Numerology and Planets: Understanding Personalities

Numerology and astrology are peas in a pod with different concepts.

While the former deals with numbers, the latter deals with planets and their positioning around the sun.

Nonetheless, they both influence predicting the persona and phenomena of one’s life. 

There is a close relationship between numbers, planets, and alphabets because it is believed that they all exhibit vibrations and when these resonate in harmony, brings real luck.

Numerology and planets

Unlike astrology which uses 10 planets for its readings, numerology uses only 9 because it interprets only single digits (1 to 9).

So, seven planets plus the sun and moon are represented by and correspond with single numbers, which when calculated, will influence an interpretation.

Note that the sun and moon both have double numbers because they correlate with certain planets.

So, the sun is assigned the number 1 and 4 because it correlates with Uranus.

While the numbers 2 and 7 are assigned to the moon because it correlates with Neptune.

So, it is often stated that people belonging to the numbers 1, 4, 2, and 7 have a good relationship with each other because of their correlation in astrology and numerology.

The Planets and their Corresponding Numbers 

Numbers  Planets Zodiac signs Symbols  Element  Day of the week
1 Sun Leo  Lion  Fire  Sunday 
Moon Cancer  Crab  Water  Monday
3 (+ve) Jupiter Sagittarius  Archer  Fire  Thursday 
3 (-ve) Jupiter  Pisces  Fish  Water  Thursday 
4 Uranus Aquarius Water Earth  Sunday 
5 (+ve) Mercury Gemini Twins  Air  Wednesday
5 (-ve) Mercury Virgo  Virgin Earth  Wednesday 
6 (+ve) Venus Taurus  Bull  Earth Friday 
6 (-ve) Venus Libra  Balance scale Air  Friday
7 Neptune Cancer  Crab Water  Monday 
8 (+ve) Saturn Capricorn  Goat Air  Saturday 
8 (-ve) Saturn  Aquarius  Water  Earth  Saturday 
9 (+ve) Mars Aries  Ram Fire  Tuesday 
9 (-ve) Mars  Scorpio  Scorpion  Water  Tuesday 


Planet Number Meanings

Number 1- Sun [Not a planet but a star]

Both the number 1 and the sun connote the beginning of life.

1 is an indivisible number but can be gotten from other numbers, which makes it unique.

The Sun

People ruled by the sun are natural-born leaders with egoist behavior.

They are ambitious and enthusiastic especially towards their businesses and careers.

You find them overprotective over those they love and sometimes domineering and are prone to anger issues.

Nevertheless, they have a diplomatic but charming character that makes them interesting to be around.

Number 2- Moon [A satellite of the earth]

These people are usually kind, empathetic, and emotionally open.

Being overly sensitive with the ability to avert conflict makes them diplomatic when carrying out their plans to avoid mistakes.

The Moon

They are naturally artistic and creative.

But their occasional mood swings may be a turnoff to those who barely understand them.

Generally, they are family-oriented, loyal to their friends and partners, and love being around those who support them.

On the downside, they never take risks but would rather scout for favorable conditions and use them.

Number 3- Jupiter 

You will mostly find these people being optimistic even in impossible situations, which is what helps them achieve their goals.

Their disposition towards others, as well as themselves, is usually positive because they love attention and good company.


Hence, will avoid doing anything to compromise it.

They are good communicators but indecisive and sometimes lose themselves because they care more about the perception others have about them, than what they think about themselves.

Number 4- Uranus 

Those ruled by this planet are usually rigid, narrow-minded, and stubborn, finding it difficult to follow rules because they always want to have their way.

They are independent, hardworking, reliable, and self-disciplined.


Their good organizational skills, excellent memory, and openness make them great co-workers and partners.

Number 5- Mercury

You barely find these people following a simple or boring routine.

They have a quirky mind that wants to explore something more inquisitive and intellectual.


Their good communication skills and general excitement for knowledge and life give them an insatiable curiosity that may seem extra to others.

No matter how far or deep they go to fulfill their quest for knowledge, they never lose themselves or their charming persona, which quickly attracts others to them.

Number 6- Venus

Charming, nurturers, cheerful disposition, sociable, and communicable.

These are some of the characteristics that make those ruled by Venus much admired wherever they find themselves.


Venus is known for love and this group of people has no difficulty giving out as much love and care to those around them.

On the downside, they can be too assertive, possessive, arrogant, stubborn, superficial, and give too much attention to their appearance.

Number 7- Neptune

Those ruled by Neptune are usually religiously or philosophically minded.

They are sensitive to themselves and others and have a vivid imagination in addition to their creative nature.


They find it hard to see the work of their imaginations through and because of their shy nature have a hard time connecting with people.

Instead, they prefer to stay alone and entertain themselves.

Living in their thoughts and imagination and engaging in constructive hobbies.

Number 8- Saturn 

They are naturally misunderstood because of their melancholic nature and outward coldness.

This makes them suffer from loneliness and find it difficult to get what others get easily.


Hence, they ensure to work twice as hard to achieve their goals and be self-sufficient.

Nevertheless, they are usually ambitious, strong, organized, loyal, and great with money but frown at anything superficial.

Number 9- Mars

Their strong will, courage, and unwillingness to compromise values are some of the reasons why the number 9s are considered great leaders.

They are self-sufficient with commendable organizational skills, but their pride and inability to evenly distribute their strength where needed can affect their success.


Generally, they are tolerant, agreeable, and generous but tend to experience mood swings easily.

And forget to enjoy the present by focusing too much on their future.