Three of Cups Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Card Meanings

The Three of Cups minor arcana card is packed with profound meanings, symbolizing both joy and harmony.

Its vibrant imagery and uplifting message reflect the positive feelings associated with this card.

In the upright position, it suggests celebration, friendship, and emotional fulfillment.

Reversed, it can indicate an unwillingness to accept help or feel connected to others.


This article will discuss the upright and reversed three of cups meaning and provide insights into love, career, and finances.

Let’s get started with the three of cups meaning.

Three of Cups Tarot Card Description

The Three of Cups is a joyful and exciting card in the Tarot deck.

It symbolizes celebration and joy, particularly among friends and family.

The image on the card shows three young women in a circle holding up their cups in the air.

Three of cups

Each of the three women have their unique style, showing that each one has their personality and individuality.

There is a feeling of connection, bonding, and unity between them.

Three of Cups tarot card meanings

This card can be interpreted as a sign to be social, enjoy life’s little luxuries and make new connections with others.

It suggests that good times are ahead, so it’s important to take time to appreciate the moment and share it with those who matter most.

It’s all about spending quality time with the people that matter.

It can also indicate something related to social events and friendship.

That could be a wedding, baby shower, family reunion, engagement party or similar.

This card speaks of friendship, camaraderie, and shared happiness.

But it also encourages us to find peace within ourselves during these moments.

Next, let’s look at the different three of cups tarot card meanings.

Three of cups tarot card meaning – Upright

In an upright position, the Three of Cups tarot card reflect unity and abundance of joy in our lives.

It suggests that we may have reached a time of great happiness with our friends and family.

And are now able to take part in an enjoyable activity together.

It also indicates that we should be thankful for what we have achieved so far.


As it will bring us even greater joy in the future.

This tarot card can also point to new social contacts or friendships being made shortly, which will bring us much pleasure.

This card can be a sign that you need to take time out of your day-to-day routine to celebrate life’s successes with those around you who matter most.

Take some time to appreciate what you have achieved so far in your life, and share this appreciation with those you love.

This card suggests that if we focus on showing gratitude towards our loved ones, it will bring more peace and harmony into our lives.


When this tarot card appears in a love tarot spread, it indicates that there’s something to celebrate.

Can Tarot Predict Love? - Deck of Tarot cards in the background

Whether it’s a recent engagement or anniversary, or simply the knowledge that you have found true love.

It can also point to harmonious social gatherings, where lots of laughter and good times are had by all.

All in all, the Three of Cups is a positive omen when it comes to matters of the heart.

If you’ve been struggling with relationship issues, now is the time to express your gratitude for what you already have.

Then, start looking forward with optimism.

Also, if the three of cups appears, then it’s a sign to spend quality time with your loved ones


The Three of Cups card upright in a career reading indicates that you are feeling confident and proud of your accomplishments.


You may be celebrating a professional success or promotion.

Or making connections with people in the same industry who could help you further your career goals.

As others recognize your skills and talents, it’s important to remember humility.

And use this recognition as motivation to continue striving for success.

There could also be an opportunity for collaboration coming up soon, so stay open to new projects and partnerships.

This is a good time to appreciate those around you, from colleagues to mentors, who have helped get you where you are today.


An upright Three of Cups tarot card indicates financial success.


This card suggests that you have achieved your goals and are now reaping the rewards.

You may have invested in some lucrative opportunities or managed your money wisely.

Whatever the case, you now have financial stability and security.

It could even mean a windfall of money coming your way.

You can now enjoy the fruits of your labor and spend money without worry.

All while knowing that you have resources to back up your decisions.

The Three of Cups Reversed Meaning

The Three of Cups reversed in a tarot reading suggests that you may be feeling disconnected from your community or support system.

You could be having difficulty seeing the joy and celebration that comes with groups of people coming together in unity.

Three-of-cups Reversed

You may be feeling left out, unfulfilled, or unable to find a sense of belonging.

It is important to realize that it is okay to take time away from group activities or projects if you’re not feeling supported by them.

The cups reversed encourages you to look within yourself for answers.

Instead of relying on external forces.

If you can connect with yourself spiritually and emotionally, then you will not need the validation of others or their opinions.


A reversed Three of Cups signifies that love is blocked or that you are in a relationship that prevents you from expressing yourself fully.

It could suggest a lack of understanding and communication between partners, or a feeling of being stuck in the same pattern.

bored relationship

This card could also point to a situation where one person is trying to control the other, or there is an imbalance in power within the relationship.

On the other hand, it could represent taking some time for yourself and re-evaluating what you want out of love before getting involved with someone else.

What’s more, reversed, the three of cups meaning can be one that relates to your social circle.

Your social life could be non-existent and getting the three of cups means you’ve grown apart from your friends.


When the Three of Cups appears in a career reading reversed, it can signify that you are feeling disconnected from your colleagues and peers.

This could be due to feelings of competition or lack of recognition for your work.

You may feel like you are not being appreciated or respected by those around you.

It is important to take steps to rebuild these relationships as they can be instrumental in helping you reach your goals.

It is possible that the three of cups reversed card could also indicate that there is a lack of communication between members of your team or workplace.

If this is the case, it is essential to make an effort to reach out and create open lines of dialogue with coworkers to ensure productivity and success.

On the other hand, this three of cups tarot card reversed could also mean that you are feeling overwhelmed with work and responsibility.

If this is the case, it may be time to step back and reassess the situation to determine what needs to change.

Maybe it’s time for delegation or taking on additional help.

This is so that tasks can be distributed more evenly throughout the team.


The Three of Cups reversed often indicates financial stress.

You may have taken on more than you can handle, or perhaps you have made bad investments.

Your finances may be suffering as a result of too much spending and not enough savings.

It is important to take a good look at your spending habits.

And make adjustments where necessary so you can get back on track.

It is also wise to be mindful of any investments you make and seek advice from a financial expert if needed.

Before You Go

The Three of Cups tarot card represents celebration, joy, and harmony.

It speaks of a sense of belonging within communities and relationships.

We discussed the the three of cups upright and the three of cups reversed meanings of this card in this article.


As well as insights into love, career, and finances.

All in all, the Three of Cups meaning is a reminder to make sure you take time to celebrate your successes.

And enjoy life’s simple pleasures while still maintaining balance and integrity in your relationships and work.