Unlock Your Spiritual Path: Master the Art of Tarot with the Spirit Guide Spread

Are you in search of spiritual guidance?

The Spirit Guide Tarot Spread is here to help!

This spread enables you to understand your situation and make decisions that align with your spiritual goals.

With this spread, you’ll be able to gain clarity and direction in your life.

So, let’s get started!

Unlock your spiritual path with the Spirit Guide Tarot Spread: a tarot card layout offering profound insights into your life. It’s a journey of self-discovery, revealing personal challenges, guiding you to focus on future steps, and encouraging you to trust your intuition.

Hanna Burgess

Elements of the Spirit Guide Spread

The Spirit Guide Tarot Spread is a particular layout you use with tarot cards to help you understand your spiritual path better.

In this spread, each card has its specific place and meaning.

Imagine you’re setting up a board game with pieces that each tell a part of your story.

In this game, your spirit is on an adventure, and the tarot cards are the map and the guideposts.

You usually lay out around five to seven cards, but you can add more if you want a deeper look.

Each spot where a card sits is like a chapter in your book of spiritual knowledge.

One card might show your feelings, while another might reveal your challenges.

There might be a card that gives you a hint about what you should learn next on your journey.

Think of the cards as friends sitting around a table, discussing how they can guide you.

They collectively present a clear picture of your spiritual standing and the steps you can take for growth.

This spread’s beauty lets you look into your heart and life from different angles, opening the door to insights you might not have seen before.

Preparing for the Spirit Guide Spread

Before you start laying out the cards for the Spirit Guide Tarot Spread, there are a few things you need to do to get ready.

First, choose a tarot deck that speaks to you.

tarot deck

Each deck has its vibe, so pick one that makes you feel connected and calm.

Next, think about your surroundings.

Find a spot where you can be peaceful and not be disturbed.

This helps you focus and listen to what the cards are trying to tell you.

You also want to make sure your mind is clear.

Take a few deep breaths.

Let your worries float away like balloons into the sky.

Tell yourself you’re ready to hear what the tarot says, even if it’s unexpected.

It’s also a good idea to clean your cards before you use them.

This doesn’t mean soap and water.

Cleanse your Tarot Deck

Instead, you can wave them through incense smoke or leave them in the moonlight overnight.

This wipes away old energy so the cards can tune in to you.

Lastly, some people like to invite spiritual help before they start.

You can do this by saying a simple prayer or imagining a bubble of protective light around you.

This way, you invite only positive energy into your reading.

Now, you’re set to explore what the cards have to reveal!”

The text is clear and well-structured, effectively guiding the reader through the preparatory steps for a tarot reading.

Conducting the Spirit Guide Tarot Spread Reading

Okay, you’re ready.

Now, let’s do the reading.

Take your tarot deck in your hands and give it a good shuffle.

Think about your spiritual journey as you mix up the cards.

This helps bring your energy and questions into the deck.

Next, lay out the cards in the spread you’ve chosen.

Each spot in your spread is like a stepping stone on your path, and each card will land on one of these spots.

Place them face down to start.

Now, one at a time, turn over the cards to reveal their images.

Take your time; look at each card carefully.

What do you notice first?

Colours, symbols, or a figure on the card?

After you’ve turned all the cards face up, it’s time to figure out what they mean.

Start with the card that stands for you right now.

What is it saying?

It might feel like putting together a puzzle, where each piece hints about your spiritual world.


Remember, the cards talk to you through your thoughts and feelings.

Trust what you feel when you look at them.

If a card makes you happy, sad, or curious, it’s all a clue.

This is how the cards speak to you about your spiritual path.

Listen with an open heart.

It’s amazing what they can show you about your journey.

Common Cards and Themes in Spiritual Guidance

When you lay out your Spirit Guide Spread and look at the cards, you may notice certain cards that appear frequently.

Major Arcana cards, like The Hermit or The Star, indicate significant learning or growth.

Learning The Major Arcana Cards

Sometimes, Court Cards, like the Queen or King of Cups, represent guides or aspects of your personality.

These can aid your spiritual journey.

Think of them like characters in your story with a message just for you.

Then, there are the four suits of the Minor Arcana: Cups, Wands, Swords, and Pentacles.

The Minor Arcana

Each suit is like a different flavour of experience. Cups often talk about emotions and relationships.

Wands might point to creativity or action. Swords can bring attention to your thoughts or challenges.

And Pentacles?

They often deal with the practical parts of life, like work or wellness.

By noticing which suits and cards come up, you start to see themes – like recurring ideas in a book or movie.

Maybe your reading is about new beginnings (look for Aces) or focuses on making decisions (Two of Swords can hint at this).

These themes are clues to what your spiritual path is focusing on right now.

Pay attention, and they’ll guide you toward the next steps.

Example Reading with the Spirit Guide Spread

Let’s say you’re feeling lost and looking for direction in life.

You decide to do a Spirit Guide Tarot Spread to get some insight.

You shuffle your deck, thinking about your search for guidance, and lay out five cards.

The first card you draw is The Fool, which represents you.

Like The Fool, who embarks on a fearless journey, you indicate your readiness for a fresh beginning.

Card 2: Next, in the position that reveals what challenges you, there’s the Ten of Swords.

It suggests you might feel down or like something has ended, but it’s also about the chance to begin anew.

Card 3: The third card is the Three of Wands, which helps you see what to focus on.

This card tells you to look ahead and plan your next steps; it’s like standing on a hilltop, searching for where to go next.

Card 4: Up fourth is the High Priestess in the spot of inner wisdom.

She whispers to listen to your intuition – your gut feelings and dreams have messages if you tune in.

Card 5: Finally, the fifth card, the Eight of Pentacles, lands in the advice spot.

It’s a nudge to work hard and learn; whatever path you’re on, improving your skills will help lead the way.

Together, these cards paint a picture:

Embrace new beginnings.

Learn from what’s behind you.

Plan your future.

Trust your intuition.

Keep working hard.

This spread is like a mini-map for your spiritual journey, showing the road and how to travel it.

Wrapping Up

You’ve walked through the steps of the Spirit Guide Tarot Spread.

You’ve laid out the cards and understood their messages.

Remember, the tarot is a tool for insight, like a friend who gives you advice.

Keep practising, and you’ll get better at hearing what the cards say.

Whether you pull cards daily or when you feel stuck, they can help shine a light on your spiritual path.

So grab your deck, take a deep breath, and welcome the journey of self-discovery that awaits.

Your spirit is ready to learn and grow, and the tarot is here to guide you.