Unlocking Career Success with Tarot: A Journey Through the Career Path Spread

A Career Path spread helps you plan your future and guides you in making decisions that benefit your career growth.

If you’re considering a career change or developing your current career, this article is for you.

Use this guide to explore your options, understand your goals, and take action for success.

Let’s begin!

The Career Path Spread is unique in Tarot that helps you navigate your career journey. It uses a specific card formation to provide insights into your current job status. It also shows potential challenges and future possibilities. Each card in the spread holds a distinct message. It offers perspectives on where you are, where you’ve been, and where you could go in your career.

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Components of a Tarot Deck Relevant to Career

In a Tarot deck, you’ll find two types of cards that can shed light on your career journey: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

  • The Major Arcana has 22 cards, each representing major life events or changes. These cards help you understand critical moments or lessons in your career, like getting a new job or a promotion.
Learning The Major Arcana Cards

Then, you have the Minor Arcana, representing everyday aspects of your career.

  • This set includes 56 cards divided into four suits: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each suit relates to different work-life aspects, with Pentacles being key for career advice.
The Minor Arcana

Lastly, there are Court Cards, which represent different personalities you might come across.

  • These could be your co-workers, bosses, or even parts of your work personality. Knowing who they represent can guide your interactions at work and inform your career goals.

Understanding the Spread

Now that you know the key players in a Tarot deck, let’s dive into how the Career Path Spread works.

Think of the Career Path Spread as a guide for navigating your work life.

career ladder

This spread lays out cards in a specific formation; each spot’s meaning relates to your career.

Usually, you’ll use around six to ten cards for this spread.

Arrange the cards in a specific pattern, often forming a small circle or a line.

Each position represents a different aspect of your career. It shows where you are now, your challenges, and the future.

When you do a Career Path Spread, you start by thinking about a question you have about your job or career.

You may wonder if you should switch jobs or ask for a raise.

Hold that question in your mind as you shuffle the deck.

This helps to focus the energy and the reading on your specific situation.

After shuffling, you’ll draw the cards and lay them out in the spread’s pattern.

As you place each card, consider its position and what it represents in your career.

Step-by-Step Guide to Performing the Career Path Spread

Now you’ll learn how to do the Career Path Spread yourself!

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Setting the Stage: First, find a quiet spot to focus. Have your Tarot deck ready. Light a candle or play calm music to set the mood.
  • Focused Shuffling: Take a deep breath and shuffle your cards. As you shuffle, keep that career question you thought of earlier in your mind. Picture the cards giving you advice on this question.
  • Drawing and Arranging: When you feel ready, stop shuffling. Now, draw the number of cards your spread requires. Place them face down in the order you’ll be reading them. There’s no rush here, so take your time.
  • Patient Placement: Turn the cards over individually and lay them in their specific spot for the spread. Each position in the spread represents a different aspect of your career, similar to chapters in a story.
  • Revealing the Spread: Now comes the fun part: reading the cards. Start with the first card and think about its meaning and place in the spread. What is it telling you about your career right now? Move on to the next card and do the same.
  • Interpreting the Cards: Keep going until you’ve reviewed all the cards. Take note of anything that jumps out at you. Once you’ve gone through them all, you’ll have a better picture of where your career might be heading and what steps you can take next.
Job problem

Card Position Meanings

Now that you’ve laid out your Tarot cards, it’s time to understand what each spot in the Career Path Spread means:

  • The first card reflects your current career status, similar to how a mirror shows your present image.
  • The second card uncovers hidden things you might not know at work.
  • Third, there’s a card for your past. This one reflects on previous lessons or events shaping your job situation today.
  • The fourth card taps into your dreams. It shows what you wish for or hope to achieve in your work life.
  • Next, the fifth card offers advice. It’s like getting tips on how to move toward your career goals.
  • The sixth card spotlights possible challenges or roadblocks, giving you a heads-up about what could get in your way.
  • Lastly, the final card hints at an outcome. Based on the current path and advice, this card suggests where your career might be heading.

Take a good look at each card’s position and its meaning.

Together, they map out your career story, showing where you’ve been, where you are, and where you could go next.

Examples of the Career Path Spread in Action

Imagine you’re curious about a new job opportunity that’s come your way.

Let’s see how the Career Path Spread could help you decide what to do.

  • Card 1: It’s the Ten of Pentacles! In the current situation, this card might mean your current job is stable and rewarding.
  • Card 2: Revealing hidden factors at work is the Seven of Swords. This card hints at unseen office politics or misunderstandings.
  • Card 3: The third card, representing the past, is the Ace of Wands. This card tells you that your enthusiasm and original ideas have brought you success before.
  • Card 4: Turning to your hopes and dreams card, you find the Star. It’s a sign that you’re hoping for a job that brings more inspiration and aligns with your dreams.
  • Card 5: Your advice card is the Three of Pentacles. It recommends teamwork and learning from others as you move forward.
  • Card 6: The Two of Wands appears for potential challenges, hinting that you might be facing a tough decision between two career paths.
  • Card 7: Lastly, the outcome card is Justice. This suggests that a fair and balanced decision awaits you based on a logical evaluation of your options.
Spreads in Tarot

The spread offers insights and advice on your career question, helping you make an informed choice.

Before You Go

You’ve just witnessed the magic of Tarot cards and how they can guide your career.

Remember, each card in the Career Path spread holds a special message about your work life.

This spread doesn’t predict the future.

Instead, it offers new perspectives on your current situation and future choices.

So, take charge of your career journey.

Use the insights from the cards to inspire you and help you make brave, intelligent decisions.

Keep an open mind and trust yourself.

Your career path is yours to shape, and the Tarot can be a valuable tool to help you build a future you’re excited about.