How to use tarot for wealth & luck

Tarot cards were originally invented to help people with their money management, but they have become so much more than that.

The tarot deck is a collection of cards which are divided into two types: the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

There are also four different suits in the minor arcana – wands (fire), cups (water), swords (air) and pentacles/coins(earth).

Anyone can learn how to consult these lovely divination tools for guidance from various aspects of life.

All you need is a little patience, some knowledge on what each card represents or symbolizes about your current situation as well as one question per reading!

tarot deck

This article will look at how to use tarot for wealth and good luck.

Wealth & Good Luck

Tarots come complete with its own set of symbols relating to astrology signs.

Wealth is of importance to everyone, and we all wish to become financially stable so that we can take care of ourselves and our families.

Now, wealth doesn’t come easy; you have to put in the work to become financially stable.

Working very hard to become wealthy, you can control, but other important factors play a role in your financial journey which are out of your control. 

Luck is one of those factors which is out of your control, but you can use a tarot card reading to know if luck is in your favor in terms of wealth.

Tarot cards

You first need to learn which tarot cards represent wealth and luck.

Tarot cards

There are two ways to read tarot cards: upright and reversed (which means opposite).

If a card is in its reversed position, it can serve as a warning depending on its location on the spread.

The positive aspects of the cards could be the fruition of material goals and prosperity, while the negative aspects could be possessive to a state of obsession, loss, and greed.

If you see the following cards in your spread, then it could mean financial prosperity. 

Ace of Pentacles 

In terms of financial stability, this represents a new beginning.

Ace of Pentacles 

It may mean that new ways to earn money will be opening up for you, and this may be in the form of an increment in your current job salary or as a new job or new business.

A reversed card warns of risk in the venture you are undertaking and unearned success and greed. 

Ten of Pentacles 

This is the last card in the set of Pentacles cards, and it represents accumulating wealth over some time.

Ten of Pentacles 

It also represents family support which may mean that you will be supported by your family in all you do, or you are about to get an inheritance.

The Ten of Pentacles is a symbol of financial stability, and whenever you see it in a spread, it can mean good news for you.

If it’s a reversed card, it warns of financial failure, and you should be ready for it.  

Four of Pentacles 

Four of Pentacles symbolizes wealth accumulation.

This means the savings you’ve been making over the past years can be put into use as an investment that will work in your favor.

So, when you see this card in your reading, be ready to make good returns.

If you get a reversed card, you may be getting greedy with money. 

Nine of Cups 

Which is also known as the Wish card represents a stable and good financial position.

So, if you are looking for a change in your earnings, this card shows that there will be a change for you for the better.

How to use tarot for wealth & Luck

A reversed card may mean negative energy attacking or instability. 

The Emperor 

If you have a job, this card could mean an increment or promotion coming your way.

This card means you have to be ambitious and learn how to manage your money.

The Emperor

You could even end up in a position of authority, but you’ve to be trusted with money. 

The Star

This card is true to its name. It brings lots of fortune and success if you get it in a tarot reading. 

It doesn’t only signify wealth but also fame.

the Star

If you own a business, then this card will be very lucky for you, and if you’re creative, you will be able to make money from your talent.

Wheel of Fortune

If you’re unemployed or having a hard time in your business, then this card can be good for you.

You can unexpectedly get a promotion or get more chances to earn good money.

Wheel of Fortune

It is the symbol of life cycles and karma.

Nine of Pentacles

This card represents triumph, prosperity, and success.

When you see this card in your spread, it means you’ll be wealthy in abundance, but you’ll have to work for it.

It symbolizes that wealth can be built when talent and knowledge are used; all you need to do is use your talent wisely.

If you see a reversed card, be ready for some setbacks in life.

The Empress

A good financial status and a life full of luxuries are represented by The Empress.

When you see this card in your financial tarot reading, it means your sources of income will multiply.

the empress

It could bring good returns in any new investment.

King of Pentacles

This card means good times are coming and your financial status will change.

It emphasizes that you should have good management and organization skills, making it possible for you to have anything in life.

No Cards?

I’m sure that you have heard of this before, but with the advent of touch-screen devices and social media we all become so connected to screens.

This is both a blessing as well as curse.

It can make us feel more engaged in our life’s events through constant access on what other people are doing or saying.

On the flip side, it can be addictive.

If you haven’t got a tarot deck handy and find yourself reading this article on your phone then I would suggest closing your eyes next time you want an answer from within by tapping out questions alone without anyone seeing.

Start off small.

Now you know how to use tarot for wealth & luck.

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