7 Day Prayer Miracle – Is It Worth Your Time and Investment?

Life can be daunting and frustrating sometimes, especially when it isn’t going as well as you thought or expected it to be.

If you ask everyone you meet what their greatest desires are, many will tell you that they want to be happy.

It’s natural for us humans to desire happiness and fulfillment in our various endeavors.

However, what do you do when your plan or life doesn’t work out the way you envisioned it?

One of the ways to deal with life’s issues is through spirituality.

Not everyone believes in the existence of a higher power or force capable of influencing their life.


However, if you have a strong belief in the existence of a higher being, then you’ll agree that miracles do exist.

One of the ways to access these miracles is through prayers.

Which is an act of connecting and communicating with God, expressing your devotion, gratitude, and trust to him.

There are various prayer platforms and channels online, but the 7 day prayer miracle program stands out from others.

What is the 7 Day Prayer Miracle?

This is a tested and trusted prayer program created by Amanda Ross.

It will help you grab the attention of Heaven, especially when faced with despair, worry, and tribulations.

Amanda Ross herself experienced the power of prayer after going through an accident.

These prayers gave her life a turning point and resulted in the program that thousands of people have benefited from since its inception.

The 7 day prayer program is one legit way to indulge your physical, mental, and spiritual self in the act of effective communication with God to access a turning point in your life.

How Does it Work?

Naturally, life responds positively to positivity.

Nonetheless, no matter how much positive emotion you put out there, there are times when life deals you a blow.

And it seems like the only thoughts and emotions you can entertain are those negative ones that ensure you wallow in self-pity, anger, despair, etc.

The 7 day prayer program will help channel your energy and mind into something positive.

Slowly eliminating the negative thoughts and vibrations around you. 

Positivity Vs Negativity

One of the helpful things about this prayer program is that it has four powerful prayer lines that are easy to meditate on.

At first, you may find yourself struggling to let go of the negative thoughts, stress, anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions that come with the phase of life you’re in.

However, if you stick to the program’s rules, which require you to stay focused, keep a positive mindset and attitude throughout, and meditate on the prayers as much as possible.

Content of the 7 Day Prayer Miracle Program

Let’s delve into what is inside the program.

The 7-day prayer- Grabbing the attention of Heaven

Using the story of Daniel, Amanda Ross outlines what you can accomplish with prayers and step-by-step guides to help you through the process.

It is an eBook that you can access on any device.

The prayers help you develop a strong connection with God.

And encourage you to let go of the negative energies around you to allow your desires to come to you quickly.

The 7-day Prayer Journal

You will find this prayer program interesting, and you can track your progress.

The prayer journal is an opportunity to:

  • write down your life goals
  • pray on them accordingly
  • track your prayer progress
  • as well as the miracles once they start to happen.

Bonus 1- Song of Shifts

This audio track of angelic music brings you into a miracle frequency and allows you to interact with angels and keep a clear mind to receive your miracles.

guardian angels

Bonus 2- Divine Hearing

This free bonus book will help you decipher what the angels say to you.

There are so many divine messages waiting for you to decode them.

Hence, this is your guide to figure them out.

Bonus 3- Divine Numbers

Numeric sequences don’t just occur randomly.

Most times, they are a message from angels concerning whatever phase in life you are in at the moment.

Numerology beginners

This book will give you an insight into the meaning of these number patterns and how to make the most of them whenever you come across any.

Bonus 4- The prayer of Daniel

This bonus is highly recommended if you are truly ready to achieve your life’s goal.

The prayer consists of 476 words and is divided into four parts, making it easy to meditate on.

The prayer of Daniel is essential to accomplish your desires and achieve personal success.

7 day prayer miracle

In conclusion, the 7 day prayer miracle program guides you on connecting with your creator, overcoming life’s struggles, and bringing special manifestations into your life.

All you need to do is follow the instructions religiously for 7 days and enjoy the benefits afterward.

The program goes for $27 and offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of your purchase.

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