Life Path Number – How to Find Your life Path Number

The life path number is a concept of Pythagorean numerology.

And through your life path number, you can know about the values which will be dominant in your life.

Our first point is…

How to Calculate your Life Path Number.

So, to do this, you need to take all the digits of your date of birth.

That is the date of the month, the month itself, and the year in which you are born.

Take all the the digits of all these three components.

Next, you have to add the digits of all these three components.

Imagine you are born on 14th of March, 2007.

The date of the month is 14.

So you have to add one and four and the sum is five.

Next comes the month of March.

Which is three as it is the third month.

Then add the digits of 2007.

Which makes nine.

9+3+5= 17

If you have a single digit, that’s your life path number.

If you have two digits, like in this case then you have to add both of the digits.


In this case, the life path number is eight.

Finally, if it again becomes a two digit number, then you add both both of those two digits further, and you will finally arrive at single number.

An Example

For example, let’s take the number 28.

So two plus eight is 10.

10 is a two digit number.

Now you have to further add those two digits.

So one plus zero equals one.

The Importance of Certain Differences

Now we will talk about the various significations of different life path numbers between 1, 2 through to 9.

So, let’s get started.

Our first number is number one

This is a number of independence.


It is a number of uniqueness.

Number ones are self-motivated proactive and courageous people.

People with life path number one often go into management, life coaching and property. leadership business.

Next, we have…

Number Two

These people are very peaceful.

They  very developed intuitive capabilities.

Also, they are wise.

Two of Swords

And number twos are also compassionate and love to collaborate with others.

So these people generally choose, uh, teaching as their career.

They also go into administration, accountancy, mediation, these people, they are also very good counselors.

Number Three

Number three means creativity and charisma.

They are very expressive.


And, they are very social people.

So these type of people generally go into act acting.

They also go into the hospitality business, personal care.

They also go into sales. Number threes have very good media personalities.

Now we have number four

These people are very pragmatic.

They are very reliable and the most important qualities that they are very determined.

Determination is the key quality of life path number four.



These people generally go into law enforcement, engineering, auditing, editing, property development and various other fields, which require a lot of determination.

Number Five

Number fives are very resourceful.



They are very good at communication, but they’re also restless also.

And they are very charismatic and very versatile people.

These people generally go into journalism, into teaching along with consulting and sales.


Number Six

Next we have have number six.

Number sixes have compassion and are supportive.

They have a very nurturing personality.


So these people generally are very good doctors.

Number Seven

People with destiny number seven are very analytical.

They question everything.

And they are very intellectual with a problem solving attitude.

blue seven

They have a very research oriented mind and they are good in communication as well as innovation.

They are very good in engineering and they are also very good at politics.

Number Eight

Next is number eight.

These people are very organized.

Are ambitious and very driven.

Pink eight

They have a, a very proud nature, and these people are generally very good in management projects,  banking, finance, law, property development and leadership.

Now we have number nine

So, these people generally have very liberal personalities.

They are gender kind, helpful, creative and passionate people.

nine numerology


Many of these people generally go into creative arts. 

They are also in good at counseling work also.

They make good government officials.

Final Words

Are you are now a member of a disappearing race of individuals who believe in and chronicle ‘magic’?

The type of ‘magic’ that accomplishes great feats of manifestation, that stops conflict in its tracks, that provides unfathomable healing, that redeems the most broken and wounded among us.

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