How to read the akashic records?

For thousands of years, mystics have been able to access the Akashic Records which contain information about every soul and its journey.

This source has now become available for readers everywhere who are seeking wisdom or healing energy in their lives.

It is a vast archive that can answer any question big or small – from how you might find freedom from your past to discovering what life purpose it was meant for you to fulfill!


At the first mention of the name “Akashic Records,” you may imagine a database of information, a big cabinet of data, a book, or a library.

But it isn’t any of those things.

Akashic records are every idea, thought, and action that has ever happened, what is happening in the present, and what will happen in the future to a soul.

Unfortunately, an online search in the bid to understand the Akashi records could lead you astray.


Search results will frequently show charlatans, cults, and fake psychics.

Which isn’t what Akashic records is about.

If you haven’t experienced the opening of your Akashic records, you may not fully understand what is involved.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about reading Akashic records.

Hopefully, you’ll better understand how beneficial it is to you. 

What does Akasha mean?

Akasha is the basis of all things in our material world.

It’s considered to be one of five “gross” elements, and its main characteristic is sound.

The direct translation for akasha means ‘upper sky’ or space’.


The Akashic records – what are they?

Akasha which is the Sanskrit word for “sky”, “aether” or “atmosphere,” is believed to be of a higher dimension than the one we live in.

You can think of it as a database of what is happening in all the coexisting universes.

The rules of time don’t apply in this dimension because they are of a higher dimension.

Information from 3,000 years ago, yesterday, and the future is accessible in akashic records.

Let’s explain this in simpler terms.

From when you got a soul, every present and future possibilities are already on record.

Sky and soul


When you were born, when you first fell, who you’re going to marry, every emotion you have experienced or will experience is on record in this nonphysical, vibrational space that can be accessed through the pathway of prayer or meditation

What is the origin of the Akashic Records?

Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian theosophist and later founder of Anthroposophy, used his journal Lucifer-Gnosis to write about Atlantis’ purported history and civilization.

He did so through a series of articles from 1904 until 1908 where he described topics like Lemuria as well.

Who Can Read the Akashic Records?

Before now, only very devout, and mystical people could read the akashic record, but now anyone who has undergone training or has the natural ability to tune into higher dimensions can read the records. 

Devout people

Who can Access the Akashic Records?


You may not have been psychic before, but you can learn to read the Akashic records.

It is a history of our souls and it does not require any special gifts in order for people to perceive this information.

The extent that these experiences are perceived will vary from person-to-person based on their own personal talents or skillsets; however, every single human being has access to reading past events like no other creature on Earth could imagine!

How to Open the Akashic Records?

Suppose you have no training or the natural ability to communicate with energies.

In that case, you need to seek a master teacher in akashic records that can teach you how to access the record or guide you in opening your mind to the records.

You don’t have to access the records yourself; there are record readers who channel messages and read people’s records with their permission.

To access the records yourself, go to a quiet place with little or no distractions.

Quiet place


Once you are ready, you need to say the pathway process opening prayer lines 1 to 13 aloud.

Use me or myself as appropriate. You can find the pathway prayer here.

Insert your current legal name in prayer 8 to 13, say them two more times, and then announce that the records are open by saying line 14 aloud.

When you say this opening prayer, you might feel different, or you might not.

Most people feel pressure on the crown of their head like they are channeling into a new realm. Some may feel a deep sense of knowing, see images, or hear voices.

Others may sit for a while before they start to feel something or nothing at all.

Everyone has a different and unique experience, and the messages from the records will come through for them in various ways.

If a message comes through that you don’t understand; you can always ask a master reader for more clarity.

What Can You Ask For?

Whenever you want answers to a job request, a life-changing event, or anything, you can use your records as a resource.

Through the records, you can know if a neighborhood is suitable for you, who your life partner is, how much to charge a client, your dog’s health, or any imaginable question. 



The topic can be accessed if the question is open-ended and self-focused.

You must have all your questions ready before you open the records because once it is open, there will be so much information flowing through you, and you may end up getting lost.

When you have specific questions, it keeps you on track while you’re channeling.

It might be best to write down answers to your questions while in communication because you might not be able to recall all that transpired.

If you are not able to decipher the records; you should see a record keeper also known as Master, Teacher, and Loved ones (MTLOs). 

Record keepers take your questions to records and return to you with an answer you can understand. MTLOs do not like yes or no questions because this isn’t fortune-telling.

The answers to human problems are never as simple as “Yes” or “No.”

There is lots of well-detailed important information that can be understood from our records. Therefore, the best form of questions to ask the MTLOs should start like:




Once you have access to the information you need, you should close your records by closing prayer.

You may come across different variations of the akashic prayer but a very common variation is by Linda Howe.

Who is Linda Howe?

Over the course of three decades, Dr. Linda Howe has become a renowned expert in Akashic Studies and world-renowned teacher to those who want to learn more about themselves through this spiritual discipline.

Linda Howe


The first person on earth with access to these records was granted by her after she uncovered them in 1996.

Since then, tens of thousands have traveled from around globe for one-on-one guidance from Linda Howe as well as group seminars that are held at four different locations across North America each year.

Linda Howe is the founder of The Center for Akashic Studies, which provides consciousness-raising courses to anyone who wishes to awaken.

She has been teaching in this field for 3 decades and made her Pathway Prayer Process© available freely so that every human can have access to their Record.

My Opinion of Linda Howe’s book

I have been reading spiritual books for years and I can tell the consciousness of the author usually in a few words. It’s really not the words that are sued per se, but who wrote those words that is important.

Linda Howe is one such writer whose writing always speaks to me with its deep, gentle tone.

It doesn’t matter what she writes about because her personality shines so clearly on every page!

The Lords of Akashic Records are high-level spirits (not Gods) attached to earthlings.

They’re like guardian angels or spirit guides.

guardian angels

They have something important to say, which might be wisdom passed down from previous generations or advice relevant today.

They speak gently as if whispering loving messages into your ear until you accept them wholeheartedly before sending out calming waves across


A lot of people are skeptical about akashic records for a few reasons.

They may have doubts about the future the record describes for them, it may not match what they envision or expect, and most times, it may not come to fruition the way it was told.

The thing is, records only tell us what may happen based on the trajectory our life is already on, but we are always in control of our destiny.

Another reason why people may doubt the records is that hearing voices in our heads are uncommon.

We may feel it’s our subconscious thoughts, which may or may not be true.

Either way, if you choose to open to the akashic records, you’ll tap a source of knowledge that’s way beyond your conscious mind.


The akashic records are an archive of the soul.

Accessing the akashic records is simple and reading the akashic records will discover your soul’s path.

This knowledge will enable empowerment and transformation.

Are you in a loop or are you running in a pattern, or a dynamic in your life keeps happening again and again?

You should do an akashic record reading if you want more clarity on why things are that way and how to move forward.

This fascinating account of higher consciousness will help you to unlock the secrets behind your past and future.

These ancient records are waiting for us all, not just a select few with special abilities or knowledge about spiritualism.

The Akashic Records don’t judge who they serve; they provide an incredible resource that is available to anyone—anytime, anywhere!

Thousands of students have managed healing through the akashic akashic records.

Will you be the next to go on a wonderful journey of consciousness?

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