Is Numerology Biblical? – Numbers Through God’s Word

Is Numerology Biblical? Biblical numerology is an enthralling subject that delves into the number meanings concealed throughout God’s word.

Numerology has been present since antiquity.

It originated during the ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Mesopotamian times.

Numerology was used by the Royals and commoners to get a sense of their destiny and better plan their lives. 

Jerusalem was one of the important centers of culture and learning during Biblical times.


Knowledge and sciences from:

  • ancient Egypt
  • Rome, Greek
  • and Mesopotamia, were present in Jerusalem, and certainly Numerology too. 


In fact, during Biblical times, the Gematria system of Numerology was followed.

Gemtaria closely resembles the Chaldean numerology system of Mesopotamia.

In Gematria, letters of the Hebrew alphabet are assigned specific numbers.

The numbering scheme of Hebrew alphabets as per Gematria is- 

  1. The first ten letters are assigned values from 1 to 10, in increasing order.
  2. For the next eight letters, the values increase in multiples of ten from 20 to 90. 
  3. For the last four letters, values increase in multiples of one hundred from 100 to 400. 

Is Gematria the Secret Code of the Bible?

secret code

Gematria was quite popular during Biblical times.
What’s more, it was used for recording numbers, writing dates, and much more.
So, this prompted many researchers and enthusiasts to use Gematria for bibliomancy.
To find newer meanings for Biblical texts. 
Biblical texts
Some people are not comfortable with Gematria and bibliomancy.
But, many groups like the Kabbalists consider it a valid form of:
  • mysticism,
  • fortune-telling
  • and biblical interpretation.
Some of the examples of Biblical exegesis using Gematria are:
  • The fifth Commandment (Exodus 20:12) instructs the Children of Israel to “honor thy father and mother.”
A valid question can be, “How to honor one’s parents?”.
Using Gematria to analyze the Hebrew word for honor(kabed), its numerical value is 26.
Similarly, the numerical value of the word love (Ahavah) is 13.
Synthesizing it, we can conclude that one honors one’s parents by giving them double the love they have for others.
  • The Book of Genesis 14:14 mentions the household of Abraham had 318 men. With these men, he defeated the armies that had recently attacked his kinsman.


The Gematrian value of “Eliezer” (Abraham’s servant) is 318.
This indicates that Abraham only went with Eliezer, not other men.
Another mystical interpretation is that the Gematrian value of the Hebrew word “siach” (speaking) is 318.
So, it may show that it was through the power of speaking or chanting God’s holy name that Abraham defeated his enemies.
The Gematria system is different from the book, The Bible Code.
The latter uses the ELS (Equidistant Letter Sequence) method to search for codes.

Other Examples of Numerology in the Bible

Apart from Gematria, there are other examples of Numerology in the Bible.

Many Biblical verses speak of numbers; people often interpret it as a message or revelation from God about the divine power of numbers.

Moreover, it is one of the valid ways of interpreting the Bible, as recognized by the early church, in the Quadriga method.

Some of the famous examples are:


  • Number 1 is a significator of unity and strength. Deuteronomy 6:4- God is one, Jesus and the Father are one, etc.
  • Number 2 is a significator of the eyewitnesses and the dual nature of humans (Luke 10:1; Exodus 25:22; Matthew 26:60).
  • Number 3 signifies completion and perfection (Luke 13:7; John 2:19; Matthew 12:40).
  • Number 4 is a significator of the Earth and God’s creation (Daniel 7:3; Matthew 13: Isaiah 11:12).
  • Number 5 is a significator of God’s grace and message (Leviticus 1-5; Genesis 43:34; Matthew 14:17)
  • Number 6 is a significator of humanity and even fallen souls (Genesis 1:31; Revelation 13:15-18).
  • Number 7 is a significator of spiritual perfection (Genesis 2:2; Psalm 12:6; Matthew 18:22).
  • Number 8 is a significator of a new beginning and resurrection (Genesis 17:2; Mark 16:9-11; Genesis 7:13).
  • Number 9 is a significator of faith and divine completeness (Galatians 5:22-23 KJV).
  • Number 10 is a significator of Government and laws (Ruth 4:2; 1 Kings 11:31-35; Exodus 20:1-17).

numerology 3

11- 40

  • Number 11 signifies decision-making (Revelation 20:12 KJV). 
  • Number 12 is a significator of spiritual authority (Matthew 10:2-4; Revelation 7; 10:2-4).
  • Number 13 represents rebellion (Nimrod). 
  • Number 14 signifies spiritual perfection.
  • Number 19 indicates God’s order.
  • Number 20 indicates decision-making (Genesis 31:38 KJV).   
  • Number 30 is a significator of dedication (2 Samuel 5:4; Numbers 4:3; Luke 3:23). 
  • Number 40 is a significator of trials (Matthew 4:2; Genesis 7:4; Exodus 24:18; Numbers 14:33).

70 and 666

  • Number 70 is a significator of judgment (Ezekiel 8:11; Numbers 11:16; Jeremiah 29:10).
  • Number 666 is a significator of anti-christ. The beasts from the sea in the Book of Revelations.


Bibliomancy is simple.

First, you have questions.

Next, you have the Bible.

So, pray to God for guidance and randomly select a verse or a page of the Bible.

Your answer lies there. 

To connect it with Numerology, you have to connect the dots and find to which number is that page or verse pointing.

numerology biblical

So, you can either use the traditional interpretation of numbers or the special interpretations of the Bible to answer your question.

Is Numerology Biblical?

Numerology was well known and practiced during Biblical times.

It is quite certain that Numerology may have been used in the Bible to encrypt some special messages and interpretations.

As per Numerology, numbers are like a microcosm of meaning and energies.

So, numbers definitely play an essential role in interpreting the Bible so does Numerology.

Many may not share the same view and think of it as a wrong interpretation of numbers mentioned in the Bible.

But when looking into the broader history of the ancient civilizations and their connection with Jerusalem, we may say that Numerology is Biblical.