Numerology For Car Numbers – A ‘Crash’ Course

Everyone’s dream is to own a sleek car that meets their expectations.

So, we tend to invest a lot of money into a car to lead a happy and prosperous life.

With this in mind, everyone who owns or is in the process of investing in this prestigious asset should understand the concept of lucky numerology for car numbers.

This calculation allows you to evaluate a vehicle to determine the best car number for YOU based on your personality and life.

This article will take a deeper look into numerology for car numbers.

Car Number Numerology: Why is it Relevant?

It’s been said that numbers profoundly impact our lives, and we deal with them every day.

We all want good health, security, love, and wealth; we want to be successful in our careers, be happy with our family and friends, and so much more.

Learning how numbers affect us daily is one way to get all these things.

Our life is inextricably linked with numbers, especially when it comes to our cars.

Car Numbers

Car numerology is crucial since it allows you to identify your lucky car number, understand the potential, and avoid unfavourable vibrations that could harm you.

Calculation of Car Number Numerology

Each vehicle has a registration number as its identity.

Car Numbers

Each number has a unique meaning and purpose in numerology or astrology, and neither should be ignored.

If you want your car to bring good fortune or to drive safely without an accident, it is vital to have a registration number that matches your personality.

Below is how to calculate your car number numerology based on its registration number.

Numerical digits to each alphabet:

  • Let’s assume your car registration number is AP 9 UL 5602

A P 9 U L 5 6 0 2


So, the vehicle’s single-digit number is 9.

With this, you can now reference what your number represents.

Below are the meanings of each of these numbers.

Number 1

A vehicle with the numerology of 1 as a number is superior on the road.

The car accelerates quickly, attracts attention, and can be relied on.

The car is best if you are a business or government employee.

It is believed that this number is ruled by the Sun.

The Sun

If your path falls under this number, avoiding numbers 6 and 8 would be wise.

Number 2

A car with the lucky number 2 is reliable and hardly breaks down.

The car is rarely stopped by the police or stolen either.

Traffic Stop

If your vehicle has the number 2 energy, it is a natural fortress on wheels.

From another perspective, the number is ruled by the moon.

If this is your number, you certainly enjoy family life and often take them out for a short drive.

People with these lucky numbers are emotional and often change gear and velocity.

If this is your path, you should avoid the numbers 8 and 9.

Number 3

This number is quite inconsistent.

On the good side, the number brings luck, especially if your career is related to money.

Astronomers believe that Jupiter rules this number.


The number works well for politicians and those in ministerial duties.

If this is your number, you should try and avoid numbers 5 and 6

Number 4

This is not your number if you are a fast driver on the road.

This number is not for business people but for creative individuals.

The vehicle rarely breaks down.

car breaks down

According to astronomers, this number is ruled by Rahu.

If this is your number, you want to avoid 1 and 2.

Number 5

This lucky car number promotes resourcefulness on the road.

People with this number tend not to have accidents, which is good news.

This number is auspicious for commercial activities and is ruled by the planet Mercury.


The downside of this number is that owners tend to be overly talkative and sometimes childish,

If this is your number, you should avoid numbers 2 and 9.

Number 6

This number, combined with other even numbers, gives the best options if you are the type who rides in expensive and fancy cars.

expensive car

With this number, the vehicle will not fail, providing you with a decent level of service.

Regarding personality, this number is suitable for individuals who love films or TV.

Following this path, you should avoid the numbers 1 and 9.

Number 7

If your car registration translates to this number, it probably does not attract attention.

Your car body will be susceptible to corrosion but will rarely break down.

Regarding personality, this number is spiritual and sometimes linked with pilgrims.


Those under this path should avoid the numbers 6 and 8.

Number 8

This is for a reliable car that quiet drivers own.

The car does not portray much character but does not break down.

If your car has this lucky number, it is suitable for commuting.

The number is believed to be ruled by the planet Saturn.


People with this number will stay away from the numbers 1 and 2.

Number 9

This is the last lucky number in the row.

A car with this number is an excellent machine that is good on rough terrain.

off road car

The car does not let others overtake it, though drivers often speed.

Mars is the ruling planet for this number.

Owners are very dynamic, and most work in the private sector.

Number 0

This number is considered a wheel of fortune and represents life’s ups and downs.

Zero will not affect you in any way, so it is not a problem for your vehicle.


1. Should you go for Car Number Numerology or Astrology?

When it comes to the critical numbers that your vehicle has, numerology is very important.

Astrology might also be helpful at times, but numerology is your guideline when buying your car.

2. If this number is negative, what are the precautions?

If you own a car with a negative number, then certain risks come with it.

car accident

The car might break down due to hidden defects; it is also prone to theft and could cause accidents.

Remember, even though numerology has its limitations or strengths and weaknesses, it is one way of looking at the positive side.

Numerology for car numbers puts you on the right track, and you are guaranteed to enjoy the journey and your car.

So, keep the number if it is positive and avoid the bad ones if they are negative.