Numerology for Marriage Compatibility – Finding a Life Partner

Numerology for Marriage Compatibility : Yes, it’s true that numbers do play a crucial role in making the best matches.

If you are in a relationship and want to get married, numerology is one of the best ways to check your compatibility with your partner.

As per numerology, numbers are not just symbols but a microcosm of universal energy.

Amongst the various concepts and principles that we have in numerology, the life path number and name number are the most crucial to finding out your personality type and compatibility with other people.

What is a Life Path Number?

A Life path number is the sum of our full date of birth.


Life Path Number


The principle behind it is that when we are born, a particular number gets attached to us.

This life path defines the core of our personality, choices, dislikes, etc.

Steps to Calculate A Life Path Number

  • Note down your full date of birth, i.e., day, month and year.
  • Add the digits of the day, month and year.
  • If the sum is a two-digit number, further add the digits.
  • Repeat this till you arrive at a single-digit number.
  • DOB- 14th, May 2022.


Calculate a Life Path Number


What is a Name Number?

A Name number is an essential concept of Chaldean numerology.

Here, letters are assigned a specific number.

Individuals may have the same date of birth but may have different names.

Even if they have the exact DOB and name, they will have a different popular name.

So, this concept defines the uniqueness of an individual.


name Number

Letters and Assigned Numbers

  • A, I, J, Q & Y- 1.
  • B, K, & R- 2.
  • C, G, L, & S- 3.
  • D, M, & T- 4.
  • E, H, & N- 5.
  • U, V, W, & X- 6.
  • O & Z- 7.
  • F & P- 8.


Steps to Calculate A Name Number

  • Note down the letter of your full name.
  • Note down the digits corresponding to each letter of your name.
  • Add these digits.
  • If it is a two-digit number, add it till it becomes a single-digit number.
  • g., Johnny Depp- 1+7+5+5+5+1+4+5+8+8= 44
  • 4+4=8.


How to Use Them for Marriage Compatibility?

First, you have to calculate your own and your partner’s life path and name numbers.

Next, you have to compare your numbers with your partner’s numbers and vice versa using the below details to check for compatibility.

If the name numbers are compatible, you and your soul mate’s energy resonate with each other, and you both make a great pair.


Marriage Compatibility


If they don’t match them, things can get a little tricky if not well managed.

Now, if the life path numbers are compatible, it means your destiny or the universe will try its best to keep both of you together.

There may difference, but both of you will keep moving on together in life.

If the life path numbers are not compatible, there may be challenges that may cause separation.

Process in Simple Steps

  • Calculate your partner’s and your life path and name numbers.
  • Check whether your numbers are compatible with your partner or not.
  • Check whether your partner’s numbers are compatible with you or not.

Effects of Various Life Path Numbers and Name Numbers

The matching may vary with different numerologists, but the principle of qualities represented by the number should be the guiding principle for matching.



●    Number 1

They are:

  • passionate
  • practical people
  • decision-makers
  • easily persuaded
  • best friends, etc.




Best match- 1,2,5.

Average match- 3,7,8,9.

Challenging match- 4,6.

●    Number 2

Number 2 are:

  • emotional
  • sensitive
  • family-oriented
  • followers of their heart
  • stubborn
  • understanding of others
  • prone to mood swings
  • secretive, etc.



Best match- 1,2,4,6,8.

Average match- 3,9.

Challenging match- 5,7.

●    Number 3

They are:

  • very practical people
  • self-obsessed
  • proud
  • not that good at romance
  • are followers of their mind rather than heart,
  • ambitious people
  • achievers
  • willing to make a sacrifice, etc.




Best match- 3,6,9.

Average match- 1,2,5.

Challenging match- 4,7,8.

●    Number 4

Number 4 people:

  • love sexual pleasures
  • are dominating
  • may be committed partners but have a tendency to cheat
  • are short-tempered,
  • are committed to their careers, etc.




Best match- 2,4,8.

Average match- 6,7.

Challenging match- 1,3,5,9.

●    Number 5


  • love stability in their life
  • avoid unnecessary fights
  • can be very dull at times,

and children usually help stabilize their marriage



Best match- 1,5,8.

Average match- 3,7,9.

Challenging match- 2,4,6.

●    Number 6

Number 6s:

  • are usually charming
  • have a magnetic personality
  • can have multiple relationships
  • love with hearts
  • are good at making money, etc.




Best match- 3,6,9.

Average match- 2,4,8.

Challenging match- 1,5,7.


●    Number 7

Number 7s:

  • are usually very romantic
  • will take you on dates
  • give you surprises

and a promising career helps them stabilize their marriage, avoid stress.

Finally, they are very transparent in their relationship, etc.




Best match- 2,7.

Average match- 1,9,4.

Challenging match- 5,3,6,8.

●    Number 8

Number 8 have a very strong character.


  • emotional
  • loyal in their relationship
  • are the best of the friends you can have
  • can be misunderstood at times
  • usually have a good marriage




Best match- 2,4,8.

Average match- 1,5,6.

Challenging match- 3,7,9.

●    Number 9


  • have a very dominating nature
  • are prone to physical pleasures
  • are family-oriented people

While your physical charm will keep them attached to you, etc.




Best match- 3,6,9.

Average match- 1,2,5,7.

Challenging match- 4,8.


Numerology for Marriage Compatibility: A Conclusion


If your numbers resonate with your partner, then congratulations.

You have found your soul mate.

Your personal energies will keep you attached to each other.

Challenges may come but can easily be overcome.

If your numbers are partially compatible, don’t worry too much, but focus on the positive aspects of your relationship.

If you have decided to be together, don’t worry about the tests that destiny may bring up.




For couples whose numbers don’t resonate, don’t blame yourself or your partner for the challenges in your relationship.

You can instead think that you have a lot of lessons to learn.

However, if you have committed yourself to your partner, then remember that challenges only make a relationship more robust.

Always remember that numerology aims to make your life better.

It can show you have a good relationship ahead, and have some of the best moments of your life, or warn you about the challenges ahead in your relationship.