What Are Auras? An Insight Into Aura Colors and Meanings

What Are Auras?

Do you ever feel weird when you’re in a crowded place?

Do you ever feel like someone is getting into your space?

You can only get so close to some people.

This is something that happens because of your aura.


What Are Auras?


There is a chance that someone else’s aura is mixing with yours.

When you’re around a certain person, you sometimes feel weird.

When you walk into a room, you feel like something is off.

The human aura is a strong field of electricity and magnetism.

We give off and take in electrical and magnetic energy.

You can feel this energy force in a room full of people who are exchanging different kinds of energy, both good and bad.

What Are Auras?

The aura is a projection of our energies.

It is a band of energy that surrounds us.


Seeing Auras


Every living thing, including plants, trees, animals, birds, and people, can feel it.

There are seven layers to an aura, but the first three layers around the body are the easiest for a person to see.

You can see an aura with your eyes open or by using your psychic abilities when your eyes are closed.

What Do Aura Colors Mean?

Aspects of reading auras that are important are colors.

Here is a list of what the different colors mean.

Be sure to always trust your gut when reading auras.


This color is hard to understand.

Nothing is wrong with having black in your aura.

Most of the time, black means that someone is protecting themselves from outside energies.

This can also mean that someone is out of balance, hiding something, or keeping a secret.

Most of the time, a black ring is a sign of abuse.


black ring aura


Adults who haven’t dealt with abuse from their childhood will have this black ring until they are healed.


There are different colors of this.

People with special abilities have shades of blue in their aura.


blue aura


People who are intuitive will show a pale blue color within the purple that bursts out like sun rays from the heart.

A deeper blue can indicate loneliness.

Deep blue shows loyalty, honesty, and good judgment, while muddier shades of blue show a person is bossy or has a tendency to feel sad.


This color can show how much a person has grown.

When seen around the head with other colors coming out of it, it means that the person is growing mentally, intuitively, and internally.

Brown can be a sign of a lack of energy or that someone has stopped moving.


It means you have a lot of spiritual energy and are in touch with yourself.




Muddy gold means that you haven’t really accepted your higher levels.


Usually seen around a person who thinks a lot and analyzes things.

Could mean that a person is “balanced.”

This color goes around the heads of smart people.


Kind to other people, dependable, and able to heal.


green aura


A darker color could mean jealousy, like the phrase “green with envy.”


Can be a sign of creativity and intuition.

Silvery gray is a sign of femininity, while darker gray can mean that someone is secretive or out of balance physically.


Bright orange means that a person is getting stronger emotionally and psychically.


orange aura


A dull color shows that a person doesn’t know how to deal with this growth.

When a person is too proud, their skin turns muddy orange.


This is the color of love and truth.

It also shows the more quiet side of someone who is creative and artistic.

Dark pink could be a sign of immaturity or a change in love life.


Pink aura


But if you see dull pink, watch out: someone is lying.


Purple is the color of intuition, and a deeper shade of purple shows that a person is strong-willed and passionate.


Purple aura


It can also mean having a strong erotic imagination or being too much.


A strong feeling of love or hate and a lot of energy.


red aura


But a person who wears a lot of red might be about to lose their cool.

A Guide To Seeing Auras

To see the aura, you have to move your eyes just a little bit out of focus.

If you’ve ever been able to see those holographic picture-in-a-picture things, you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing auras, because your eyes do the same thing.

The first time this topic came up at a seminar, I had no luck at all seeing the auras of the other people there.

That night, I went to a bookstore, picked up a bunch of holograph picture books, and sat there until my eyes could relax enough to see them.


tree aura


When I went back to the rest of the seminar the next day, I had no trouble seeing the other people’s auras.

What You Can Do

Have your training partner stand in a dark room in front of a light-colored wall.

Have your partner hold one finger about 6 inches from their chin in front of their face.

Now, look at their finger instead of their face.

Tell them to take their fingers off, but tell them to keep looking at the same place.

To do this, you’ll need to let your eyes loosen up a bit.

Now, if you look at them with the same relaxed eyes, you should be able to see what looks like a small line running around their bodies a couple of inches from their bodies.

The next layer out is even less clear, and it might be colored.


plasma aura


Depending on who you’re talking to, each color has a very different meaning.

In this case, my advice is to open your mind and figure out for yourself which colors seem to be most often linked to which kinds of people and how they act.

Try this out a bit.

If they think happy thoughts, does that change their aura?

Feeling down?

Feeling angry?

Auras – A Summary

Some people can see auras right away, but it takes work for others.

Don’t worry too much if it takes a long time.

As you work with this, you’ll start to notice that people are surrounded by even more subtle layers of energy.

You may also find that you can feel another person’s chakras and figure out which one is the most important.

This lets you know right away how that person is likely to react to any given stimulus.