Unlock the Secrets of Your Future: A Beginner’s Guide to Nailing the Three Card Tarot Spread

Do you want to gain insight into your life and your decisions?

The Three Card Spread is a great way to do just that!

This simple tarot card spread can help you gain clarity and understanding of your current situation.

With just three cards, you can gain a better perspective on your life and the choices you have to make.

Let’s get started!

Unlock the power of the Three Card Spread to gain insight into your past, present, and future. Each position in the spread reveals a different aspect of your life’s journey. Remember:

  1. The left card represents your past and its influence on you.
  2. The centre card reflects your current situation.
  3. The right card hints at possible future events. Trust your instincts and let each card speak to you, combining intuition with understanding for a clearer life perspective. Practice regularly to deepen your connection with the cards and enhance your tarot reading skills.
Hanna Burgess

Components of The Three Card Spread

Each card has its unique spot and meaning in the Three Card Spread.

Picture laying down three cards in a row from left to right.

Let’s talk about what each position represents in this lineup.

The first card on the left represents your past, showing events or feelings from your history.

It’s the starting point of your current journey.

The middle card represents the present.

This is a snapshot of what’s going on at this very moment.

It’s like looking in a mirror and seeing the challenges, opportunities, or emotions you face today.

The last card on the right indicates your future, offering hints about what lies ahead.

Remember, the future isn’t fixed; this card offers guidance for your path.

Each card in the Three Card Spread, from past to future, works together to give you a clearer picture of your life’s journey.

It’s like putting together puzzle pieces to see the whole image.

As you look at the cards, reflect on how they connect with your experiences.

Conducting the Three Card Spread

Now that you know what each card means, it’s time to do your Three Card Spread. 

  1. Take your tarot deck and shuffle the cards well, imagining you’re clearing any old energy. It’s like starting anew. Next, cut the deck into three piles using your left hand, infusing your energy into the cards. 
  2. Then, reassemble the deck. Now, you’re ready to draw your cards. Pull the top card with your deck in hand and lay it face up to the left. That’s your past card. Place the next card in the centre; it is your present. 
  3. Finally, draw a third card and put it on the right; here’s your future peeking back at you. Examine the cards individually and note the images, feelings, or thoughts they evoke. 

Don’t aim for perfection.

Trust your instincts; remember, practice improves your tarot reading skills.

How to read tarot for beginners - tarot cards in the background

Each time you do a reading, it’s like conversing with the cards about your journey through life.

Have fun with it, and be open to what the cards say!

Common Interpretations and Examples

Next, let’s talk about what the cards might say in your Three Card Spread.

Three card spread

Each card tells a story and can have different meanings depending on what else you see. 

Scenario 1:

Imagine you pull the Fool card for the past.

This might mean you started something new or took a chance on something recently.

If the current card is the Ten of Cups, it could show that you’re feeling pretty happy right now, like things are going well.

And if the future card is the Two of Wands, it might suggest that you’re about to face a choice or you’ll need to make a plan for what’s next.

Scenario 2: 

If your past card is the Four of Pentacles, it might indicate a time of saving money or being cautious with your resources.

If the present is the Tower, it might hint at a big shake-up.

But if your future shows the Star card, it’s like a breath of fresh air – hope and calm are coming your way.

Keep in mind that these are just suggestions to get you started.

What each card means to you depends on your life.

Don’t stress about memorizing all the meanings.

Go with what you feel is right when you look at the cards, and let your intuition do the talking.

Practical Advice for Readers

Now, let’s get some tips for nailing your tarot card readings.

Maintaining Calm Focus: Always remain calm and focused when reading the cards.

Think of it as trying to hear a soft voice in a quiet room; clarity is critical.

Slow and Steady Start: If you’re starting, take it slowly.

Use a guidebook or look up card meanings online to help you understand what you see.

There’s no rush.

It’s better to get to know each card like a new friend than to rush and get mixed up.

Navigating Challenges:

When you see a card that seems tricky or confusing, don’t fret.

Think of it as a puzzle to solve.

Ask yourself what the card could mean in your situation.

You might be surprised at the answers you come up with.

Trust your Gut: If you feel a certain vibe or idea when you look at a card, go with it.

Your intuition is a powerful tool.


Just like you sometimes know the answer to a test question, the same can happen with tarot cards.

Continuous Practice: Lastly, keep practising.

The more you work with your cards, the better you understand their language.

So, keep at it, and have fun on your tarot journey!

Wrapping Up

You’ve learned a ton about the Three Card Spread!

We’ve covered each card’s place in the spread, how to lay them out, some meanings they might hold, and tips to sharpen your reading skills.

Remember, the key is to connect the cards to your story and trust what you feel they’re telling you.

Keep practising, stay open to what the cards reveal, and enjoy the process.

Tarot reading is a journey, not just a destination.