The Suit of Cups Explained : Your Emotional State revealed

The suit of cups is one of the minor arcana suits and belongs to the element of water.

The suit of cups is also known as vessels, chalices, or goblets.

It is associated with Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer.

When you see Cups cards in your tarot reading, they usually show your feelings.

They also show how you get along with people and connect with the world around you.

These cards are good at revealing if you’re intuitive, creative, kind, or have healing abilities and special insights.

But they can also suggest that you daydream too much or think incorrectly.

You could be feeling emotionally unbalanced.

You could be overlooking real facts.

Or, you could be taking a step back in your progress.

The Suit of Cups is connected to the element of water. It symbolizes the realm of emotions and relationships. It often reveals our emotional responses, dreams, and creativity. This suit is a powerful indicator of how we connect with others and our own inner feelings. When drawing a Cup card, it prompts us to examine our emotional well-being. It also prompts us to examine the nature of our relationships. This includes romantic, familial, and spiritual relationships. Be mindful. These cards can also warn of being overly passionate about unrealized dreams or ideas.

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Suit of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups marks the beginning of relationships, good fortune, friendships, and spiritual insights.

If the Ace or a cup card appears in your reading, it signals a new beginning.

This could be a new love, a blessing, or a miracle.

If the Ace of Cups is reversed, it shows sadness or disappointment.

Yet, the sadness or disappointment may not directly affect you, the querent.

This card may also remind you to be careful with others’ feelings.

Ace of cups

Two of Cups

This card indicates that something is in its development stage; it may be an existing friendship or relationship.

In other words, build existing relationships and grow these relationships rather than forming new ones.

If the Two of Cups is reversed, a disagreement has happened, and it’s time to mend fences.

Three of Cups

This card reveals happy events, celebrations, and rejoicing.

Three of cups

When it appears in your reading, it may mean happy events are about to occur or you are about to enjoy the company of people with whom you have a relationship.

In reverse, the Three of Cups means disharmony and discord.

It is usually a personality conflict, so try not to ruin the day for others.

Four of Cups

The Four of Cups appears when strings are attached in a relationship or new friendship.

It is important to find out if the benefit of the relationship is mutual.

In reverse, the Four of Cups indicates that the relationship is sour and may have run its course.

Five of Cups

This card indicates turmoil in relationships.

Five of cups

It shows that you need to make an emotional sacrifice and/or make decisions that may affect the relationship in the long run.

If the Five of Cups is in reverse, it may mean you are giving up on someone or something.

Six of Cups

Memories of the past and incidents that affect the present and future are shown when this card appears.

It also indicates unexpected blessings.

In reverse, the card may mean the memories still have a good or bad influence over you.

Seven of Cups

When the Seven of Cups card appears in your reading, it indicates abundance and opportunities.

seven of cups

In reverse, you may pass through a phase where nothing seems to go your way.

Eight of Cups

It is time to accept that most relationships have run their course, and it’s time to move on.

It often indicates disappointment and someone who’s wandering and seeking something.

In reverse, the Eight of Cups means reinventing yourself and your past relationships.

Nine of Cups

When the nine of cups comes up in your reading, it indicates material success and emotional abundance.

Nine of CupsĀ 

It usually means you are exactly where you want to be and that things are going well.

In reverse, it becomes a cautionary card telling you not to take things for granted.

Ten of Cups

This “happily ever after” card indicates peacemaking, flourishing, contentment, and growth.

In reverse, the Ten of Cups indicates stress in your domestic life and betrayal from an unexpected source.

Page of Cups

This messenger card indicates that someone is trying to get your love or attention.

Page of Cups

The reversed page of cups indicates obstacles, stagnation, deception, or that you are about to receive unpleasant news.

Knight of Cups

The Knight is not warlike but honourable, and he stands his ground.

Knight of cups

When this card appears in your reading, it may indicate a new lover, new passion, or creativity.

In reverse, it warns about deception and fraud or people who want to make demands from you.

Queen of Cups

The Queen represents an understanding, captivating and sensual woman who is honest, secure, and loyal.

Queen of cups

This card does not necessarily mean a woman, but anyone with the same characteristics.

When reversed, it means someone is doubting themselves.

They are insecure and use their intelligence for selfish reasons.

And Finally – King of Cups

This is an outgoing and social man who is creative and loves entertaining others.

King of cups

The king represents a concept, card, or person who is generous, willing and has a giving spirit.

In reverse, the king of cups is drawn to toxic relationships.

He is ruthless and crafty and may take advantage of you financially, physically, or emotionally.

What Does the Suit of Cups Mean In a Tarot Reading?

Cups tarot cards, or the Love and Prosperity Suit, suggest you are led more by emotions than logic.

These cards reflect our immediate emotional responses and dreams about what we wish were true.

They can also represent creativity.

This is especially true when Cups are paired with Pentacles.

A downside of Cups is they can make you overly passionate about things that might not be real yet.


That wraps up our explanation of the suit of cups.

In mythology, the suit of cups often represents emotionality and feminine forces as it is connected to the element of water.

It symbolizes the heart and soul, focusing on our deepest emotions.

Cups cards link emotions and relationships with romantic partners or family.

They also connect to our spiritual or inner life.

Pay close attention when you draw a tarot card with a cup symbol.

It can reveal insights about you and how others feel about you.