Numerology for Weight Loss: Plan Your Weight Loss Journey

Numerology for Weight Loss: Maintaining good health and shape has many benefits.

You will look smarter, more confident, and stronger.

Your body will function well, your skin will glow, and your life expectancy will improve.

The problem is that losing weight is often easier said than done.

Many challenges will arise, but don’t worry; use Numerology to plan your weight loss journey!

You can use two important concepts of Numerology to plan your weight loss journey and best care for your health.

These concepts are the life path number and personal year.

The life path number indicates specific weight or health challenges you may encounter.

The personal year identifies the best years to focus on weight loss.

Use Numerology to tailor your weight loss journey. The two essential concepts to focus on are your ‘Life Path Number’ and ‘Personal Year.’ Your Life Path Number reveals unique weight or health challenges. Your Personal Year pinpoints the best times for weight loss efforts. This approach personalizes your weight loss strategy. It aligns it with your numerological energies and timings. This ensures a more effective and harmonious path to achieving your health goals.

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What is a life path number?

Life path is one of the foundational principles of Numerology.

It reveals your strengths, weaknesses, sense of identity, persona, and even the cause of your health issues.

Its calculation is simple: add all the digits of your date of birth (day, month, and year).

Further, add the digits of the sum till it becomes a single-digit number. 

Life path calculation example

For example, Your date of birth is 12th June 2022. 

  • Add the digits, 1+2+0+6+2+0+2+2=15
  • 1+5=6
  • 6 is the life path number. 

Numerology for Weight Loss as per Different Life Paths

Every person is unique, and their challenges will also be unique.

Your weight loss plan should be in sync with your energy.

In Numerology, your life path number shows your energy.

Below are details about various life paths and how they can best lose weight.

Life Path Number 1

Number 1 represents the Sun. These individuals have a lot of energy, confidence, leadership qualities, and enthusiasm.

The sun in Chaldean Numerology

They are also very independent individuals who don’t like interference or advice from others.

Having burnout is quite a common thing for life path 1. 

Life path 1 gains weight because of mental exhaustion, anxiety, or work-related stress.

You are a hard worker and physically active, but your health degenerates when your mind gets disturbed.

You overeat to forget the tensions and anxieties that come across you. 

The solution for Life Path 1 individuals is to care for their mental health in the best way possible.

Stress, anxiety, and tension also lead to weight gain and health issues.

Try yoga, meditation, and, if possible, play an active sport like football, athletics, swimming, etc.

How to Create a Daily Meditation Practice

Sports are the best weight loss solution for life path 1.

Life Path Number 2

Life Paths 2 is a very emotional and sensitive group of people.

What’s in their heart is on their tongue.

It is generally seen that Life Path 2 people are not very physically active.

They love snacking, watching videos, and relaxing on the couch.

Their weight gain is due to their physical inactivity and emotional stress.

Sometimes, Life Path 2 gives up eating because of their emotional imbalances and overeats later. 

A good weight loss strategy for Life Path 2 can be to find a buddy who can encourage them to get a workout.


If you want to work out at a gym, make sure you avail yourself of the services of a gym trainer who can encourage you to lose weight.

You also make a group at your workout place to find support for your weight loss goals. 

Life Path Number 3

Number 3 are creative people who love adventure, fun, and hanging out with friends.

Number 3 is very good at expressing itself, its ideas, and its problems. 

Life path 3 gain weight because of too much social involvement and little attention to health.

You would rather talk or chat with your friends than exercise to control your weight.

Further, life path 3 people are very good at covering up things; you would consider your weight gain natural, but it is not. 

The best strategy for life path 3 for weight loss is to go jogging or running.

When your legs move while jogging, your mind automatically becomes focused.


Further, you can explore various neighbourhoods while jogging to quench your thirst for adventure. 

Life Path Number 4

Life path number 4 people are known for their love for stability and security.

They either avoid risks or carefully plan their way out of trouble.

You don’t begin a task or a plan without fully understanding the goals and the method. 

