Seven of Pentacles Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Seven of Pentacles meaning is associated with patience, hard work, and recognition of effort.

Its upright position in a reading can mean that the Seeker is ready to reap the rewards of their labor after having put in the time and effort.

It’s a sign that you are almost there and need to focus on what you have already achieved.

The reversed position of this tarot card can mean that the Seeker needs to reassess their goals.

Or they may be entering into a period where success will not come easy or quickly.

In this article, we will understand the upright and reversed meanings of this card and help you interpret how it applies to your own life.

Let’s get started!

Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The imagery on the Seven of Pentacles tarot card typically shows a man leaning on his shovel surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers gazing at his seven pentacles.

seven of pentacles
seven of pentacles meaning

The figure is usually depicted as being amid contemplating their pentacles, taking stock of all that they have achieved so far.

This minor arcana card can indicate a situation where someone has put in plenty of hard work and effort.

But needs to pause for a moment and appreciate how far they’ve come instead of pushing too hard towards an unreachable goal.

It can also suggest that it’s time to reassess the path we are on and make sure it will bring us closer to our aspirations.

Now let’s look deeper into the seven of pentacles meaning in a tarot reading.

Upright Meaning – Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles in the Tarot represents reflection and contemplation on your efforts, as well as the rewards that come with them.

It can be an indication that you are reaping the benefits of all your hard work and dedication to a task or project.

hard working

This could also mean that you have put much time and energy into something, but are not yet seeing the desired results or progress for your efforts.

This tarot card asks you to pause and reflect on what you have accomplished so far.

As well as how much more needs to be done before success can be achieved.

Upright Love

When the Seven of Pentacles tarot card is upright, it indicates that you are spending time and energy developing your relationship.

This could mean you are investing effort into getting to know someone or deepening your bond with a current partner.

happy relationship

It is a sign that this hard work will pay off and your relationship will thrive if you remain patient and focused.

You may find yourself reaping the rewards of your efforts soon after when it comes to love and relationships.

Upright Career

In terms of career, the Seven of Pentacles suggests the need to step back and evaluate where you stand.

This tarot card encourages you to take stock of where you are in your professional life and decide whether it aligns with your long-term goals.

It also serves as a reminder that while hard work and dedication may be necessary for success, taking time out to reflect on your progress and plan for the future is just as important.

It’s also important not to become complacent once you’ve achieved some level of success.


Remember that there is always room for improvement!

Taking stock of how far you have come can give you the motivation you need to keep striving toward bigger and better opportunities.

The Seven of Pentacles encourages us to embrace change by finding new ways to stay ahead in our careers.

Even if it means stepping outside our comfort zone.

Upright Finances

Financially, the upright Seven of Pentacles symbolizes a period of investment when profits can be made and efforts are rewarded.

It indicates that the hard work you’ve put in is now beginning to yield positive results.

You’re seeing your effort and energy come to fruition with tangible rewards, such as increased income or financial security.

The card encourages you to take time to enjoy the success and reflect on what you have achieved so far.

It also speaks of being patient and taking calculated risks.

The card implies that if you have invested your resources wisely, any risks taken will start paying off soon enough.

Although it may take a while before you see any real returns.

It also encourages saving up for future investments instead of spending frivolously or living beyond your means.

Upright Health

The Seven of Pentacles upright is good sign for health.

If you want to get healthier, this Minor Arcana card says you should change the way you act.

The Seven of Pentacles means that goals are coming true, so now is a good time to work on losing weight, getting more exercise, stopping bad habits, or changing your diet.

It’s a good card for pregnancy and growth because it means to care for and grow.


The Seven of Pentacles says that what you give will come back to you three times over.

When you’re kind to other people and spread peace and kindness, you’ll get these things back.

It could also mean a mental turning point.

Focus on the good things in your life for now, especially as your health gets better.

Family trips are good for your mental health.

