The Best Numerology Number For A Business Name

Numerology covers different aspects of life, playing a role in helping you to find the right path for a purposeful, impactful, and fulfilled life.

When it comes to reaching new feats and achieving success in your chosen business field, you cannot deny the significant role it plays

Many people believe that the astral world decides who it makes rich.

So they try to understand how it works and its favorable patterns that can help them achieve the type of success they desire.

If you believe that you can choose a career or find a compatible life partner with numerology, then you should know that you can also influence success in your business using some of its concepts as well. 

Business name numbers that attract success

There are ‘lucky numbers’ that can make a positive impact on your business.

business name and number

However, note that these numbers may not work for everyone but have a high success rate.

And that is why you should ensure that whatever business name you come up with sums up to them.

The business name numerology uses the same concept as that of your destiny number.

Your birthday and life path numbers are key factors that determine what business name number you should use.

Here are some of the lucky numbers that you should consider when choosing a business name.

Number 1

A company like Microsoft corresponds to the numerology 1 when you add up the letters and calculate the expression number.

Number 1

Number 1 stands for leadership, commendable organizational skills, and innovation.

So, if you are looking to start an innovative company, you can create a name that has the number 1 as its expression number when summed up.

Number 5

Whatever your birth date numerology number or life path number is, the expression number 5 is universal and practically works for any business type.

However, if your business has to do with:

  • socializing
  • creating entertainment or fun experiences
  • travel experiences
  • and comfort

…then this is an important expression number you shouldn’t overlook.

5 swallows

Companies like Apple, Airbus Giants Boeing, and McKesson, all have the expression number 5.

So, if you add the numerical values of your business name and it comes to 23, 32, 41, 50, or 68, you have a lucky number there .

This is because when you add up the two digits, it equals the expression number 5.

Number 9

Just like 5, the expression number 9 is also thought to be positively influential in businesses.

The numbers 27 and 45 are considered the most powerful in the 9 series, 18, however, is considered unlucky or risky, so you should avoid business names that sum up to it.

Both 27 and 45 represent divinity.

nine numerology

But individually, 27 have magical or extraordinary properties while 45 is highly insightful and intelligent.

Although each of the above-mentioned numbers is generally associated with luck, this does not entirely mean they will bring success to your business.

The numbers with the highest success rate in business are the ones we will discuss below. 

Number 33

The number 33 is considered to be one of the most fortunate because it connotes the number of the Indian god Kubera, known as the lord of wealth.

Business names with life path numbers 6, 15, and 24 are lucky because their sum equals the sum of 33.

Number 33

Generally, the expression number 33 works mysteriously for family businesses.

But if you are a 6th born with life path number 6, this is your shooting star. 

Number 51

Like 33, 51 sums up to six, the number of fortune and prosperity.

In the Indian tradition, 51 connotes the royal star of man that attracts favor, fortune, and power.


This number holds the top honors in the fortune 500 firms list, with:

In general, 6 is a lucky number for anyone but allocate their strongest fortune to 6 borns or those with life path 6 numbers.

Before you choose a business name according to the expression numbers we discussed above, ensure that you truly understand the traits and meaning behind each number.

So you can know if it relates to your business’s aim and values.

Business values, ethics and morals


For instance, the number 2 represents fairness, intuition, emotion, and balance.

This makes it an ideal expression for networking and partnership businesses that want to provide creative ideas and guidance to people.

A Summary

We understand that numerology can play a role in helping your business achieve success.

However, you need to know that it works only when you combine it with hard work, effective marketing strategy, creativity, and other basic criteria for business success.

So, before you decide on a name for your business, ensure to crosscheck the expression value of the letters in numerology to decide if it is worth using or not.

Did this post help you  find the best numerology number for your business name?