Name Numbers: How to Decode Names With Chaldean Numerology

What is Chaldean Numerology?

The Chaldean were a group of people who lived in Babylonia, or present-day Iraq.

And when Alexander conquered Babylonia, the knowledge of numerology of the Chaldean people got transferred to Greece.

The Numbers Used

In this system we use the numbers one to eight.

The number nine in the system of Chaldean Numerology is considered as sacred and is kept separate.

And in Chaldean Numerology, there are other numbers like 11, 22 and 33 also, which are also considered as master numbers or sacred numbers.

How to calculate a name number?

To calculate the name number, the first thing you require is this table.

Name Numbers Table


It is a very important table, and is used to calculate one’s name number.

In order to calculate a name number, first you have to write the letters of the name of:

  • the person
  • your pet
  • a place
  • or a company for whom you want to calculate the name number.

Then note down the digits connected to that letter.

Next add the digits of all the letters of the name of the person.

Then you will arrive at the name number.

So the digit connected with letter A is one, B two, C three, D four, E five, U six, O seven and F eight.

It is a unique concept in Chaldean Numerology that each letter is assigned a digit.

An Example



So, in this example, we will calculate the name number of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

The digit for N is five, E five, L three, S three, O seven, N five.

So you add all the digits, you get 28.

Now, 28 is a two digit number.

So you further add those two digits. Two plus eight, you get 10.

Then again, add those two digits.

One plus zero, you get one.

Similarly, you calculate the name number for his middle name.

And then for his surname, Mandela.

Then you get the digits for the three parts of his name, the first part, the middle part, and the surname.

Now you add those three digits.

You get one plus four plus five.

So his name number is one.

Now you can also calculate the name number for a company.

A Company Example

Let’s take Google.

So Google, G three, double O seven, plus seven.

Then again G, then L and E.

So three times you have three, which is nine.

Then you have 14, which is 26.

Then 26, you add five, you get 31.

So, the name number for Google is four.

The Results

Now let’ see what that name number tells about you.

In this system of Chaldean Numerology it is believed that each number carries its own vibration.

So we will see that what qualities each name number represents.

The first number is one

It represents having a strong winner mentality in order to gain success.

People who are represented by number one are very creative.

They are perfectionists.

They do not like to do things themselves, rather they prefer to outsource to others.

The sun is connected to number one.

The Sun

It is the king among all astrology.

So, these people also they have this feeling of royalty.

They want to rule, they want to dominate.

These are some of the features of name number one.

Then we have name number two

Now, people who have name number two, they are very emotional people.

The number two is connected with the moon, so these people are very emotional.

They are also very artistic, creative, but they sometimes tend to be melancholic.

But the main strength of the people having name number two is that they have a strong sense of empathy.

They care for others; they want to do good for others.

Number twos easily develop a good understanding with others.

And they are also very good at developing relationships with other people.

Now we have our next number, three

So the people who have the name number three are very talented people.

They are very focused on development and expanding their resources.

And they also love to study, they want to read everything, they want to be the master of all trades.


And sometimes they want to appear as a one-person army.

These people, they generally have this tendency of learning everything, of learning various trades, learning various types of knowledges.

They have a thirst for knowledge.

The next number is four

See, the number four is connected with the planet Rahu or the north node of the moon.

That’s why these people, these are out of box thinkers.

They give very unique solutions.

And these people are very innovative also.

They are natural born engineers, scientists, and are very technically minded people; very tech savvy.

But they also have a rebellious nature.


Now our next number is number five

See, people who have their name number as five, the number five is connected with the planet Mercury.

These people are very good at speaking.

They weigh their words before speaking which means that they are very diplomatic.

Also they know the art of speech and have very great social skills.

They have etiquette and great manners.

And they are also very adaptable.

At times, they are also referred to as social butterflies, which means that they will always want to go out and explore new things with their friends and family.

But these people, they are also very good at business.

And Mercury is the planet of business, it is the planet of communication.

So naturally these peoples are very good at communication and business.

Business - Numerology

Our next number is number six

In numerology, the number six is connected with planet Venus.

So these people, they generally love luxuries.


They are gentle people.

And these peoples are very cautious of their looks.

And there is also a unique thing that the number six is three plus three, so in number six you can also find some qualities of number three, but in a very modified form.

Like these people, they are very skilled at manipulation.

They know the state craft of diplomacy are very diplomatic people.

These people can deal diplomatically with people and get their work done.

And, they know what to speak in front of others and how to charm others for their own personal gains.

Next we have number seven

See, seven is a mystical number.

blue seven

The number seven stands for inside, seeking deeper meaning in everything.

In Vedic Numerology number seven is connected with planet K2, which is the south node of the moon.

Number 7 is also connected with the planet Neptune.

And it is a very mystical planet, so these people, they have something very mystical connected with them.

They have profound thoughts within their mind.

They want to go deep in their field.

If they are artists, they want to go deep inside art and develop their talents.

They want to reach the absolute zenith of art.

And one good quality of number seven is that they have a strong sense of gut feeling, which means that they have a very developed sixth sense.

They easily understand others intentions, which means that they are also good at reading faces or indeed reading the mind of other people.

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Now, the next number is number eight

In Western traditions, the numbers zero and eight are generally connected with eternity.

Because of this symbol of zero, you see it is a circle, a circle has no beginning, no end.

It is an infinite thing.

Pink eight

Similarly, number eight.

Number eight has no beginning, no end.

It is because of this shape.

And the number eight is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Saturn makes them slow at work.


But these people are deep thinkers, they have the depth of thought.

They are also very confident.

Their confidence level is very high because of the depth of knowledge they have.

They know what to appreciate; they know what to be fearful of.

One of the negative traits, which sometimes appears in number eights, is that they can be very lethargic.

These people can be very slow.

But these people generally have this enough feeling to grow in life.

They want to grow in life, they are opportunistic, they want to achieve success in life.

Although the life of people having name numbers as eight can be very tough where it can be full of challenges.

But they have this depth of thought, they have this sincerity, and they have the ability to struggle for a long time in order to achieve success.

If you calculate the name number for CEOs of various companies, you can find that most of these people they have their name number as eight.

Now we move on to number nine

See, in Chaldean Numerology number nine is considered as the shadow of zero.

So zero and nine are considered as sacred in Chaldean Numerology.

The number nine is connected with the planet Mars.


Mars is the planet of fighting, it is the planet of achieving your goals, it is the planet of hard struggle. Also it is the planet of friendship.

So, therefore, the number nine is also considered as the number for justice.

So justice, the quality of justice or the sense of justice is represented by number nine.

And it is considered as sacred.

Final Words

You’ll be allocated a numerical value that describes your personality traits based on your family’s alphabetical order.

Chaldean Numerology aids individuals in becoming a better person by using the vibrations that link the body and the spirit to help them grow.