Ten of Swords Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Cards

The Ten of Swords meaning: This tarot card represents sorrow, loss, and betrayal.

An individual may be suffering from hopelessness and despair if they are feeling this way.

Despite the Ten of Swords bringing bad news, it does not necessarily represent destruction.

In this article, we’ll explore the upright and reversed tarot card meanings of this powerful card, shedding light on its impact on love, career, finances, and health.

Ten of Swords Tarot Card Description

A man lying facedown on the ground with ten swords stabbing his back can be found on the Ten of Swords tarot card.

The sky above them is dark and stormy, signifying the turbulence of their situation.

Ten of swords
Ten of swords meaning

The figure in this card may feel helpless and overwhelmed by all that has gone wrong in their life. Although it looks like there is no way out.

This card suggests that things can get better if the querent takes action and moves forward instead of giving up.

Upright Meaning – Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords represents the culmination of challenges and the end of a difficult cycle.

It signifies a moment of total surrender, where have hit rock bottom, and you may feel overwhelmed by circumstances or betrayed by others.

However, it also brings a message of transformation and new beginnings. Embrace the lesson learned from past hardships.

As this card heralds the potential for healing, growth, and the opportunity to rise from adversity with newfound strength and wisdom.

Now we’ll look more at the different Ten of swords tarot card meaning when upright.

Upright Love

You may feel overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions in your relationships.

The Ten of Swords indicates that an old relationship is coming to an end and a new one has yet to begin.

bored relationship

You should take this time to heal your wounds so that you can be open to love again.

As you move on from past relationship hurt, you might experience some pain and sorrow, but look at this phase as a time to grow.

Be aware that this card does not suggest any kind of closure or finality; it simply means that something must end so something else can begin.

Upright Career

In a career tarot reading, the Ten of Swords signifies a period of difficulty and challenge.

You may be feeling the strain of too much responsibility or stress, or have experienced a major setback professionally.

Your career may need some restructuring, requiring you to make changes to your current approach or focus more on certain aspects than others.

This could involve redefining your goals, learning new skills, networking more actively, or seeking out new opportunities.

Upright Finances

You may have recently experienced a financial setback.

This card in a financial spread indicates that you must take a long view and accept that there are no easy solutions right now.

You likely need to make some tough choices to move forward and put your finances back on track.

Taking these tough decisions can be difficult, but it’s important to stay the course and persevere.

You may need to look for creative ways to cut costs or come up with strategies for increasing income to secure your financial future.

Upright Health

It is possible that you are feeling overwhelmed by your mental health problems at the moment.

Even though things may seem hopeless, you have the potential to heal and recover.


The number ten is a symbol of completion, so the Ten of Swords can indicate that you are nearing the end of this difficult journey.

This tarot card encourages self-care and taking time for yourself to build up strength and resilience.

Ten of Swords Reversed Meaning

The Ten of Swords reversed is an indication of challenging times coming to an end.

It can signify a painful experience that you have been going through but are now starting to heal from.

This minor arcana reversed card warns against holding onto bitterness and resentment if things did not turn out the way you wanted them to.

Ten of swords reversed
Ten of swords meaning reversed

Instead, it encourages you to find peace and acceptance in your situation.

You may be able to move forward with more clarity and understanding after reflecting on what has happened.

It may also indicate that this is an opportune time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

Okay, now it’s time to look at the reversed ten of swords tarot card meanings

Reversed Love

TheTen of Swords reversed in a tarot spread signifies release from pain and emotional burdens in love readings.

It signals the end of a tumultuous relationship or a period of deep emotional distress.

You may find closure and healing, allowing you to leave behind past hurts and embrace self-renewal.

Use this time to focus on self-care and introspection, allowing room for new, healthier connections to emerge.


Embrace the opportunity to learn from past mistakes and move forward with a newfound and renewed sense of clarity and optimism in matters of the heart.

Reversed Career

When the Ten of Swords appears reversed in career readings, it signifies the end of a challenging period or a toxic work situation.

You may experience a sense of relief as old obstacles dissipate, allowing for a fresh start.

Embrace the opportunity to reevaluate your career path and make positive changes.

Avoid dwelling on past failures or setbacks and focus on self-improvement and professional growth.

Be cautious of unnecessary conflicts or office politics.

This minor arcana card encourages you to persevere, rise above adversity, and seek new opportunities that align with your true aspirations.

Reversed Finances

The Ten of Swords reversed often indicates that your worries of financial ruin are coming to an end.

This tarot card suggests that you may find relief from debt or other financial struggles, and can look forward to brighter days in the future.

It may also indicate a sudden influx of money, such as through inheritance, a lucky break, or a promotion.

However, this tarot card could also be warning you against taking on too much risk.

Or get carried away with spending frivolously.

It is important to remain mindful and conservative with spending during this time.

Reversed Health

In a health tarot reading, the reversed Ten of Swords suggests a release from physical or mental strain.

You may finally experience relief from ailments or chronic conditions that have been weighing you down.


Take this time to focus on self-healing, both physically and emotionally.

Embrace positive lifestyle changes and seek support from loved ones or professionals.

Avoid dwelling on past health challenges and instead, look forward to a period of recuperation and renewal.

Healing and recovery are within reach, allowing for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Wrapping Up

The Ten of Swords minor arcana card symbolizes impending loss, betrayal, and deep sorrow.

It can be an indication that a person is harboring feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Although the Ten of Swords may bring bad news, it is not necessarily a representation of destruction.

Rather, it suggests that difficult times will soon pass and new opportunities will arise.

In the upright position, the Ten of Swords card indicates a time for reflection and a need to accept defeat.

With its reversed meaning, the card signals a new start and an opportunity to rebuild from past mistakes.

No matter what its position in a reading may be, the Ten of Swords offers insight into one’s current situation and how they should move forward.