Four of Cups Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The Four of Cups tarot card has varied meanings, depending on its orientation and the context in which it is read.

Upright, this card can signify a period of rest and contentment or stagnation that needs to be addressed.

Reversed, it can represent something new being accepted or a chance to revive an old situation.

In either case, it is a significant card for gaining insight into current and upcoming events.


In this article, we will explore the potential meanings of the Four of Cups when appearing upright and reversed in matters of love, career, and finances.

Let’s begin!

Four of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Four of Cups is an interesting minor arcana card that often symbolizes a moment of reflection and contemplation.

It depicts a young man sitting with three cups in front of them.

The fourth cup is held by a mysterious hand emerging from the clouds above the figure.

Four of cups

This hand may represent divine intervention or a sudden offer of opportunity.

This tarot card can be seen as an invitation to look within or reassess one’s situation and consider what is truly important.

This card encourages us to take stock of our lives, reflect on our purpose and make sure we aren’t taking things for granted.

There is also an element of detachment here, which can be interpreted as a reminder that life isn’t always about pleasure and reward.

Sometimes it requires sacrifice and effort too.

So, what does it mean if you get this cups tarot card in a tarot reading?

Four of Cups Meaning – Upright Position

This tarot card often symbolizes the feeling of being unmotivated, stuck in a rut, or feeling stagnant.

It often signals a lack of enthusiasm and an unwillingness to move forward.

In this state, we may find ourselves unable to embrace new opportunities and experience joy in life.

The four of cups represents boredom or apathy as we are unable to take action and manifest positive change in our lives.

We may be too comfortable with our current situation and unwilling to shake things up.

A love tarot spread

An upright Four of Cups in a love tarot reading indicates a period of reflection and contemplation concerning love.

This card suggests that you may be feeling some dissatisfaction or discontentment with your current relationship.

unhealthy relationship

Desiring something more or different than what you currently have.

You are searching for a deeper level of commitment or connection within the relationship but may be unsure how to achieve it.

It could also mean that someone new is entering your life, offering you the chance to experience a more meaningful type of love.

In either case, this card encourages you to take the time necessary to assess your feelings.

And decide which direction would bring you the most fulfillment and satisfaction.


When the Four of Cups card appears in a career tarot reading, it indicates that it is time to assess your current job and find new ways to stay motivated.

The card encourages you to take a step back from your career and look at it from a different perspective.

career ladder

Use this as an opportunity to set goals for yourself and find ways to make your work more meaningful.

Consider taking on more challenging tasks or learning new skills.

It may be time to move on if the task becomes stagnant and you have no further room for growth.

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and explore other opportunities out there.

This card can also indicate that you need to take a break from work and look after yourself better, both physically and mentally.


The four of cups appearing upright may distract you from your finances.

Your jealousy of what others have prevents you from seeing what is in front of you.

It may seem like you are constantly comparing your situation with others.

financial struggles

But this envy may prevent you from appreciating what you already have.

Gratitude can also help you improve your financial situation, and be more comfortable when it comes to taking material risks.

You may miss out on the opportunities to achieve what you envy if you are so focused on what you don’t have.

The Four of Cups Reversed Meaning

The reversed Four of Cups tarot love meaning is one of emergence.

The Four of Cups reversed suggests that you may be feeling a sense of renewed energy and curiosity and can emerge from own inner world.

You may be looking to explore new opportunities or diversify your experiences in life.

Four of cups Reversed

This could manifest as a desire to travel, take on new hobbies, or try something completely different.

On an emotional level, it can indicate that you are ready to open yourself up to new experiences and relationships.

Instead of wallowing in the same old patterns and routines, you are ready to break free and make changes in your life.


Reversing the Four of Cups indicates a new chance for love.

It could be the start of a relationship, or it could be rekindling an old flame.

Either way, it encourages the querent to take advantage of this moment.

And open themselves up to the possibility of romance in their love life.

Can Tarot Predict Love? - Deck of Tarot cards in the background

The cups tarot card also suggests that although there may be some obstacles to overcome, these can be worked through.

That is if both sides are willing to put in the effort and compromise when needed.

This is an encouraging sign for those who are looking for love, as it suggests that love is just around the corner.


The Reversed Four of Cups suggests that if you are having issues with your career, now is the time to take a step back.

And assess what changes need to be made.

It may indicate that it is time for you to find a new path or take a risk to gain success.

career change

This tarot card speaks of taking action instead of continuing on the same worn-out path.

You may have been feeling disinterested or unfulfilled in your current job and this card encourages you to change things up.

It could also suggest that you need to decide which direction you want your career to go in.

Do this by weighing out all options and seeing which one feels right for you.

If there has been an issue between yourself and a colleague or boss, then it could be time for reconciliation and understanding.


There is a possibility that the four of cups reversed will indicate a journey toward economic progress and security.

There is no doubt that this is a direct result of your ability to control your finances.


But it is also a reflection of your efforts to appreciate what you already have.

You may now be taking steps to be more positive with your approach to finances, despite previously being envious of others’ financial security.

When you focus your energy on improving your financial habits, the universe will reward you.

Don’t let others’ opinions or opinions distract you from saving and spending what you need.

Before You Go

The Four of Cups meaning symbolizes a stagnant state and a feeling of emptiness.

It suggests that we are no longer taking in new experiences, and content to stay in our comfort zone.

When upright, it can indicate an opportunity for growth.

While reversed it may be linked to feelings of apathy and disinterest.


We discussed the upright and reversed Four of Cups meaning in matters of love, career, and finances in this article.

Whatever the circumstances may be, the Four of Cups tarot card never fails to offer the potential for progress and growth.

Enjoy the rest of our site for other cups tarot card meanings.