Queen of Pentacles Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Meanings

The Queen of Pentacles is a powerful tarot card that symbolizes abundance, security, and comfort in all aspects of life.

This card represents the practical side of one’s personality, and it encourages the reader to be mindful of their surroundings as they strive for success.

This minor arcana card embodies the Earth element, signifying strong values and a grounded connection to reality.

She brings with her generosity, prosperity, and motivation to achieve goals.

Those who draw this card are likely to have an excellent chance at achieving their highest desires in both love and wealth.


That is if they remain open-minded and focused on their ambitions.

To fully understand the meanings behind this card, let us take a look at its upright and reversed interpretations for love, career, and finances.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Queen of Pentacles minor arcana tarot card depicts a strong, motherly figure sitting atop a golden throne and surrounded by lush vegetation.

The latter being a symbol of her connection with mother earth.

Queen of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles Meaning

Her hands are crossed gracefully above her, while in her left hand, she holds a pentacle with an intricate gold design.

She is the embodiment of security, common sense, stability, and contentment – all that we need to stay safe and secure in our lives.

The card reminds us that the material world can be trusted to provide for our needs.

She encourages us to take time to relax and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

So, lets look at the Queen of Pentacles meaning.

Queen of Pentacles Upright Meaning

The upright Queen of Pentacles represents a generous, nurturing, and loving woman.

One who is practical, reliable, and deeply rooted in her values.

She is someone who knows how to make the most out of what she has, creating security and stability in her life.

She enjoys taking care of others, providing them with comfort and support.

This card suggests that you should embrace your inner wisdom and that people should take responsibility for your own lives.

And use it to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

This pentacles card encourages you to be patient, organized, resourceful and focused on self care to achieve your goals.

Upright Love

In the upright position, the Queen of Pentacles indicates abundance, warmth, and security in love.

couple in love

It suggests that you are in a stable relationship with someone who understands your needs and takes care of you in every way.

You are content in your union, feeling secure and nourished by your partner’s unconditional love and support.

You may find yourself spending more time together, indulging in cozy activities such as cuddling up to watch movies or taking a stroll through the park.

This card is also associated with fertility.

So, if you’re hoping to start a family soon, now may be an opportune time.

Upright Career

In a tarot reading about career matters, the Queen of Pentacles is a good omen.

This card is indicative of success, hard work paying off, and recognition for your achievements.

career ladder

It can also signify a promotion or a new job opportunity.

The Queen encourages you to take responsibility and lead your team with confidence.

She is a symbol of reliability and practicality, meaning it’s time to make plans and put them into action.

You must be careful not to be too rigid in your ideas though.

Flexibility is important to adapt to changes and grow professionally.

Finally, if she appears, then she’d make a brilliant business partner.

Upright Finances

An upright Queen of Pentacles can bring financial gain and stability.

It’s a great omen concerning financial independence.

financial security

This card shows an abundance of both material wealth and spiritual gifts.

The Queen has the power to manifest her desires, making money easily come her way.

She is generous and wise with her resources, knowing when to save for the future and when to splurge on something special.

The Queen’s natural generosity may also mean she is willing to lend money or offer advice without expecting anything in return.

She understands that by helping others, she will ultimately benefit from their gratitude.

When it comes to investments, the Queen of Pentacles is an excellent source of advice.

She knows what works best for her and how to get the highest returns on her money.

Reversed Meaning – Queen of Pentacles

The reversed Queen of Pentacles indicates that you have become too comfortable or complacent in your current situation.

You may have grown lazy and are not utilizing your natural talents, abilities, or skills to their fullest potential.

This can lead to a lack of progress and stagnation in both your personal and professional life.

It’s a sign your home life and work life are out of balance and that you need to focus more on personal priorities.


There is also the risk of becoming overly dependent on others for material support.

This can create an unbalanced power dynamic.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed suggests that it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

Break away from old habits and routines and take some risks and put more focus on your personal life.

What’s more, push yourself to do better than you ever thought possible.

Reversed Love

When the Queen of Pentacles reverses in a love reading, you may be facing some challenges in your relationship.

You may feel neglected or overlooked or be having difficulties connecting with your partner on an emotional level.

If you have been feeling insecure in the relationship, it is important to address these issues and determine if you both are still committed to each other.

Queen of Pentacles reversed

Communication is key, so make sure to talk about any concerns or doubts openly and honestly.

If you find yourselves struggling to make progress, it is time to seek outside help from a professional counselor or therapist.

Reversed Career

In a career reading, you might feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled by the Queen of Pentacles reversed.

You may be feeling like you are not making the progress that you had hoped for.

Or that you have taken on too much and are unable to focus properly on any one task.

This may be because you have become too complacent in your current job.

Or it could be because the work environment is not suited to your skills and abilities.

It could also indicate that you lack faith in yourself and your ability to succeed, and this is holding you back from achieving success.

career change

To gain back control over your career, it’s important to take some time out to reflect on what it is that you want from your job.

Identify areas in which you can make improvements.

And set goals for yourself that will help push you toward achieving those ambitions.

Reversed Finances

The Queen of Pentacles reversed in a tarot reading may indicate that your finances are out of balance.

You may find yourself spending more than you can afford or not paying attention to your budget.

Financial problems can arise from mismanagement of funds, overspending on luxuries, and taking risks with investments.

financial risk

It is important to take a step back and assess your finances objectively to get back on track.

You should review where your money is going and try to make sensible decisions about how it is being spent.

Keeping a close eye on monthly bills, sticking to a budget, and avoiding impulsive purchases can help keep you from getting into financial trouble.

Before You Go

The Queen of Pentacles tarot card stands for abundance, nurturing, stability, and comfort.

It can represent a person in your life who is reliable and supportive, or it may be indicative of a more internal state of being.

When upright, this card speaks to financial prosperity, career success, and a strong and nurturing love life.


In the reversed position, it can signify overindulgence.

Or obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals in any of these areas.

No matter which way it appears in your reading, the Queen of Pentacles is an encouraging sign that you should not give up on your dreams and ambitions.

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