Numerology vs Astrology: Which Is More Accurate? Let’s Find Out

Astrology and numerology influence human lives via their predictions.
But they are two different subjects and operate in distinct ways.
Astrology- relating to astronomy- is the study of planets and stars; their movement around the sun.
And how this influences human lives.
Using your birth dates and other numeric details about yourself to give accurate predictions.


Astrology and numerology are divinatory arts and old practices that date back even beyond medieval times.

The history of Astrology

Nonetheless, many people have wondered which provides more accurate predictions.

Both can be used to explain your personality and predict other major happenings in your life…

Such as:

  • when you will get married
  • the best career path to follow
  • who you are mostly compatible with (in romantic relationships)

If given the opportunity, everyone wants a peek into their future.

And when not pleased with what they see, desire the power to change or influence it into something more accepting or favorable for them.


The truth is that both numerology and astrology offer this opportunity in a way via their predictions, even without you visiting a psychic, a seer, or some spiritual practitioner.


Deciding which is more accurate can be different for most people because what works perfectly for you may not do so for someone else.

Hence, we cannot explicitly tell you that astrology is more accurate than numerology or vice versa.

For instance, if the numerological predictions made for Mr. A concerning his personality and its influence on his career resonate better than the astrological predictions made, especially in different times, he may conclude that numerology is more accurate than astrology.

Ms. B, on the other hand, may not exactly agree with Mr. A’s conclusion.

Because the various astrological predictions made concerning her, have proven more accurate than numerology.

So, what resonates strongly with A isn’t exactly accurate for B.

Astrology remains more popular than numerology because of its vast and explicit predictions.

Astrology Basics

You find people talking more about astrology than numerology and seeking out astrologers to learn about the good and the bad times in their future.

A good astrologer can prescribe solutions to either help you avoid bad situations completely or keep you afloat even when the boat starts to sink.

Despite this, numerology is gaining more popularity, providing people with the upper hand over the vibrations they get.

For instance, you can use numerology to select a business name that will influence the success of your business.

Numerology For Business Names

You can use it to choose a name for your child or even change yours as it attracts positive vibrations, which brings good luck.

The truth is that if most people understood this scope of numerology and combined it with astrology, then maybe we wouldn’t have to debate which is more popular among both of them.

What Are the Negatives?

Note that although these ancient practices have proven helpful and accurate in so many ways over time, they still have their limitations.

This is because no matter how accurate or how much they resonate with you, sometimes, their predictions fail.

This doesn’t mean that their scope or concept is unreliable or useless.

It only means that they are predictions, and sometimes, life knows how to deal a twist and draft in a new card that turns every prediction into scrap. 

We can tell you that no astrologer or numerologist can give a prediction that is 100% correct.

Numerology & Death

This doesn’t mean that there are no great guides and references.

It only shows that despite their in-depth knowledge about the topics, they are only humans and can make predictions solely on how much they know.

Remember, no person is a complete encyclopedia of knowledge- topic irrespective.

Numerology vs Astrology: A Summary

In conclusion, many people will tell you that astrology is more popular because its readings are specific and personal.

But, instead of placing the entire predictions of your future on just one of them, why not combine them both for more accurate and in-depth knowledge?

Astrology has a clear description of what is bound to happen in your future.

Numerology will help you understand your persona and life path concerning different aspects of your life:

  • career choice
  • relationship
  • romantic and sex life

So that you can prepare for what lies ahead of you.