The Sun Tarot Card Meaning: Unveiling Joy and Success

The Sun Tarot card’s meaning is one of joy, success, optimism, and fulfilment.

When this card appears, darkness will soon give way to joy and success.

This article will explore what this card signifies for love, career, health, and spirituality.

Let’s get started!

“The Sun Tarot card represents joy, success, optimism, and fulfillment. When this card appears, it means darkness will soon give way to joy and success.”

Hanna B – NumerologyKey

The Sun Tarot Card Description

The Sun tarot card displays a bright sun in a cloudless blue sky, spreading warmth and light.

A joyful, naked child rides a serene white horse in the centre.

The surrounding landscape is green and healthy, with a stone wall for security.

The Sun tarot card meaning
The Sun tarot card meaning

Sunflowers in the background face the Sun, symbolizing our embrace of light and happiness.

This card bursts with vibrant colours, illustrating the energy of life, fun, and positivity.

Upright Sun Tarot Card Meaning

It means your situation is favourable, and you succeed when upright.

It also hints at the potential for further growth and progress.

The Sun Tarot Card signifies that you are overflowing with energy, enthusiasm, and ambition.

You are fearless in taking risks and making bold decisions.

You have faith in yourself and your abilities, so don’t be afraid to try something new or challenge yourself; success awaits you!


Now, let’s look at the meanings of the Sun tarot card.

Upright Love & Relationships

The Sun tarot card signifies warmth, joy, and positivity when upright in a love and relationship context.

The symbol represents joy when your relationship with a loved one is happy and lively.


You and your partner are likely enjoying mutual respect, shared goals, and a deep understanding of each other’s needs.

It could also signify personal growth and increased confidence in single people seeking love.

The card promotes optimism, suggesting the potential for a promising new relationship.

Upright Career & Finances

Pulling the upright sun card depicts a period of success and recognition in your career.

It indicates that your hard work and dedication are now paying off.

Expect promotions, practical rewards, and increased respect from your colleagues.

In financial terms, it’s a positive sign signifying prosperity.

You might get money easily, like a raise, a successful business, or unexpected sources.

Upright Health

In a health reading, the Sun card in its upright position signals good health and vitality.

It represents a shining period of wellness, positivity, and physical energy.

It could mean that current health problems are improving and things will improve, or it could indicate a long period of good health.

personal health
personal health

If you’re already in good health, the Sun’s energy suggests that this is an excellent time to maintain or even ramp up your healthy habits.

Upright Spirituality

When upright, this card represents a time of clarity and spiritual awakening.

It signifies that you are in tune with your higher self and experiencing a deep connection with the divine.

This card suggests that you are on the right spiritual path and that your efforts bring you closer to your spiritual goals.

It radiates warmth, optimism, and inner peace, reminding you to embrace the light within you and share it with others.

Reversed Meaning

The Sun card reversed can indicate a lack of joy, enthusiasm, or optimism.

You might feel the need to find hope and that your efforts are in vain.

This card may also be a sign of feeling blocked or stuck.

It can hinder progress in specific projects or goals.

The Sun tarot card meaning reversed
The Sun tarot card meaning reversed

Even in tough times, happiness and contentment are attainable through self-care, restoring joy to your life.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The Sun reversed card in a tarot reading symbolizes a temporary setback or uncertainty in love and relationships.

This could point to misunderstandings, disagreements, or one partner needing to meet their needs.

The relationship may lack vitality or dim the spark.

For single folks, it could mean self-doubts or lack of self-belief are blocking the path to finding or accepting love.

While this phase may be challenging, remember it’s temporary.

Work on communication and self-love.

Reversed Career & Finances

The reversed Sun suggests you may have hit a rough patch in a financial tarot spread.

You might feel undervalued, overlooked for promotions, or facing work-related disappointments.

work hard

Creativity and productivity might be challenged during this period.

Financially, this card may warn of financial strains.

Overspending, having money tied up, or experiencing a loss could be possibilities.

It encourages you to reassess your finances and plan better for the future.

This period is temporary, so stay positive and proactive.

Reversed Health

The Sun card in its reversed position may indicate health issues under the surface, perhaps unrecognized or ignored.

It can also speak of difficulties in recovery or missed signs of illness.

The reversed Sun asks you to focus on your well-being.

Don’t overlook anything.

Bring more positivity and awareness into your health habits.

It’s time to prioritize your health and take any necessary action.

Reversed Spirituality

In the reversed position, the Sun card in spirituality indicates a temporary clouding of your spiritual clarity.

You might struggle with doubt, negativity, or a lack of spiritual direction.

tarot cards

Please take it as a sign to remove obstacles on your spiritual path.

This card advises you to stay positive and keep your faith, even when faced with challenges.

Remember, the Sun is always behind the clouds, and your spiritual journey has ups and downs.

Use this time to reflect, learn, and grow, and soon, the clouds will part, revealing the light of spiritual understanding once again.

Before You Go

The Sun Tarot Card is a powerful symbol of hope, joy, and achievement.

Upright represents the dawning of a new life, overcoming obstacles, and realizing our goals.

Reversed can signal that there may be some dark clouds in our future, and we should take caution in our decisions.

With its vibrant imagery and positive outlook, the Sun Tarot Card encourages us to find the sunshine in even the darkest moments.