Can Tarot Cards Predict Love?

How is your love life looking?

A tarot reading is an illustrated history of your past, present, and future love life.

At its most basic, tarot reading is one of the ways to know how things are going in our lives.

When the deck is shuffled, cards picked and laid out; the cards may display tribulations, trails, joy, happiness, love, career, or events in our life journey.

The reading first discusses what is happening currently in your life, and it opens your mind to the future.

After getting a tarot reading, you’ll begin to see things with clarity.

However, in major arcana, the cards may not represent you but might be reading for someone else in your life or may mean more general issues.

Tarot is a complex language; every reader, reading, and methodology is different.

So, you need to be open-minded to the results you get. 

What Tarot Cards Tell You About Love

Tarot cards

The results you get from tarot reading are based on what you believe.

If you are skeptical about tarot reading, you won’t believe anything revealed during your reading.

However, if you believe that hints and events about your current and future situations can be revealed using tarot cards, then it will work for you. 

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This means that your card spread has an interpretation and each card has its own meaning.

What works for one person may not work for another.

So, when you get a card reading about your love life, look at the card deck and understand its symbolism.

At the end of the day, tarot cards are whatever you make of them.

It can be a silly game, a divine tool, a tool for self-improvement, or anything else.  

Can Tarot cards predict your Love life? 

The future is not written in stone, it can be changed at any point.

predict love life

It takes hard work and focus but the rewards are great.

These days there’s no shortage of tarot card readers who claim to know what your destiny holds based on a reading or two.

But a tarot reader cannot predict the future.

So beware any tarot card reading that attempts to do this.

For me this smacks of laziness more than anything else.

This is because you have to actively participate if you want things in life to change rather than just sitting back like so many people do these days thinking that they don’t need their actions.

Everything they do does matter whether large or small!

As earlier said, your attitude towards reading tarot cards is important, so is your attitude towards love.

Put in the effort to believe, and you will see love.

Although it is easy for some people to jump on board with a new idea or concept, such as believing that there’s an outside force of energy working through them right now.

Many others may need time before they can accept this reality.

It takes time invested into understanding what might be happening at any given moment when relying on tarot cards and other tools used by psychic readers alike.

Just because something doesn’t seem logical does not mean you should dismiss its legitimacy outright- sometimes those thoughts are your intuition telling you “something ain’t quite right”.

The universe cannot do everything for us.

We have got to put forth our own efforts too! If most of your focus has been directed

Tarot Readings

When it comes to predicting love, a tarot reading can reveal the following. 

Tarot readings

How your attitude is affected by your current situation. Are you having a tough time in your love life? This will show in your views and attitude towards love. 

How you feel about love currently. If you’re worried about your love life or not feeling good about the current situation, a tarot reading can help. 

How your attitude impacts your love life. Is your current attitude pulling down your love life, or is it affecting you positively? 

Tarot cards can reveal a lot about yourself and even show you things you tend to deny. It is good at predicting the attitudes and feelings of those around you. If you’re wondering whether someone sees you as a romantic rival, a friend, or like you, you might want to have a tarot reading. 

Tarot Cards and What They Say About Your Feelings

The lovers:

This card represents the most important person in your life.

It means there is harmony between you and your partner, and the affection between you both is at a balance.

If this card is among your spread, it means someone is interested in you on an emotional and physical level. 

the lovers

The Hermit:

When it comes to love, the Hermit might mean that we need time to develop and get insight into ourselves before getting into a relationship with anybody.

This period can be very lonely and desperate, but you will be more open to having a great relationship in the end. 

the hermit

2 of Swords: 

This card usually appears when there is a need to choose between lovers.

If you’re in a relationship, this card may mean that something is stopping you and your partner from communicating.

For example, there is a denial about a serious love issue.

3 of Swords: 

This is a time where there are heartbreak, sadness, or tears.

It might also be pointing to third-party creating problems in your relationship.

You should probably heal before you date again.  

4 of Cups:

Tarot card 4 of cups means you are tired or have pushed yourself to exhaustion in your love life.

Sometimes it may indicate that you and your partner need to be alone for a while.

This isn’t the end of the relationship but a need for personal space. 

10 of Swords: 

This card may mean infidelity, grief, breakup, pain, separation, or sadness.

The relationship is likely coming to an end, and it’s something you’ve been preparing for.

However, this period may be very painful and hard to accept. 

10 of swords

10 of Cups:

Commitment, lasting relationship, long stability, and taking the next step in a relationship are all meanings of this card. 

The Empress:

This card signifies marital bliss.

It suggests that you’re about to settle down soon. 

the empress

The Tower: 

This card confirms a bad breakup that happened in your past, and it tells of chaos that may happen around you. 

the tower

The Magician:

If this card appears in a man’s reading, it is seen as powerful, but in a woman’s reading, it represents an untruthful man with fantastic tales.

He will make you foot the bill for everything. 

The magician


This card is very complex, but if you’ve been alone for a while, it means that your loneliness is about to end, and you’re going to experience a major relationship breakthrough. 


The Hierophant: 

This card indicates that a rich boyfriend is around the corner, that is if you are doing a future reading.

It represents a man with social standing. 

the hierophant


The Devil:

Another complex card with negative representation.

It indicates a man with addiction issues who is trying to tie you to his fate. 

The devil

The hanged man:

This is the type of man everyone is told to avoid.

Men who use ladies to pass the time and do not truly love them.

It has several meanings, but it is dependent on the cards that follow it. 

the hanged man

The Fool: 

This card represents a new partner that will approach things differently from you and cause you to do things you haven’t done before. 

Final Words

So, can tarot cards predict love?

Not really.

That said…

There are several other tarot cards out there that have love meanings.

You can draw cards that act as a warning when you want to decide, cards that act as advice, cards that tell you about infidelity, who has a crush on you, and more.

A Tarot card, while it cannot predict the future, can help you improve your relationships and give you some of the answers you were looking for.

And along with getting them in person, you can also get them online.