Reversed Meaning – Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles is a card that indicates stagnation and a feeling of being stuck in your current circumstances.

The seven of pentacles reversed meaning suggests that there may be doubts, frustrations, or hesitations in your situation.

And it is necessary to take action to move forward.

In this state, it is important to recognize the progress made thus far.

seven of pentacles Reversed

And to have faith that even if the path ahead seems difficult, it will lead to success in the end.

It may also indicate that you are overthinking things or taking on too much at once.

So it is important to take things slowly and be patient with yourself.

Reversed Love

When the Seven of Pentacles appears reversed in a love tarot reading, it suggests that you may be feeling overwhelmed by your current romantic situation.

This could manifest as a sense of being stuck or stagnant in a relationship, unable to move forward.

You may feel that the effort you’ve put into making things work has been for nothing.

And is not being reciprocated, causing frustration and disappointment.

It’s important to take a step back at this time and assess whether it’s worth continuing in your current relationship or if it’s better to move on.

In a love tarot spread, the Seven of Pentacles reversed can also indicate that you are lacking motivation within your relationship.

Perhaps you are no longer interested in investing the same level of energy and effort into it as before.

Leaving your partner feeling neglected or unappreciated which will lead to further discord.

Reversed Career

The Seven of Pentacles reversed in a career context indicates that you may be feeling unmotivated or frustrated with your current position.


There could be a lack of recognition for your hard work, or perhaps you are just feeling stuck in a rut.

You may be considering making a change but feel uncertain about taking the plunge.

It’s important to remember that any career move should be well thought out before jumping in headfirst.

The pentacles reversed means you should consider all of the options and potential opportunities available to you before deciding what is right for you

Reversed Finances

Financial difficulties or a lack of progress are often indicated by the Seven of Pentacles reversed.

You may be feeling stuck in your current situation, unable to find a way out.

It could represent cash flow problems and trying to make ends meet with limited funds or questioning whether it is worth continuing with certain investments.

This card can also signify feeling frustrated with the lack of returns on investments.

financial risk

Even when hard work has been put in.

You may be tempted to give up and move on to something else without seeing the potential rewards for all your effort.

If you have been relying on luck alone for financial gains, then now is the time to reassess where you stand.

And create a strategic plan for achieving success.

You must be willing to take risks and look at other options if necessary.

Don’t just sit back and expect things to change overnight!

What’s more, it’s s sign to avoid wasting valuable money.

The Seven of Pentacles reversed advises that taking action will bring results, even if it means starting from scratch again.

Reversed Health

When it comes to your health, the reversed Seven of Pentacles tarot card could mean that the problems you’ve been having are the result of poor health habits or actions from the past that are now having an effect.

If so, you need to start making changes to your life to stop doing this and get better faster.

It could also be a sign that you need to stop.

Think about how your lifestyle is affecting your health in the long run.

And make any necessary changes before you start to see the results of your efforts.

It could also mean that there are problems with giving birth or being pregnant.

Go to the cards that back up your claim for proof.


The Seven of Pentacles in reverse could be a sign of mental sadness or frustration. Now might be a good time to think about your spiritual life.

If you have been trying to make things happen in your life but they don’t seem to be, you might want to ask yourself if you are focused on your goals the right way.

And putting out the right energy so that it can attract what you want.

You could also think that sometimes we have spiritual failures.

The universe is leading us in a special way toward something wonderful that we can’t yet understand.

Before You Go

The Seven of Pentacles tarot is a powerful symbol of hard work and dedication.

This card can mean that you are investing time and effort into a project or endeavor.

All with the potential for great rewards if you stay focused and persevere.

Upright, it can signify success, growth, and progress, while reversed it can represent stagnation or lack of progress.

We understood the upright and reversed interpretations of this card.

This is so that individuals can gain valuable insights into their own lives.

And make informed decisions about their future endeavors.

Thank you for reading all about the seven of pentacles tarot card meaning.

The suit of pentacles reveals a lot!