving up one’s own goals and devoting oneself to another person is not easy for 7, it is a worthwhile path.
7s can have troubles with how to behave in a relationship.
They either fall in love too quickly or never fall in love in the first place.
Love is not the same as their hurried quest of knowledge.
Love has no end aim or ultimate purpose, as they have learned.
Instead, it is important to have trust and to enjoy the process of learning.
Someone with a 7 in their personality will need constant assurance and comfort before they will be able to accept love and surrender to it.
Having the flexibility to pursue their own hobbies and interests while being devoted to a relationship is important to them.

blue seven

Life Path Number 7 and Relationships

People with the number 7 are very passionate and are prone to falling head over heals in love.
They have a tendency to proclaim their everlasting love in the very early phases of a relationship.
So the object of their love may feel that things are going too quickly for them.
It is recommended that those born under the number 7 keep their emotions under control.
And enable their relationships to develop at a more relaxed pace.
Happy couple
This method is more likely to enable number 7s to determine whether or not what they are feeling is true love or is just a fleeting infatuation .
Number 7s are expressive in their emotions.
They often show their love and dedication to their relationships via outbursts of emotion.
It is necessary for Number 7s to be comforted and to have their professions of love returned on a regular basis.
Otherwise, they will grow uneasy and begin to question their partner’s feelings.
In this scenario, number 7s should be honest about how they are feeling.
They should communicate to their partners that they need to be acknowledged and appreciated.
Most often, the individuals who are drawn to the number 7 are those who have difficulty expressing their feelings.
They believe that their incapacity may be compensated for by the many skills that the number 7 has.
This is usually a healthy balance, although it may cause issues in certain situations.
Those born on the seventh day of the seventh month prefer mates who are less dreamy than themselves.
And who are more talented in practical things, which is a nice balance once again.

A Deep Look into Life Path 7s

A good spouse would be someone who can connect to the 7s’ worldly and spiritual ideas, beliefs, and perspectives.
Plus their whimsical, mystical, philosophical, and prophetic tendencies at various times.
Also required are excellent listeners and the willingness to take on extra duties and chores.
7s are profoundly affectionate and usually strive to find the best in others… to discover their inner light.
In light of the fact that 7s are known to be colorful, eccentric, and reclusive at times.
A suitable partner is someone who is willing to go along with their flights of fancy.
couple in love
Or who is prepared and willing to allow their partners to indulge in their esoteric interests and adventures .
A spouse who is content to nod and smile and then leave them to their own devices may be what they are looking for.
An excellent companion for the 7 energy in a romantic relationship is someone who is intellectual, and analytical
7s are enthusiastic about learning new things and discussing new ideas and theories with their peers.
They are open to hearing other people’s views, yet they are more likely to follow their own path of thought.
Personal connections may be tough for 7s to sustain at times.
Closeness is difficult for them.

Life Path Number 8 and Relationships

Number 8s are hesitant to express themselves because they are scared of being rejected.
Pink eight
Anyone who is associated with a number 8 must start any discussions about love or commitment .
Number 8s will never expose themselves emotionally if they are unsure of the response they will.
Life/karmic lessons for 8s involve determining what they want and don’t want in their lives.
Relationships may suffer as a result of this.
Number 8s must go through a succession of failed love engagements to learn the lessons that will serve them.
Often, this is only realized and appreciated after the event, with complete context.
Early in life, 8s will be less concerned with romance or relationships.
They prefer to focus their energies on attaining their objectives in other areas of their lives.
8s are prone to become workaholics, happy to spend their time pursuing their professional goals.
So, they need a partner who understands and supports their self-imposed working lifestyle.
Finding a partner and building a strong relationship, may become a goal in and of itself later in life.
Those who form relationships later in life are more likely to succeed than those who form relationships earlier in life.
They will have more energy and attention to devote to their partners once their other ambitions have been realized.
As well as once they have established themselves and their true wants and desires in life.

Life Path Number 8 – Negatives

Partners must be aware of and tolerant of their partner’s passion and drive to succeed in everything they set their minds to.
This may lead to feelings of alienation and a lack of care and/or support.
They may be intimidating figures.
Bad relationship 
They are drawn to individuals who need someone else to take responsibility for.
This is a consequence of their magnetic characteristics.
Clingy friends and partners who are always in need of their help, and attention, plus financial support, are attracted to them.
Relationships in the number 8 are solid and dependable.
They are also intelligent, caring, and devoted to their lovers.
They often resonate well with individuals who have similar numerological vibrations to them.
For example, the numbers 2, 4, and 6.


In this article we covered life path numbers 7 and 8 when it comes to relationships.

An understanding of the personality traits associated with these numbers along with your own intuition will help find your compatibility partner.

Learn more about your numerology number by checking out our other posts on life path numbers.