What Are Auras? An Insight Into Aura Colors and Meanings

What are auras?

What Are Auras? Do you ever feel weird when you’re in a crowded place? Do you ever feel like someone is getting into your space? You can only get so close to some people. This is something that happens because of your aura. There is a chance that someone else’s aura is mixing with yours. … Read more

How to read the akashic records?

How to read the Akashic records - woman sitting in the chair reading

For thousands of years, mystics have been able to access the Akashic Records which contain information about every soul and its journey. This source has now become available for readers everywhere who are seeking wisdom or healing energy in their lives. It is a vast archive that can answer any question big or small – … Read more

Metaphysics for Beginners – The Fundamentals Explained

Metaphysics for Beginners

As a discipline of philosophy, metaphysics focuses on determining what is true about the world, whether it is visible or unseen. Matter and mind, attributes and substance are only a few of the many interactions that make up this theory. Metaphysics for Beginners: The Fundamentals Metaphysics encompasses everything in philosophy, yet it is not a … Read more

Unlock Your Hidden Powers: Master the Art of Psychic Abilities with These Proven Techniques

Develop Psychic Abilities

What conditions are necessary for the development of psychic abilities? Everyone is born with psychic abilities, but only a few people use them. Psychics fall into two categories: those born with abilities and those who develop them through effort. Many view psychics born with high abilities as special since they’ve had these skills from birth. … Read more