Three of Pentacles Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Three of Pentacles minor arcana card is associated with the intelligence and skill of craftsmanship.

As well as the rewards that come from collaborating with others.

This card encourages us to recognize and take pride in our accomplishments, whether we earned them alone or through team effort.

Let’s explore the upright and reversed meanings of the Three of Pentacles meaning in more detail!

Three Of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The image on the Three of Pentacles tarot card typically portrays a scene of skilled craftsmanship or construction.

It often features a stonemason or architect working on a grand cathedral or building.

The craftsman is shown diligently carving intricate designs or laying bricks.

This is while two other figures observe and offer guidance or feedback.

Three of pentacles meaning
Three of pentacles meaning

The card symbolizes collaboration and teamwork.

It also highlights the importance of pooling resources and skills to create lasting value.

The scene represents the mastery of a specific trade or skill and suggests that the project at hand requires the combined efforts of different individuals.

It signifies a harmonious working relationship.

One where each person’s expertise is acknowledged and utilized for the greater good.

The image conveys a sense of progress, dedication, and fulfillment that comes from contributing to a shared endeavor.

Ok, so now let’s look at the three of pentacles tarot card meaning.

Three Of Pentacles upright in a tarot reading

The Three of Pentacles is a card that represents hard work, determination, and the rewards that come from it.

It shows the ability to build something from nothing, whether it’s a physical structure or a mental one.

When this card appears upright in a reading, it indicates that you are doing something important and have achieved something great.

You may be on the verge of completing such a project or have already done so.

It also suggests that there will be recognition or reward for your efforts, either publicly or privately.

This card encourages you to continue working hard and to take pride in your accomplishments.

Upright Love

When the three of pentacles appears upright in a love tarot reading, it suggests that you are aligned with the goals and visions of your current relationship.

You are likely to learn from this connection and grow as you work together for mutual benefit.

This card could represent an engagement or commitment, like a marriage proposal or signing an important contract.


It suggests that it is beneficial for partners to communicate openly about their needs and opinions to create something meaningful and lasting together.

The Three of Pentacles can also indicate that it is time to focus on developing strong foundations in your relationship.

So that it will continue to thrive over time.

Upright Career

You are on the right path in your career if you see the Three of Pentacles minor arcana card upright in a career tarot spread.

It’s a positive card in this sense related to your financial status.

This card in a career Tarot spread denotes hard work and dedication.

And that it will pay off with a financial reward and that you have the skills to succeed.

This card can also indicate recognition for your efforts, whether through a promotion or an award.

You may be entering into a new venture or business partnership, as collaboration is key to growth.

You must set clear goals and communicate openly with those involved to ensure success in the long run.

The Three of Pentacles also suggests that you take time to appreciate all the progress that has been made.

All while still striving for more.

Upright Finances

In regards to one’s finances, the Three of Pentacles signifies success and security.

financial security

In the Upright position, this card encourages effort, hard work, and collaboration to achieve goals.

It can indicate that a financial venture or investment will pay off if the necessary steps are taken with dedication and focus.

This could mean taking care of details, seeking advice from experts, or working together to build something successful.

The message behind this card is that planning and effort are rewarded with financial stability and success.

Upright Health

The Three of Pentacles is a great sign in a health tarot spread if you’ve been trying to improve your health or fitness.

Three of Pentacles Meaning
Three of Pentacles Meaning

It means that all your hard work and persistence will soon pay off.

You should start to feel the benefits.

Continue to try until you succeed.

You can do it.

You have great self-control when you think about your own well-being and health needs.

Because of this, you do need to feel better and have more energy than you did before.

The Three of Pentacles tells you that your commitment to your spiritual path is helping your inner knowledge grow.

If you’ve been working on building your spiritual skills, you may have noticed that your efforts are starting to pay off as you get better at using your talents.

The Three of Pentacles says that you will study or learn new spiritual skills.

It is also a sign that investing in your mental growth will pay off if you work hard at it.

If you are dealing with a health problem, try not to feel helpless or like you are a prisoner of fate.

Even if you can’t change what happens, you can change how you feel and how you act.

Reversed Meaning – Three Of Pentacles

When the Three of Pentacles is reversed in a Tarot spread, it suggests that you are feeling stagnant and blocked in your development.

And there is a lack of teamwork.

Your creative ideas may not be receiving the recognition or appreciation they deserve.

You may be feeling unappreciated and not living up to your potential.

This could be due to a lack of collaboration or teamwork among colleagues or peers.

Three of pentacles reversed
Three of pentacles reversed

It may also suggest an unwillingness to take risks.

And a tendency to fall back on familiar routines instead of striving for something new.

You may need to step out of your comfort zone.

And be more open-minded when considering new possibilities if you want to progress.

The three of pentacles meaning changes depending on the tarot reading or focus.

Reversed Love

Reversed Three Of Pentacles in a love tarot reading indicates a lack of commitment.

Or an unwillingness to put in the effort required for a relationship to succeed.

It may also signify that one partner is not receiving enough attention from the other, or that there is a lack of communication.

The three of pentacles reversed could be an indication that the relationship is on rocky ground.

What’s more, it needs some extra care and attention if it is to survive.

Alternatively, it can suggest that you have become overly focused on yourself.

And are neglecting your partner’s needs, making them feel neglected and unimportant.

Reversed Career

The Three of Pentacles reversed in a Tarot reading can be indicative of your career stalling or under appreciation.


You may feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with your job and feel stuck in a dead-end position.

Alternatively, it could mean that you are not taking advantage of opportunities to learn and grow in your current field.

The reversed Three of Pentacles tarot card points to an unwillingness to cooperate with others or take advice from mentors.

This could lead to poor communication and lack of progress.

Reversed Finances

The Three of Pentacles suggests financial instability or insecurity.

This could be due to poor money management, overspending, or any other number of reasons.

It is time to review your budget and make sure you are not spending beyond your means.

You may need to take on extra work to get back on track with your finances.

Be sure to consider the long-term consequences of any decisions you make regarding money and investments.

This is as the three of pentacles reversed suggests it is not wise to take risks that may not pay off in the end.

Reversed Health

The Three of Pentacles reversed means that you have to work hard if you want your health to improve.

If you have been having health problems or want to improve your health as a whole, this card advises that you take steps to help yourself.


After a long day at work, and then falling exhausted and wondering where the day went, it might be hard to find joy in the little things.

Your reading card says that you might have too many duties and could get sick as a result.

Pressure and worry can also be bad for your health in large amounts.

Think about taking some time to unwind and talk to people.

If you want to refresh your body and mind, put a small amount of money into a workout routine.

You now rely on regular exercise, downtime, and alone time to keep your mind healthy.

The Three of Pentacles reversed tells you that you need to be open to new information.

That is if you want to move forward on your spiritual path.

If you don’t want to move forward, you should think about why.

You’ll have to find the motivation to improve your spiritual skills.

When you reverse the Three of Pentacles, you have to look at your situation again.

And choose the road that will lead to the best outcome for you, no matter how hard it is.

When this card is turned around, it means to take a break from work and put yourself first.

If you pay more attention to your body, you could learn to love and accept yourself as you are now.

Suit of Pentacles

Before You Go

The Three Of Pentacles tarot card is a powerful symbol of collaboration, exploration of skills and talents, and realization of one’s potential.

In the upright position, it indicates that you are ready to take on new challenges and collaborate with others to create something great.

Reversed, the three of pentacles meaning is that there may be blocks preventing progress.

Or a lack of collaboration when trying to make progress.

No matter what position the Three Of Pentacles is in, it is an encouraging reminder that hard work and determination will lead to success and the realization of one’s potential.

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