How to Use Numerology For a Business Name

How to Use Numerology For a Business Name: Running a business is not easy.

You have to manage your:

  • employees
  • supplies
  • clients
  • finances, etc

So, getting lucky in all this will definitely be an added advantage.

And having a lucky business name is like having a blessing from the universe.

Numerology is one of the best methods to find a lucky name for your business.

In numerology, we take numbers to represent various energies and attributes.

When the goods and services we deliver through our business resonate with the energy of the business’s name, it awakens the stroke of luck you need the most.

The balance of energies between the name and the business’s goals promotes its growth and development.

This post will show how to calculate your business name number. 

And, we’ll look at some famous examples of businesses associated with different numbers, and much more.

How to Calculate the Name Number of Your Business?

There are widely popular methods of calculating the name number: the Chaldean and Pythagorean methods.


Numerology For Business Names


The Chaldean method is a much older and widely popular method of calculating name numbers.

It was developed in ancient Babylonia.

In this article, we will use the Chaldean method of calculation.

To calculate the name number, you need the below table of digits related to the letter and follow the below steps-

Letters and Assigned Numbers

  • A, I, J, Q & Y- 1.
  • B, K, & R- 2.
  • C, G, L, & S- 3.
  • D, M, & T- 4.
  • E, H, & N- 5.
  • U, V, W, & X- 6.
  • O & Z- 7.
  • F & P- 8.

Steps to Calculate Name Number

  • Note down the letter of your full name.
  • Note down the digits corresponding to each letter of your name.
  • Add these digits.
  • If it is a two-digit number, add it till it becomes a single-digit number.
  • g., Google- 3+7+7+3+3+5=28
  • 2+8=10.
  • 1+0=1.


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Numbers and Businesses

●    Number 1

Number 1 is believed to be a lucky and auspicious number in numerology.

What’s more, it is ruled by the Sun.

So, it represents:

  • leadership
  • innovation
  • movement
  • philanthropy
  • exploration, etc.




It’s for government-related business, some serious innovation, real estate, etc.

Famous businesses are Google, Gillette, Adobe, etc.

●    Number 2

Number 2 represents:

  • teamwork
  • collaboration
  • companionship
  • relationship
  • healing
  • medicines
  • dairy
  • seafood
  • finance
  • old woman
  • children
  • currency, etc.,

Businesses related to these things will flourish.



Famous businesses are Visa, Mastercard, UBS, etc.

●    Number 3

Number 3 is about:

  • self-expression
  • creativity
  • communication
  • branding
  • marketing
  • sales
  • construction
  • writing
  • publishing
  • travel agencies
  • storage, etc.

To be successful with business name number 3, the businesses should follow high ethical standards.




Famous businesses are BMW, Oracle, Audi, Microsoft, Ford, Walmart, etc.

●    Number 4

Number four represents:

  • construction
  • high rise buildings
  • real estate
  • agriculture
  • universities
  • hostels
  • schools
  • warehouses
  • cars
  • photographs
  • clothes
  • apparel, etc.

The number 4 means uniqueness in numerology.

So, businesses that offer unique and innovative solutions can go for it.




Famous businesses are Nike, Honda, Lexus, Chevrolet, HP, Chanel, Jp Morgan chase, etc.

●    Number 5

Number 5 represents many things like:

  • creativity
  • movies
  • businesses related to having fun or leisure
  • education
  • stock markets
  • speculation
  • religious sermons and books
  • stage performance
  • coaching
  • helping others
  • Banking
  • intellectual work, etc.

Fashion and intellectual businesses should definitely consider number 5.





Famous businesses are UNIQLO, Wells Fargo, Mercedes Benz, etc.

●    Number 6

Number 6 represents:

  • law
  • lawyers
  • loans
  • healing
  • surgeries
  • medicines
  • restaurants
  • sales
  • hospitals
  • hotels, convenience stores
  • alcohol
  • renting property
  • hard work
  • market research
  • management, etc.

So, businesses which have Venusian qualities should go for number 6.




Famous businesses are- EY, Deloitte, Verizon, DELL, Bank of America, Heineken, etc.

●    Number 7

Number 7 represents:

  • exports
  • air travel
  • partnerships
  • marriage
  • theft/crime
  • presenting yourself to the world
  • showing off
  • foreign operations
  • bringing money from a foreign land
  • tough competition
  • revolutionary thoughts, etc.




Famous examples are Samsung, Apple, Amazon, Canva, Sony, Gucci, Loreal, Accenture, IBM, Pepsi, McDonald’s, etc.

●    Number 8

Number 8 represents:

  • balance
  • optimism
  • death
  • research
  • innovation
  • sudden changes
  • communication
  • hard work
  • long-lasting businesses
  • cult-like following
  • slow progress, etc.

These businesses may be difficult to set up, but they last very long.




Famous businesses are Cisco, American Express, Starbucks, UPS, Facebook, Siemens, Louis Vuitton, etc.

●    Number 9

Number 9 represents:

  • tough competition
  • teachers
  • coaches
  • defence
  • insurance
  • foreign partnerships
  • deep research
  • innovation
  • sports
  • retail, etc.

Number 9 is represented by mars.




Famous businesses are Intel, IKEA, Citi, eBay, PWC, H&M, Goldman Sachs, Costco, etc.


How to find the best name for your business?

Finding the best and most lucky name for your business is very easy by following the below steps:

  • Note what your business is all about. You should be clear about this.


  • Once you are clear on your business domain, select the number from the above lists which resonate with your business domain. For example, if you want to be in the writing business, select number 3 or 5.


  • Having selected your number, next think of business names whose name number equals it.


  • For, e.g. Elon Musk wants to break ground in the highly competitive cars business. He wants to generate a lot of foreign sales as well, so ideally, the number should be 7.


  • So, for TESLA, the digits are 4+5+3+3+1=16, 1+6=7. So the number and the goals of the business vibrate together, so TESLA becomes a lucky business name for Elon Musk.




Numerology For a Business Name – A Summary:

Names number are a fantastic concept of numerology for business owners who want to have a successful venture and build up a long-lasting business.

They must consider the name number of their business for best all-round results.

A name number doesn’t guarantee success.

But the energy connected with that number can make things easier and smooth for you.

Further, it may become a key to getting the blessings of lady luck for your business.