Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – Upright and Reversed Position

The Eight of Cups Tarot card signifies the end of a journey and the beginning of a new one.

This minor arcana card speaks to the desire to move on from old patterns and habits that no longer serve us and to embrace new opportunities with open arms.

It is a call for a new direction in life that offers exciting possibilities if we are willing to accept change.

The eight of cups encourages us to leave our comfort zone behind and take a chance at something unfamiliar.

Below we will discuss the Upright and Reversed meaning of the Eight of Cups tarot card in terms of love, career, and finances.

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Eight of Cups Tarot Card Description

This card is a reminder that life is constantly changing and that sometimes it’s necessary to move on even when it feels uncomfortable.

This card shows an individual turning away from eight cups arranged in a half-circle formation.

Eight of Cups
Eight of Cups

The person may have been partaking in some kind of ritual or celebration.

However, they are now walking away from this scene with their back to the cups.

This suggests that they are choosing to leave something behind and start anew.

The mountains in the background represent the challenges this individual must face as they embark on their journey.

All while the setting sun symbolizes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

We can take action towards making positive changes in our lives by following our instincts.

Whether it be a career change, a relationship ending, or simply changing our way of thinking.

Now let’s delve into the eight of cups tarot card meaning.

Tarot card meanings – The Eight of Cups Upright

Getting the eight of cups tarot card in a tarot reading suggests that something is coming to an end and it’s time to move on.

This card can signify a need to walk away from a situation, relationship, or job that no longer serves you, even if it may be difficult.

This card indicates a period of emotional transition and changes in your life.

You may be ready for something new but still hesitant to take the steps needed to get there.


One or both partners may feel stagnant and unfulfilled when this card appears in a love reading.

This may be a sign to look inward and reassess your feelings.

Just be wary about looking for a new relationship.

The eight of cups means that to get back to a healthy relationship, you need space.

It is possible that you have been taking your relationship for granted, and it is time to make an effort to rediscover the spark.

bored relationship

There could also be an outside force, such as a third party, interfering with the connection between you and your partner.

In any case, it is important to keep communication open and honest to restore balance if you want true happiness.


The eight of cups can signal several things in a career reading.

It is a sign that you are dissatisfied with your career if this is upright in the Tarot.

Do not be scared of leaving, even if it’s your own business.

It signifies that you may be seeking something more meaningful or enjoyable in your professional life.

unhappy at work

This card often appears when you feel stuck in a job that lacks passion and purpose, or when the rewards of your profession are no longer satisfying.

You may find yourself feeling unmotivated and apathetic about what used to bring you joy.

It could be a sign that it’s time to move on and seek out new opportunities, such as changing jobs or exploring different areas of work.

Alternatively, it could indicate that you need to take some time for self-reflection and reassess your goals before committing to any major decisions.


There is often a threat to financial security when this tarot card appears.

This card can suggest a need for self-reflection and to reevaluate your current financial decisions.

financial security

It is important to consider the bigger picture when assessing your current finances and consider whether any changes should be made.

It may also suggest that you have become too attached to material items or possessions, leading you away from more meaningful pursuits.

This cups card can represent a time of transition where you need to evaluate which possessions are truly essential and which should be left behind.

It may also indicate a lack of confidence regarding financial matters, or a fear of taking risks.

Consider whether it is necessary to take action, or if it would be wiser to wait until the situation has stabilized before making any major moves.

The Eight of Cups Reversed

The Eight of Cups reversed indicates that you are struggling to move away from an unhealthy situation, as you feel trapped and unable to make progress.

Eight of Cups Reversed
Eight of Cups Reversed

You may have been in this situation for some time, feeling emotionally drained, scared, or overwhelmed.

This card suggests that it is time to take a step back, evaluate the situation and make a decision about whether or not it is worth continuing.

It may feel like you are losing something valuable by leaving behind what you have grown accustomed to.

However, the Reversed card encourages you to recognize that the future holds more possibilities and potential than whatever it is you are leaving behind.

It’s time to look ahead with optimism at all the opportunities that lay ahead; now is the time to take action and break free from an unsatisfying status quo.

Spiritually speaking, the eight of cups reversed highlights a lack of spiritual growth.

It’s time for a little bit of self analysis.


A reversed Eight of Cups indicates that the two partners are emotionally disconnected.

It can signify that one or both parties are avoiding difficult conversations and/or emotions.

unhealthy relationship

And this may be causing tension and unhappiness in the relationship.

In some cases, it can also indicate a need for more commitment to make the relationship stronger.

The eight of cups reversed may be indicating that one or both people may need to take a step back from the situation.

And consider what they truly want before making any decisions about the future of their relationship.


A reversed Eight of Cups indicates a lack of commitment to your career.

You may be feeling a lack of passion or purpose in your current job, or you may have been neglecting your professional goals in favor of other pursuits.

This could lead to stagnation and complacency, so you must take steps to re-energize yourself and get back on track with achieving your professional dreams.

Think about what originally inspired you to pursue the career path that you’re on and how you can reignite those passions.

Are there any areas where you could develop new skills or knowledge?

Is there someone who could mentor or coach you?

Consider changing the environment by exploring different roles within the same company or seeking out opportunities elsewhere.

Taking action like this can help reinvigorate your enthusiasm for your job and motivate you toward reaching your career goals.


If this card is reversed, it can indicate financial instability and an inability to commit.

It encourages you to take risks and trust your instincts when it comes to managing your money.


But it may also mean that you are overly optimistic about your expectations of financial gain.

You need to be careful and make sure that any decisions made about money are well thought out and calculated.

Your finances might not be as secure as you thought they were or you might be too quick to jump into investments without doing the necessary research first.

Be mindful of how you approach money matters and avoid rash decisions that could lead to financial losses.

Before you go

Symbolizing self-exploration and discovery, the Eight of Cups tarot card represents a journey.

It stands for walking away from something that no longer serves you and taking the time to find yourself and your passions.

Upright, the eight of cups speaks of liberation and freedom.

While reversed it suggests an unwillingness to let go of something that is no longer necessary or useful.

It encourages us to:

  • take a look at our lives
  • acknowledge what’s holding us back
  • focus on our goals
  • and make new decisions based on our desires.

Ultimately, it is an invitation to embark on an adventure that will bring us closer to ourselves and help us achieve our highest potential.

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