Numerology Personal Year 1 – What This Number Means

Numerology Personal Year 1: the ‘Personal Year’ is a fantastic concept of Numerology.

This single digit number is the key to a new beginning

If you know which personal year cycle you are running, you will be better prepared and aware of the following:

  • opportunities
  • challenges
  • lessons
  • and surprises that you can experience that year.

Personal Year 1 marks the beginning of a new nine-year cycle, a time of fresh starts and big dreams. 

It’s your year to shine, filled with opportunities for personal growth, new adventures, and the confidence to take on new challenges. Remember, this year is all about embracing change, setting goals, and making positive moves in every area of your life. Use your birth date and the current calendar year to calculate this influential number and get ready to make this year your best one yet.

Hanna Burgess

What is Numerology Personal Year?

The personal year is an important concept of Numerology.

It works in a nine-year cycle.

Numerology Personal Year 1

The phases of happiness, distress, growth, etc. come and go in a cyclic order.

As per the Personal Year concept, when we are born, a cycle of years starts as per our year, month, and date of birth.

The cycle is represented by numbers from 1 to 9 and 11.

They move in a cycle.

Some people don’t consider 11 a personal year, but we will include it for good reasons.

Each number signifies unique energies.

They bring opportunities and challenges that we will experience in the year.

They are connected with that number.

This concept beautifully explains how each year is unique and why similar situations repeat after a few years.

How do you calculate your Personal Year?

You can easily calculate your personal year cycle by following these steps-

  1. Note down your date of birth (Year, month and date).
  2. Add the digits of the year, month and date.
  3. If it is a two-digit number except 11, add the digits to get a single digit one.
  4. Note down this number. It’s your year number, the starting point of your year cycle.


Your date of birth is 17th May 2004.

  1. Add the digits- 2+0+0+4+0+5+1+7= 19.
  2. Add the digits- 1+9=10.
  3. Further, add the digits- 1+0=1.
  4. Your personal number is 1.

The person is born in person year cycle 1, next they will go through personal year 2, then 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 and then again 1.

Numerology Personal Year 1

Personal year 1 is the year of freedom, solitude, planning, action, and new beginnings.

You can focus on the year ahead as you break free of the previous year.

In this year of new beginnings, you’ll feel an intense desire and an urge to build up your unique personality.

Throughout the year, you will introspect yourself and determine the qualities and things that define you.

In Numerology, the number 1 is connected with the Sun.

The sun in Chaldean Numerology

This year, you will feel the vibrations of the Sun’s energy, which will make you radiate confidence and hope.

If you utilize this year wisely, you can brighten your life with self-expression, new vitality and hope.

During personal Year 1, you will get many ideas to start a new business or career.

You may even find new relationships this year, as your confidence level and social skills will make people gravitate towards you.

So, the best time to improve your social life or relationships is now!

Personal Year 1 will have a significant impact on all the spheres and facets of your life, some of them are as follows-


If you behave wisely this year, it will be a great year for relationships.

Many friends, colleagues, and family may approach you this year for advice and help.

Love and romance will mostly run smoothly, with you making the best efforts to have a happy romantic relationship and home life.

romantic relationship

Your self-confidence and optimism about life may reach their peak this year.

Your friends and colleagues will find a ray of hope in you.

What’s more, your optimism will be a tremendous source of strength for them.

Sometimes, during personal Year 1, people tend to behave rudely.

People think highly of themselves as if they are the best.

So, it’s best advised to practice some humility this year.


Personal Year 1 is usually a good time for entrepreneurs to embrace opportunities.

nice office building

This year, you will have the confidence and optimism to initiate new things or explore new ideas.

The urge for something new will be felt throughout the year.

As such, it is a good time for self-discovery in the workplace.

Success is never guaranteed, so be careful with your investments and focus on hard work.

You may make wrong moves from your immaturity, but they will give you invaluable life lessons.

At work, you may create your own independent identity.

This may get you in trouble with your bosses or senior colleagues.

But they will admire your dedication if you handle it wisely.

Also, remember not to be too assertive to avoid any unnecessary confrontation this year.


Money will come this year but will also be spent on your creative and pleasure pursuits.

You may experience difficulty saving money, as the itch to spend on luxury may dominate your financial decisions.


Nonetheless, it is an excellent year to explore various investment options.

Various good investment options and business ideas will come to you.

This year, a lot of time will be spent analyzing the different investment options and making the right choice.

Further, you should remain careful about whom you can trust with your money.

Many people tend to trust the wrong person because of their over-confidence.

This year, it’s better to remain extra vigilant with finances.


Your health will largely remain good this year.

Some mental tensions, anxieties, and stresses may pop up from time to time.

It’s a good year to work out and get your body in perfect shape.

personal health
personal health

This is an excellent time to focus on physical exercise.

You may turn to overeating this year, so you better be careful with your dietary habits.


Year 1 is like starting a new chapter in a book.

It’s all about new beginnings and a fresh nine-year journey.

Imagine it as a time when you can start dreaming big and planning what you want to achieve.

This year is special because it’s a chance to leave behind old stuff holding you back and jump into new experiences that help you grow.

Spiritually, it’s like getting a gentle push to focus on what you truly want to do and who you want to be.

spiritual energy

Personal Year 1 is about listening to your gut feelings, being brave with new changes, and taking steps into new adventures.

It’s a great time to think about your goals and start working on them.

The universe’s energy is on your side, cheering you on to start new things and be positive.

Final Words

Numerology’s Personal Year 1 is like hitting the refresh button at the beginning of a 9-year cycle.

It’s about kicking off the new year with new goals and adventures.

This year is a big deal because it’s all about new beginnings, whether starting a new job, making new friends, or trying new hobbies.

In Personal Year 1, you might feel more confident and ready to try new things.

It’s a great time to start new projects or take your first steps towards something you’ve been dreaming about.

You’ll find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone and leading the way in your social circles.

It’s also a good year to focus on yourself, like working on personal growth or starting a new exercise routine.

Last year has gone, so do not dwell on it.

It’s a fresh start.

But remember, with all these new opportunities, you might also face new challenges.

It’s important to keep an open mind and stay positive.

Personal Year 1 is about making positive changes and growing in new ways, whether about your career, money, or relationships.

It’s the start of a new cycle, an ideal time for big decisions and setting the stage for what’s to come in the next years.