What Are the Meanings of Tarot Card Numbers for Psychic Abilities?

Tarot is well-known as an effective self-development tool.

Using the 78 decks of cards, one can illustrate all human experiences, from everyday situations, ignorance of life to big choices and changes.

When reading tarot cards, people with Psychic abilities rely on clairvoyance and intuition. 

Through the cards, they can tune into their inner energy, which will provide more insight and guidance on their reading.

The ability to predict the future using Tarot cards may be based on the reader’s psychic abilities and the symbolism of the tarot card.

It takes great skill, understanding, and concentration to interpret one’s fortune from tarot cards

This post is all about tarot card numbers for psychic abilities.

Tarot reading

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with the same structure as playing card decks.

The only difference between tarots and regular playing cards are in the Major Arcana, which represent big changes to your life that can be seen from afar like an oncoming storm while Minor Arcana represents every day actions we take during our lifetime.

tarot reader

Taroting allows us see how these two sets work together by asking specific questions when things get rough so you don’t have any surprises along the way!

You can learn more about meanings for tarot here.

Psychic readings

A psychic reading occurs when someone with psychic powers sees into your energy and is able to see things about your present, future or past.

A way for them to do that is by looking at auras—a colorful force-field of light surrounding the body and soul!

No need for one hundred questions before getting down to business though; these spiritualists don’t want you wasting their time.

psychic reading

They’re all too busy channeling spirits from our ancestors and predicting futures of people who are still alive today like me (hint hint).

One thing they won’t predict however?

Your whole life story in advance.

Psychic readings give you only what’s most important: critical details obtained from inside mediums such as yourself where there may be some changes

Card Numbers for Psychic Abilities?

Want to read the cards?

Then we first need to understand the numbers.

Aces in Tarot 

This number symbolizes the existence between life and death, and the pause between inhale and exhale.

Ace of Pentacles 

When an Ace comes up in a reading, it tells that your potential is limitless. Everything you do and where you will be is entirely up to you. 





Twos in Tarot 

This number represents our first taste of union.

It is the second position in the Minor Arcana suits where we can find harmony and partnership.

Twenty two

Twos can symbolize opposition, the potential for creation, duality, and the beauty of relationships





Threes in Tarot 

Threes represent creativity and development.

Threes in Tarot 

It helps us realize that in order to continue growing, we need help. Collaboration, wisdom in selecting those we work with, a willingness to delegate will help us progress forward. 





Fours in Tarot 

A strong base to build upon is what Fours represents.

It is the firm foundation on which success is built.

It also helps us realize that our work is not yet done.

Fours may indicate that we need to rest before moving forward again. 





Fives in Tarot 

The Fives represent the struggles to achieve and build towards our goals.

Forces around us may constantly try to tear down the early structures we put up, so we need to struggle to keep them up.

Fives reminds us that struggles are necessary but fleeting. 





Sixes in Tarot 

After the struggles in Fives, the Sixes come to realign the structures and restore balance.

It represents the effort we put into pulling through the past battles and looking towards our future potentials.

Sixes lets us know we need to let go and realign ourselves to be whole. 





Sevens in Tarot 

This number represents staying in control and applying what we learned from the struggles we passed through.

Tarot cards

Even when we are struggling, we learn new lessons, and if we remain strong, we will work our way out of that situation and toward success. 





Eights in Tarot 

This represents a time of positive change where our role is shifting in our life or work.

When we establish foundations and systems to support us, we learn to master our roles, but the work involved to attain success isn’t finished yet.

Eights lets us know that we need to be intentional, put forth an effort, and overcome any roadblocks to become successful. 





Nines in Tarot 

Nines represent completion.

Tarot cards

When we see Nines in our reading, we are certain that we are near the completion phase, and what we have grown is becoming larger.

This is a moment of pause before we move to the completion phase. 





Tens in Tarot

This number indicates the end of a cycle both spiritually and physically.

It is that time where we move on from the phase we are in, into a brand-new one.

The journey may make us tired, but it’s important that we rest before we continue. 





Getting a Tarot Reading

Here are some steps you can take to make a better choice when choosing from one of the tarot readers around.

tarot readings

Learn About The Tarot Reader

A Tarot reading can be a highly transformative experience, but it’s important to know what you’re putting yourself in for.

Are they intuitive or practical?

Do they posses psychic skills?

Do they like long stories or short and sweet readings?

What deck are they using?

How do you feel about their philosophy on the Tarot – does that align with yours, as well as your spiritual outlooks (if any)?

A good tarot reader will give more than just one card drawn from a simple spread.

Typically there’ll be many cards pulled at once depending on how much information is necessary.

You want them to read all of these cards together so that every single detail has an impactful meaning when taken into account alongside other details found through divination methods such as numerology

Personal Connection

What are the benefits of going to a Tarot reader?

It’s hard to know if you have a personal connection with them until you’ve had that first reading.

minor major

That being said, there are many ways in which one can try and get an idea beforehand as well.

Exploring their website or asking them questions for starters.

Ask For Sample Tarot Readings

Tarot readings are a great way to see if you will enjoy getting insight into your life, future possibilities, and more from someone else.

A sample Tarot reading is the best chance for gaining an understanding of how things work with this type of divination!

Get The Details

Tarot cards can be a very interesting form of divination.

Depending on the type you’re purchasing, it may last anywhere between 10 minutes and over an hour!

You’ll want to make sure that any Tarot reading includes what’s being read as well as how long the reading will take.

There are some companies out there who offer up-front pricing for readings with no mention of time (trust me when I say this is not worth your money!).

Budget What You Can Afford

Are you curious about your future?

If so, then a Tarot reading is for you.

The price of an hour-long tarot card session varies depending on the reader.


Some readers charge as low as $70 per hour while others may cost upwards of $90 or more.

It’s important to remember that just because someone charges high rates doesn’t mean they are better than another person who has lower prices.

Rather it will depend upon what value each individual places in their readings and how much money they have available at any given time.


The numbers on the Tarot card can be a powerful way to interpret the reading as each card number carries its own energy.

Understanding each suit and how the card positions during a situation will help you attune your physic abilities with the card’s energy and unique voice.

With practice, you will be able to use their collective wisdom loud and clear.

If you are just learning to read tarot then you may want to do your due diligence when looking for a tarot reader or spirit guide.

Over time, with intuitive tarot reading, you’ll be able to improve your psychic ability.

We recommend this approach with tarot before reaching out to a psychic medium.

If you have any friends who would like to know more about tarot card numbers for psychic abilities, then please share this article with them.