Exploring Name Numbers: The Ancient Wisdom of Chaldean Numerology

What is Chaldean Numerology?

The Chaldeans were an ancient civilization that inhabited Babylonia, now known as present-day Iraq.

After Alexander the Great conquered Babylonia, he brought the Chaldeans’ knowledge of numerology to Greece.

Chaldean Numerology originates from the ancient Chaldeans of Babylonia. It assigns numerical values to letters for divining one’s destiny and personality traits. Unique to this system, it uses numbers one to eight, considering nine as sacred. Master numbers like 11, 22, and 33 also hold special significance. This guide offers insight into calculating and interpreting your name number. It reveals hidden aspects of your character and life path.

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This article will look at name numbers and how to decode them with Chaldean Numerology.

The Numbers Used

In Chaldean Numerology, the primary numbers used are from one to eight.

The number nine is considered sacred and treated differently from other numbers.

Additionally, numbers 11, 22, and 33 are master numbers.

They hold special significance.

Chaldean Numerology
Chaldean Numerology

How do you calculate a name number?

To calculate the name number, you first require this table.

Name Numbers Table
Name Numbers

Credit: https://numerologist.in/

It is a very important table used to calculate one’s name number.

In Chaldean Numerology, each letter has a digit.

To calculate a name number, write the name of the person, pet, place, or company you’re analyzing.

Assign each letter in the name its corresponding digit.

Sum the digits assigned to each letter.

The total sum is the name number.

For example, in this system, A equals one, B equals two, C equals three, and so on, with U as six, O as seven, and F as eight.

An Example

Name Numbers

Let’s calculate the name number for ‘Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’.

Assigning digits to each letter in ‘Nelson’ (N=5, E=5, L=3, S=3, O=7, N=5) and summing them gives us 28.

Since 28 is a two-digit number, we add its digits (2+8) to get 10 and then add these digits (1+0) to finally get 1.

Repeat this process for his middle name and surname, ‘Rolihlahla’ and ‘Mandela’.

Then, sum the name numbers for each part: first, middle, and surname.

The final name number for ‘Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’ is the sum of these parts.

This method also applies to calculating the name number for companies.

A Company Example

For another example, let’s calculate the name number for ‘Google’.

In ‘Google’, ‘G’ equals three, and ‘O’ equals seven (noted twice for the double ‘O’).

Next, add another ‘G’ (three), ‘L’ (value), and ‘E’ (value). Sum the values: three for each ‘G’ makes nine.

Add seven for each ‘O’ to get 14, then add this to the nine for a total of 23.

Then, add the values for ‘L’ and ‘E’ to reach the total (correct total).

Finally, reduce the total to a single digit, which is the name number for Google.

The Results

Now, let’s see what qualities each name number represents.

Number One

The number one in Chaldean Numerology represents a strong winner’s mentality aimed at achieving success.

Individuals represented by this number tend to be very creative.

Such individuals are often perfectionists, preferring to delegate tasks to others rather than doing them themselves.

The sun in Chaldean Numerology
The sun in Chaldean Numerology

Number one associates those this number represents with the sun, considered the king in astrology, imbuing them with a sense of royalty.

Therefore, they often aspire to rule and dominate, key traits of the number one in Chaldean Numerology.

Name Number Two

Individuals with name number two are known for their deep emotional nature.

This number’s connection with the moon amplifies their emotional depth.

They are often artistic and creative, though they can also be prone to melancholy.

A key strength of those with name number two is their profound empathy.


They are caring and altruistic, often developing strong, understanding relationships with others.

This ability makes them skilled in building and maintaining connections.

Number Three

Individuals with the name number three are often highly talented.

These individuals prioritize personal and professional development, as well as resource expansion.

They have a strong passion for learning and aspire to master various fields.

Name Numbers: Three = Learning

Often, they strive to be self-sufficient, akin to a one-person army.

Their broad learning spans across numerous trades and knowledge areas.

This demonstrates their insatiable thirst for knowledge

Number Four

The number four in Chaldean Numerology is associated with the planet Rahu, the moon’s north node.

This association explains why individuals with this number are known for their out-of-the-box thinking.

They often provide unique solutions and are highly innovative.

Innovation of the future

Their innovative nature makes them natural-born engineers and scientists.

This technical mindset further underlines their engineering and scientific skills.

Additionally, they often possess a rebellious streak.

Number Five

The name number five links individuals to Mercury, the planet of communication and business.

Those with the name number five excel in speaking and are known for their diplomatic approach.

Excellent social skills complement their mastery of speech.

They possess both etiquette and adaptability, making them versatile in social settings.

business acumen

Often referred to as social butterflies, they love to explore new experiences with friends and family.

Additionally, their affinity with Mercury makes them naturally adept in business and communication.

Number Six

In numerology, the number six’s connection to Venus influences its characteristics.

Individuals influenced by this number often have a penchant for luxuries.


They are gentle and place a high value on their appearance.

The number six is unique, the sum of two threes, and thus shares modified traits of number three.

Such individuals are often adept at manipulation.

Their understanding of diplomacy makes them exceptionally tactful.

This diplomatic skill enables them to navigate social interactions and achieve their goals efficiently.

They also excel in choosing the right words to charm others and advance their interests.

Number Seven

Many people consider seven to have mystical qualities

It symbolizes a quest for deeper meaning in all aspects of life.

In Vedic Numerology, seven is associated with K2, or the moon’s south node, and also has a connection with Neptune.


This association imbues them with a profound sense of mysticism.

Individuals under this number often harbour profound thoughts.

They aspire to excel and delve deeply into their chosen fields, especially in artistic pursuits.

Another notable trait is their strong intuition or a highly developed sixth sense.

This intuition enables them to understand others’ intentions readily and even read people’s thoughts and emotions.

Number Eight

In Western traditions, the numbers zero and eight symbolize eternity due to their continuous loops, representing infinity with no beginning or end.

Similarly, the number eight, resembling a circle, symbolizes endless cycles and continuity.

In numerology, eight is ruled by Saturn, influencing its attributes.


This planetary influence may slow them down in tasks but also make them deep thinkers.

Their deep knowledge also instils a high level of confidence.

They possess the wisdom to discern what to value and what to approach cautiously.

A negative trait in some number eights is lethargy.

While they can be slow in action, they often possess a strong desire for personal growth.

Driven by ambition, they seek opportunities to achieve success.

Life for those with name number eight is often challenging, yet they are equipped to face these hardships.

Their depth of thought and sincerity enable them to persevere and succeed.

Interestingly, many CEOs have the name number eight, indicating its association with leadership qualities.

Number Nine

In Chaldean numerology, the number nine is often regarded as complementing zero, holding significant importance and considered sacred.

Number nine is associated with Mars, which greatly influences its attributes.

the planet mars
The planet Mars

Mars symbolizes combat, goal achievement, arduous struggle, and friendship.

These attributes lead to nine being associated with justice, underscoring its profound significance.

Final Words

Your numerological value, derived from your name, describes personality traits influenced by familial and cultural factors.

Chaldean Numerology aids personal growth by harmonizing the vibrational energies of the body and spirit.