Life path 4 individuals gain weight because they do not make healthy food choices.

You are likelier to eat junk food than healthier options like fruits and vegetables.

A high carbohydrate and fatty diet may satisfy your taste buds, but your body will remain nutrition-deficient.

The best weight loss strategy for life path number 4 is to follow a good diet plan.

diet plan

You can use nutritionists’ help to choose a healthy and nutritious diet plan.

A good diet and workout plan can do wonders for Life Path 4 in losing weight. 

Life Path Number 5

Life path number 5 people are fun-loving individuals who want adventure and excitement.

If any activity makes them enthusiastic and seems funny, they will do it.

Life is not always just fun; there are many challenges and tensions.

Fun is like a brief moment of brilliance in this world of darkness and gloom.

Life path 5 people are very prone to mental and emotional troubles.

You may have been following an excellent work and exercise schedule.


But, if a problem arises, you will completely focus on that, neglecting your health.

The best strategy for life path 5 individuals is to stick to their plans.

No matter what emergencies arise, you must also give time to your health.

You can also join a health club or make a group of fellow weight loss enthusiasts to encourage you to exercise.

Life Path Number 6

Life number 6 people are compassionate, helpful, supportive, and nurturing.

You are praised for your work and loved by your friends.

Life number 6 people take things very lightly, especially if the matter concerns them.

You generally feel that gaining weight is normal and will somehow regain shape, but be careful.

Weight loss requires serious dedication and commitment.

A good health plan for life path 6 individuals is to join some fighting sport (like Taekwondo, karate, etc.) or strength training.

judo anime

A strong and muscular body is of tremendous benefit for life path 6.

It improves their self-confidence and mental health as well. 

Life Path Number 7

Life Path 7 is a philosopher and analytical thinker.

Sometimes, they get so lost in their thoughts that the hours pass, and they don’t even realize it. 

Life Path 7 people think a lot about weight loss, even think of the best plans for weight loss.

But unfortunately, they fail when realizing and working on their plans.

A good health plan for Life Path 7 is to get them to follow a workout schedule.

Paying gym fees won’t help; you need a good trainer who can push you to do serious workouts daily for weight loss. 

Life Path Number 8

Life path number 8 individuals are very organized, ambitious, and enthusiastic.

When they work on their projects, their dedication and energy are unparalleled.

Weight gain problems for Life Path number 8 start because of high work stress and lack of focus on health.

You get so involved in your work that your physical and mental health starts deteriorating. 

A good strategy for life path number 8 can be to go hiking, cycling, or swimming on weekends or holidays.


Following a daily exercise may be a little too much for them.

They can follow a healthy diet plan with a workout schedule for weekends. 

Life Path Number 9

Life path number 9 individuals are spiritual-minded, generous, and helpful.  

They love to help other people best and get involved in spiritual pursuits.

An essential lesson for life path number 9 people is understanding that a healthy body encourages a healthy mind.

You cannot be physically and spiritually healthy without the support of a healthy body.

The best weight loss strategy for life path number 9 individuals is to take the help of nutritionists and health coaches.

Numerology for Weight Loss

They tend to believe in professional advice more, so it’s best to take professional service.

Moreover, if you lose weight and maintain good shape, you can also be a source of inspiration for others. 

Personal Year and Weight Loss

The Personal year is another excellent concept for weight loss.

Every year is unique, with its energy, challenges, and opportunities.

Some personal years are more suited for weight loss than others.

Numerology to lose weight

Weight Loss Years

Personal years 1, 4, and 8 are best for initiating weight loss plans.

You will feel more energetic during these personal years than in other years.

If you are running these personal year cycles, it’s best to start working for weight loss immediately.

Even if you are not running these cycles, it’s better to initiate your weight loss plans and rest assured that success will eventually come. 

Years that require care

You need to be careful during personal years  6,7 and 9.

During these Personal year cycles, your energy will remain low.

You are more likely to be involved in your career and family matters rather than focus on health.

A little care during these Personal year cycles can help you avoid that extra weight.