Crystals for Beginners – A Guide to using Gemstones

Crystals for Beginners: Crystals are minerals that form underground from patterns of atoms that repeat in three dimensions.

The way a crystal looks depends on what kind of crystal it is and how it grows.

Some have weird shapes, some are very small, and others grow to be very big.

These changes have happened over thousands of years.

Crystals for Beginners – Protective Crystals

Everybody needs protection sometimes.

This might be a bad relationship or the 24 hour news cycle’s constant drip of gloom and despair.

Maybe you’re feeling bad energy.


bad energy


Internal and external elements may require protection.

Crystals may aid with self-negativity, self-sabotage, toxic relationships, and other negativity.

Crystals may help you defend yourself from outside sources and harmful energy and know when to move away.

You may harness crystals’ energy by holding them during meditation or wearing them all day.

I hope you can utilize crystals to discover serenity, love, and harmony.

Let’s get cracking with this crystals for beginners article.

Here are 4 protective crystals


Hematite is useful during life transitions.

Its anchoring and balancing powers may aid during stressful times.




Hematite represents Earth, Aquarius, Leo, and the Root Chakra.

Black Onyx

This gem may be utilized to manifest power and self-confidence.

This strong stone will help you withstand life’s challenges. Earth, Gemini, Scorpio, and the Root Chakra symbolize it.


Malachite repels bad energy.

This gem may fight against external or internal negativity.




Water, Taurus and Scorpio, and the Heart Chakra signify Malachite.


Amethyst is a psychic protection stone.

It may be used to stabilize and balance your emotional and spiritual health.




Clear unreasonable, negative, or worried thoughts using this stone.

It affects the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces are particularly affected.

Anxiety-Relieving Crystals

Anxiety is common nowadays.

Most will experience it.




It may be hard to focus or be present. It paralyzes people from living their greatest lives. Fortunately, anxiety is treatable.

Meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy may relieve anxiety.

Crystals may help reduce anxiety.

And, they capture tremendous vibrations and energy fields.

They can help in many ways.

Hold them in your palm while meditation, wear them all day, and lay one on or under your pillow at night.

Five Anxiety-Relieving Gemstones

I hope this knowledge helps you improve your life.


It has soothing, stabilizing, balancing, and relaxing properties.

It cleanses bad energy, especially anxiety.

It’s a psychic gemstone that helps remove unreasonable anxiety-related thoughts.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian promotes optimism, purity, equilibrium, insight, protection, and truth.


Snowflake Obsidian


Since it lifts spirits and provides optimism, it may aid with anxiety.

Snowflake Obsidian is a great option for those who experience anxiety when their mental state is already dark.


Sodalite promotes harmony, honesty, intuition, order, self-esteem, and reasoning.

It boosts intuition and authenticity.




When we’re at peace and comfortable with ourselves, we can fight anxiety.

Insecurity and skepticism reduce anxiety.


Labradorite protects well.




Awareness, intuition, change, and support are promoted.

It blocks bad energy and worry.

It boosts good, healing energy.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is another anxiety-fighting gemstone.

It boosts confidence, boldness, and strength.

Calming, perseverance, and resilience are additional virtues.


tigers eye


These abilities may improve your confidence and reduce your anxiousness.

This gem reduces social anxiety.

Gemstone Types

You want to include crystals into your house and rituals.

Raw crystals, clusters and geodes, slices, and points or wands are available.

Raw crystals are earth-grown.

Rose quartz and amethyst are commonly found in this form.

Some feel you can connect with them better when they’re natural.

They emit a calm, diffused energy that may improve an area or mood.

Beautiful stones include clusters and geodes.

They have hollow crystal-filled formations.

These gems emit relaxing and cleansing energy and have tremendous vibrations.

Gemstone slices are thin, polished pieces.




This crystal shows the crystal’s intrinsic beauty.

These gems are great for decorating and creating tranquil energy.

Healing wands or points are common.

Energy transmitters.

Quartz is a purifying stone typically used as a wand or point.

No crystal option is right or incorrect.

Your relationship to the stone is crucial.

Close your eyes and hold the crystal in your palm to access your intuition.

If you’re selecting a crystal online, shut your eyes and imagine the stone in your mind’s eye.

You’ll locate the correct crystal if you believe your instincts.


Gemstone Elixir Instructions

To prepare a crystal elixir, immerse a gemstone in water and leave it outdoors for 24 hours to absorb the sun and moon’s healing energy.





If you don’t have 24 hours, keep the elixir in the sun as long as possible.

Sunlight charges water quicker unless the moon is full.

When we drink the elixir, it restores our molecular structure by aligning it with the crystal’s energy.

Always use pure or distilled water when producing gemstone elixirs.

Plastic leaches chemicals into elixir, so only use glass jars.

Also, be sure the crystal you wish to use is insoluble.

Many folks experience a charge after drinking a quartz elixir.

This ritual may be soothing and rejuvenating.


Crystal Accessories

Purchasing a crystal item is another way to experience their beauty and wonderful energy.

Crystal jewelry is a ubiquitous adornment, but there are other unusual uses.

Below are methods to use crystals in your everyday life.

Prayer beads

This keeps the crystal’s energy near your heart.

In addition, they’ll give you bravery, tranquility, and hope.

It’s a lovely way to carry your stones.

Prayer beads don’t need religious affiliation.


crystal Prayer beads


When anxious or unsure, spin crystals between your fingers.

Repeat a positive mantra such as “everything is okay,” “just breathe,” or “release” while you hold each bead.


Crystal sex toys may help you connect with your sexual energy and orgasm.

Crystals are used in many sex toys.

Size, shape, and crystal characteristics should be considered.

Let your instincts determine which one you should choose.

Crystal sex toys combine their energies with yours to enhance enjoyment.

These strategies may assist individuals in a sexual rut.


Crystal pipes are another innovative technique to use crystals.

Crystal pipes capture good energy.

Moreover, they’re great for medicinal marijuana patients.

It’s also great for herb smokers.

Beautiful and distinctive, they encourage unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, and peace.

Bottles for Weight Loss

SlimCrystal bottles claim to help you lose weight

Slim Crystal is a weight-loss water bottle.

This bottle holds three liters of water.

Combining crystals with water helps.

Nine natural crystals make this feasible.

Crystals for Beginners – A Summary


Once you understand the fundamentals of the stones in your collection, you’ll discover that incorporating them into your daily life is actually fairly straightforward.

Suffering from anxiety one day, and you can reach for your Tiger’s eye.

Then, perhaps you want to feel more grounded and grab for your obsidian.

There is one thing you can be certain of: whatever you want, there is almost certainly a crystal available to assist you in obtaining it.