Page of Swords Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Cards

Page of Swords Meaning: The Page of Swords tarot card is a symbol of a young individual who is inquisitive, vigilant, and capable.

It often refers to an intellectual or mental capacity that has not yet been fully developed or used.

This card can represent a person that can easily identify problems and investigate them further.

But does not always know the best way to utilize this power.

In many cases, the Page of Swords represents someone who is full of ideas but needs guidance in the proper execution of those ideas.

Read on to discover what this minor arcana card may mean for you in terms of upright and reversed love, career, finances, and health.

Page of Swords Tarot Card Description

The Page of Swords tarot card features a young man standing standing on a hill, dressed in yellow and red, holding a sharp sword pointed up into the air.

The page looks eager to share their new-found knowledge, possessing an inquisitive mind and the courage to take action.

Page of Swords Meaning
Page of Swords Meaning

The sky is full of clouds, reflecting the unpredictable nature of this card.

The landscape behind the page is barren, suggesting that while progress can be made, it will take effort and determination.

This card encourages you to think outside of the box and be open to new ideas without fear or hesitation.

It also serves as a reminder to act with integrity and stand firm against any injustice.

Okay, so now we will look at the page of swords meaning when upright.

Upright Tarot Card Meanings – Page of Swords

In the upright position, this card suggests that you are in the process of learning something new or beginning a journey with the potential to open up many opportunities for growth and development.

You may be developing sharper insight into situations, honing your mental faculties, or honing your communication skills.

You might be developing a strategic plan to accomplish a goal or gathering information to make an informed decision.

This card encourages you to think outside the box and explore new perspectives to find solutions and see things in different ways.

Now let’s delve into some more detailed swords tarot card meanings.

Upright Love

The Upright Page of Swords in Love tarot indicates a new and curious romantic interest entering your life.

This person is intellectually stimulating and brings fresh perspectives to your relationship.

communication in relationships

It encourages open communication and honest discussions about feelings and desires.

The swords tarot love meaning is to stay alert for potential challenges or conflicts arising from miscommunication or impulsiveness.

Embrace this period of growth and discovery, but remember to approach matters with a balanced and considerate mindset to foster a deeper and more fulfilling connection.

Upright Career

The Page of Swords in the upright position is an indication that it’s time to take action in your career.

This card symbolizes a sharp, analytical mind and quick decision-making capabilities.

You may find yourself standing up for what you believe in, and advocating for yourself and others.

You are capable of making powerful and effective changes in your professional life if you utilize your skills and talents.

This card can also suggest a period of intense learning and self-development.

You may be feeling inspired to expand your knowledge base or take on something new professionally, like a course or certification.

The rewards may come quickly as you will be able to put your newfound skills into practice right away.

Upright Finances

An upright Page of Swords indicates potential success in a financial tarot spread.

This swords card symbolizes the hard work, discipline, and resourcefulness needed to achieve financial goals.

This tarot card can represent a period of financial growth through calculated risks and wise investments.

It can also be a sign that your budgeting and financial planning are paying off.


You may find yourself taking on new opportunities and projects that could potentially lead to more money in your bank account.

Upright Health

In a health tarot spread, the Page of Swords upright reminds you to take care of your health.

You should be taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally, to stay strong and alert.

This swords tarot card encourages you to take time out for yourself and think about what you need to maintain good physical and mental health.

It could suggest that it’s time for you to make changes in your diet or lifestyle, as well as start an exercise routine that will help you reach your wellness goals.

Page of Swords Reversed Meaning

The Page of Swords Reversed in the Tarot signifies a lack of focus and mental clarity.

It suggests that you might be jumping to conclusions or making decisions without careful consideration, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.

This minor arcana tarot card warns against impulsive actions and encourages you to take a step back, gather information, and think things through before proceeding.

Page of Swords Meaning Reversed
Page of Swords Meaning Reversed

Beware of spreading rumors or engaging in gossip, as it can lead to harmful consequences.

Embrace a more cautious and thoughtful approach to regain control over your thoughts and actions, fostering better communication and understanding in various aspects of life.

So what are the swords tarot card meanings when reversed?

Reversed Love

Your love life may be unbalanced and conflicted if the Page of Swords is reversed in a reading.

You may find yourself feeling restless, unsure, and overwhelmed with negative emotions.

You could feel like you are constantly going around in circles without ever making progress or finding a resolution.

This reversed page of swords suggests that it is time to take a step back, take some time for introspection, and get your emotions under control before any real progress can be made.

It is important to learn how to manage your feelings and not allow them to take over your life.


If you can do this, the current situation will eventually improve.

Reversed Career

The Page of Swords reversed in regards to career indicates that you may be feeling stagnant and stuck in your current work situation.

You are likely experiencing a lack of motivation as well as feelings of being overwhelmed by the demands of your job.

It is also possible that you are not able to see how your efforts at work are leading to any real achievements or progress.

You may be feeling like your energy is being wasted and could benefit from taking some time to reflect on what has been achieved so far, and what still needs to be done.

Reversed Finances

A reversed Page of Swords may indicate financial decisions made without full consideration in a Tarot reading.

You may be taking risks that could lead to unforeseen consequences.

You may also be struggling with money management, resulting in debt and other difficulties.

It is important to take time to consider your choices carefully and think through any potential consequences before making a decision.

Be sure to look into long-term plans and investments that can help you reach your financial goals.

Also, try to practice budgeting and saving skills so that you can more easily handle any unexpected expenses or changes in income.

Reversed Health

The Page of Swords reversed in the health context could suggest a period of ongoing physical or mental fatigue.

You may be struggling to make a complete recovery from an illness.

Or you may not be taking proper care of your body and mind.


You may be neglecting your health due to feelings of discouragement, frustration, and confusion.

This could lead to negative consequences if not addressed soon.

Consider making lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, eating nutritious foods, and incorporating relaxation techniques into your routine to promote good health.

Before You Go

The Page of Swords is a powerful tarot card representing curiosity, intellect, and communication.

In its upright position, it symbolizes a period of learning, honesty, and open-mindedness, encouraging personal growth and meaningful connections.

When reversed, it signals potential challenges, such as miscommunication, impulsive decisions, and dishonesty.

It serves as a caution to be mindful of our actions and words, avoiding gossip and rash behavior.

Understanding both aspects of this card empowers us to make wiser choices and foster better connections with others.

Enjoy the rest of our site for more tarot card meanings.