Queen of Swords Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Cards

Queen of Swords Meaning: The Queen of Swords is a powerful symbol of insight, knowledge, and wisdom.

She is the card of the Tarot deck that speaks to those who are brave enough to seek out lasting truth, even in the face of difficulty.

She stands tall and proud, unafraid to make difficult decisions or stand up for what she believes is right.

For many, she represents a strong-minded individual with an independent spirit who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

In this article, we’ll explore the meanings associated with the Queen of Swords; in both upright and reversed positions.

And discuss how her messages can help guide us through life’s struggles.

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Description

Are you ready to meet the Queen of Swords?

This tarot card depicts a regal woman seated on a stone throne, symbolizing mental clarity and wisdom.

She holds a sword upright in her right hand, representing intellect and discernment.

Queen of Swords
Queen of Swords Meaning

With her left hand, she gracefully points forward, signifying her direct and truthful communication.

Adorned in flowing robes and a crown, she exudes authority and independence.

The clouds behind her allude to her analytical mind and the ability to see through illusions.

Now let us look at the Queen of swords tarot card meanings.

Upright Meaning – Queen of Swords

The upright Queen of Swords minor arcana card in Tarot represents intellectual clarity, truth, and rationality.

She embodies a strong, independent, and perceptive individual who communicates with honesty and directness.

This tarot card indicates a time for clear thinking, making unbiased decisions, and using your intellect to resolve conflicts or challenges.

Embrace your analytical abilities and maintain a balanced perspective while staying true to your principles.

Be assertive in seeking the truth and trust in your ability to handle situations with wisdom and precision.

Here is some more detailed information about the queen of swords meaning.

Upright Love

The Queen of Swords in an upright position is a great card for romantic relationships.

In love, she encourages you to be honest and to express your feelings clearly and openly.

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If you have been staying silent to keep the peace, the Queen of Swords may be telling you that it’s time to speak up and share your true thoughts without fear.

This tarot card could bring much-needed clarity to any issues that have been lingering beneath the surface.

The Queen of Swords is also a sign that now may be the right time for decisive action in the romance department – it’s time to make moves if you want things to progress.

Upright Career

In a career tarot reading, the upright Queen of Swords in Tarot suggests a time for sharp intellect and clear communication.

You may find success in roles that require unbiased judgment, analysis, and problem-solving skills.

Numerology career

Embrace your independence and assertiveness to make decisions confidently.

Stay focused on the truth and be direct in your interactions with colleagues or superiors.

Your rational approach and ability to see through complexities will be valuable assets in navigating challenges and advancing in your career.

Remain true to your principles, and your wisdom and precision will lead to professional growth and recognition.

Upright Finances

In finances, the upright Queen of Swords in Tarot signifies a period of clarity and rationality.

Make objective and well-informed financial decisions, avoiding emotional impulses.

Analyze your financial situation with a discerning eye, seeking the truth and facts before committing to investments or expenses.

Stay independent and assertive in managing your money.

Utilize your keen judgment to cut through financial complexities and identify the best opportunities for growth and stability.


Through careful planning and honest communication, you can achieve financial success and security.

Be cautious of overspending or taking unnecessary risks, and maintain a balanced approach to money matters.

Upright Health

You will be in good health now that the Queen of Swords is here.

She stands for mental clarity and a sharp mind, which can help you to make healthier decisions.

This card symbolizes somebody who dares to stand up for what they believe in and take responsibility for their health.

With her wisdom and strength, she encourages you to take control of your life and make positive changes.

She also teaches us to be honest with ourselves when it comes to our physical well-being.

You will have the willpower to stay on track and make sure you are taking care of yourself properly.

Be sure to listen closely so that you can understand what your body needs from you to achieve optimal health.

Now let us look at the Queen of swords tarot card meaning reversed.

Queen of Swords Reversed Meaning

The Queen of Swords reversed speaks to a woman who is struggling with her emotions and ideas.

She may be feeling overwhelmed or confused and is likely trying to keep her feelings under control.

This tarot card can also indicate that she is being overly critical of others, as well as herself, which can lead to arguments or disharmony in relationships.

Queen-of-Swords reversed

While this queen wants to be strong and independent, she must learn to accept help from others and find a balance between her independence and need for connection.

It’s time for her to take a step back and think before acting or speaking so harshly.

Reversed Love

You may find that the Queen of Swords reversed in a love tarot reading indicates that you are struggling with feelings of betrayal.

You may feel like someone has broken your trust or disrespected your needs in some way.

This can be especially hard to deal with if it’s a loved one who has hurt you, such as a partner or close friend.

If this is the case, it’s important to take the time to process these emotions and move forward without harboring resentment.

It might also be useful to take a step back and look at the situation objectively, as sometimes past hurts can distort our perceptions.

Reversed Career

Are you feeling like you’re stuck in a rut at work?

The Queen of Swords reversed can be a sign that your career is not going the way you had hoped.

This card indicates that you may be feeling overwhelmed and even unvalued in your current role.


You may find yourself overworked and underappreciated, or being passed up for promotions or opportunities because of politics or favoritism.

It’s important to take stock of where you are and regain your focus.

You can find ways to make the most out of your current situation, such as finding mentors or allies who will help boost your career prospects.

With determination and hard work, you can turn this around and achieve success.

Reversed Finances

You may find yourself dealing with unexpected financial costs when the Queen of Swords appears reversed.

She can symbolize long-term debts or investments that have not paid off as expected.

The Queen of Swords also cautions against making hasty decisions related to money. 

As you could find yourself in a difficult situation if you don’t take your time and weigh all your options carefully.

If you are struggling with debt, it is important, to be honest and open about your finances and seek professional help if necessary.

Be aware that the reversed Queen of Swords often signifies a lack of clarity when it comes to financial matters.

So, proceed with caution and double-check any investments before taking the plunge.

Reversed Health

The Queen of Swords reversed in a health tarot spread usually suggests that you will be struggling with physical, mental, and emotional issues. 

This is a sign that you are not taking care of yourself properly or that you are ignoring the warning signs of illness or disease.

It could also indicate that stress levels are high and that your body is trying to tell you something. 

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Take this as a sign a female who is supportive will enter your life to help with physical or psychological symptoms

You may be feeling overwhelmed, drained, and unable to focus on your health due to other commitments.

It’s important to take some time for yourself and reconnect with your body.

Try activities like yoga or meditation which can help you become aware of any underlying physical problems and work towards healing them.

Taking better care of your health should be a priority if this card appears in a reading.

Before You Go

The Queen of Swords tarot card embodies a powerful archetype of mental acuity, honesty, and independence.

In its upright position, this card represents clarity of thought, sharp intellect, and truthful communication.

However, in its reversed state, the Queen of Swords may warn against excessive criticism, emotional detachment, or becoming overly assertive.

By understanding both the upright and reversed meanings, we can harness the Queen of Swords’ wisdom to navigate life’s challenges with precision and integrity.