How to Cleanse Your Tarot Deck: 10 Ways to Clear Your cards

There’s a common belief that you must never buy your own tarot deck, which is seen as bad luck.

You should only use cards from decks that are gifted to you.

After receiving these cards, you are expected to clear your deck of any weird energies they may have picked along the way.

This is just a myth; we don’t have facts to back this up.

Yet still, we wouldn’t want to downplay the beliefs of others and the wisdom of different cultures on how to care for their divinatory tools. 

If you bought your Tarot Deck, you could also use these methods to clear and cleanse your cards before use.

tarot deck

In this article, we will cover how to cleanse your tarot cards and space.

Note: you can also use these methods to clean your Angel card decks and oracle cards.

How To Cleanse Tarot Cards VS Your Deck

Some people believe that “cleansing” tarot cards means you should clear them of negative energy and distractions.

This can be done by intentionally neutralizing the card or energetically removing any energies that may be heavy, distracting, or otherwise hinder your connection with it.

Some use these terms interchangeably since they mean essentially the same thing.

However others insist there is a distinction between cleansing and clearing when speaking about this practice in reference to their belief system

Depending on which culture/belief system someone subscribes to; some say cleansing involves purposefully putting all images into neutral state.

While clearing implies no such intention but rather an active process of removing certain types of energies from one’s deck.

Three Card Tarot Spread

To really cleanse tarot cards, one should take additional measures.

This deeper cleansing is more like a deep cleaning.

The process of charging the deck involves imbuing them with positive energy and can be called blessing or charging (the cards).

How to cleanse tarot cards

Before you use your new card, you should set aside some time to clear, cleanse and then recharge your card.

Here are different ways to cleanse your cards or new tarot deck.

A Full Moon Bath

The best time to get rid of old energies is during the full moon.

A full moon bath

It is the perfect source to let go of bad energies within ourselves and to clear our cards.

When there’s a full moon, set your deck deck of cards under the moonlight.

A full moon bath will cleanse your cards and help with the energy of the cards.

Blowing and Knocking

This method is easy to carry out; you can start by taking your cards and fan them out using one hand.

Blow on the cards once, and then pile them up and knock on top of the deck.

The cards are clean and ready for the next reading.

Cleansing Your Cards With A Sun Bath

Sun baths help cleanse your card of energies and charge them with refreshing and revitalizing energy.

Sun Bath

The light codes that the sun sends out can charge and clear your cards and the channel for you to receive spiritual guidance and divine messages.

Use A Singing Bowl

Once of the most interesting ways to cleanse cleanse your tarot cards is with a singing bowl.

As someone who uses Tarot Cards, I know that this is an important step in the process of working with your deck.

Not only does it help me put my emotions in check, strengthen my chakras & improve physical health but using them on my card decks has helped make sure they are ready for their reading or meditation session too.

Singing Bowl

To do so simply place each of your cards inside the bowl while playing along .

You will see how quickly all negativity from these beautiful tools dissipates into thin air.

Using Crystals

To cleanse your Tarot deck, you can use crystals like Blue Calcite, clear Quartz, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Labradorite, or any other healing stone.


Place the stones or crystals around or on your Tarot decks for at least three hours.

If you want to deep cleanse your card, place the crystals on or around the deck overnight or for more than two days.

Meditate and Visualize

Meditating with your cards and visualizing cleaning them with a golden or purifying white light can work.


The intention of the meditation should be to clean your cards of any weird energies.

So when you meditate, you can channel your mind and connect with your cards to create a clean channel for receiving messages and a clean, energized deck.


This healing system channels energy through the hands.

If you practice Reiki, you can use this method to cleanse the energies on your card.


And, if you are not a Reiki practitioner, you can still cleanse your card energy.

First, sit holding your card deck and quietly set the intention of your cards.

While in that motion, focus on a golden or white light and bring this cleansing light through your crown and third eye chakras.

Let this light follow through your hand to fingertips, and then place this cleansing light on your cards. 

You can combine this method above with the meditation and visualization method. This will help cleanse the cards further.

Salt Burial

Some readers use salt to purify tarot cards.

First, you must wrap your card in a plastic bag and then put it into an airtight container with enough salt that is big enough for the deck of cards at hand.

Leave them there for about three days before removing from the salted environment carefully so as not to damage any part of your precious decks.

Tarot cards

Personally I would never try using this method on my most cherished decks because they could get damaged during removal or while still within their new salty atmosphere which might suck up moisture from the air over time.

But every reader has different tolerance levels!

Wrap in Silk or Velvet

This method involves wrapping your tarot cards in silk; it could be a silk blanket, silk scarf, or pillowcase.

If you don’t have silk, you can use any velvet material or bag.

velvet bag

Before placing the cards in there, set the intention and ask the silk or velvet to protect the card deck.

Then place your cards in the special material, box, or bag.


If you decide to use cleansing herbs like dried sage, Palo Santo, or a locally sourced herb in the process.


You could also choose to burn these and smudge your deck with it’s smoke for clearing past energies!

Also consider fanning out cards on a table and passing an incense stick/smudge over them as well.

Stack those cards up afterwards then pass the burning smudges above and below that stack of cards too!

Another great way is by using this method would be charging your deck with energy before readings so you can pick up any messages easier from spirits….

Why You Should Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

I can read tarot cards even if they aren’t cleared, charged, or cleansed of subtle energies.

I do believe it is necessary to clear the energetic vibrations and recharge your deck just as you would need to clean/recharge any other device over time.

Think of a painting hanging on your wall that has collected dust for years – its ability be seen clearly changes overtime.

When you read tarot cards, the various energies of people who have touched them get absorbed into your cards.

Cleanse Your Tarot Deck

People’s emotions and energy can leave a lasting impact on these items through heavy readings or from frequent use over time by different readers.

This is why it’s important to clear, recharge, and cleanse regularly depending on how often they are used for reading purposes.

Cleanse Your Cards And Cultural Beliefs

Your spiritual beliefs are what determine the best method for you to clear and cleanse your cards.

The most powerful way is just doing it in a simple, meaningful way that aligns with who you are as an individual.

To cleanse tarot cards, you may use a full ritual or just your own personal energy.

You can choose to burn incense like Sage or even salt up with blessed sea salt.

Deck Care and Maintenance

When caring for your deck, you may consider practicing some spiritual and energetic care on top of more practical considerations.

minor major

Since this is targeted at readers who read their own cards only, the reader can decide how often they want to cleanse tarot card since it’s just them using these cards.

A Tarot Cloth

If you care for your cards, I recommend using a protective tarot cloth to wrap your cards up in.

There are some people who make or purchase beautiful and elaborate cloths which can be used as both an outer cover and tablecloth on top of which they do their readings.

Tarot Cloth

This is the kind of well-made heavy velvet cloth that comes with its own matching pouch card carrier!

Your deck will never look quite the same against this pitch black backdrop, but more importantly it’ll keep all those valuable cards protected from dirt or damage to.

I highly suggest getting one yourself.


The real work begins when you sit down to consult your tarot deck.

There is also a lot of preparation needed.

You have to care for and maintain your cards so that they stay charged with their high vibrational energy.

This will prevent getting confusing readings because it doesn’t align well with what’s going on in reality.

Or give an accurate reading based off the situation at hand.

Regular recharging works best as this cleanses your cards energetically from all wear-and-tear but try out other methods too.

Maybe even mix them together!

In any case, we have seen there are many different ways to cleanse your deck.

We hope this article has given you some insight into why you should cleanse your tarot deck.

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