The Devil Tarot Card Meaning Deciphered: Love, Career, and More

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The Devil Tarot Card Description

The tarot card features a menacing devil with horns and bat wings.

The devil is seated on a block, holding a torch lit with flames.

A man and a woman stand in chains beside the block, displaying sadness without trying to escape.

They have tiny horns and tails.

The Devil Tarot Card
The Devil Tarot Card meaning

The sky is pitch black, and the ground appears barren.

The devil’s grin and the couple’s despair convey a sense of captivity and fear.

This sinister image symbolizes domination, temptation, and a lack of control.

The Devil Tarot Card signifies feeling trapped or stuck due to negative patterns, but it also highlights the potential for breaking free and making meaningful changes.

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Upright Meaning

The Devil tarot card in an upright position signifies feeling trapped or stuck due to negative patterns or unhealthy habits.

The symbol represents addiction, materialism, and dependence.

It suggests that you may rely too much on outside influences and desires, which can lead to losing control and freedom.

However, it also highlights the potential for breaking free.

This card wakes you up and makes you think about your life.

It helps you see what is stopping you and make meaningful changes.

Upright Love & Relationships

When upright, it represents an unhealthy, manipulative, or abusive relationship.

You might feel trapped in such a relationship, but don’t hesitate to acknowledge your feelings and take action.

toxic relationships
toxic relationship

This card can also represent addictions and excessive behavior.

It could mean spending too much, overeating, or partying too much.

If you find that a relationship is taking away from other aspects of your life, it’s time to regain control and make the necessary changes to break free.

Upright Career & Finances

The Devil card in the career and finance context signifies being trapped due to worldly desires.

You might be stuck in an unfulfilling job because it pays well or chained to debts, creating a sense of powerlessness.

It shows that loving money too much can lead to bad habits and hurt your finances.

It calls for re-evaluating your current pursuits, escaping materialism, and investing in self-growth.

You may need to take more control to break free from these unhealthy attachments.

Upright Health

In terms of health, this card advises you to balance your lifestyle better.

It’s a reminder that you might be too caught up in unhealthy habits or behaviors like overindulging in food, drink or being inactive.

These habits could be harming your well-being.


It encourages you to realize your power to break free from these bindings, leading you to a healthier, balanced life.

To improve your health, make healthier choices and develop positive habits.

Upright Spirituality

In a spiritual context, the Devil can symbolize being stuck in negative habits or thoughts.

It reminds you about not getting consumed by worldly desires, obsessions, or addictions.

It represents a strong desire for material things and being tied to worldly worries.

This stops you from reaching your spiritual potential.

This is a call to break free from your limitations, rethink your goals, and make changes that match your personal growth and spirituality.

Reversed Meaning

The reversed Devil tarot card suggests breaking free from negative influences or addictions that hold you back.

It signifies gaining self-awareness, regaining control, and escaping toxic relationships and situations.

It implies that you are seeking freedom and starting to make independent decisions.

The Devil Tarot Card meaning reversed
The Devil Tarot Card meaning reversed

Breaking free from bad habits or being trapped and growing and improving oneself is represented by this card.

Embrace positive changes and conquer your fears.

Reversed Love & Relationships

The reversed Devil card symbolizes freedom and breaking free in love and relationship matters.

If you feel trapped or controlled, you may move toward healthier dynamics and greater freedom.

It also suggests overcoming addictive behaviors related to love.

Being single could signify letting go of your past or toxic patterns, preparing you for a healthier future relationship.

This card is a sign of self-discovery and finding the strength to make positive changes in your love life.

Reversed Career & Finances

The Devil Tarot card in career and finance indicates the need to escape a toxic job or financial situation.

Job problem

You may have recently conquered a harmful habit, like overspending or staying in a disliked job.

Change is on the horizon, so it’s time to regain control, make wiser choices, and develop better habits.

Expect improved work conditions, increased job satisfaction, and financial progress.

The complex phase is over.

You’re entering a time of stable finances and career satisfaction.

Reversed Health

In terms of health, this card suggests breaking free from unhealthy habits.

You may have struggled with addiction, a poor diet, lack of exercise, or negative mental patterns.

a poor diet

Now, you’re taking steps to improve your lifestyle.

It encourages you to keep progressing and avoid returning to old destructive behaviors.

It also indicates recovering from illness or bouncing back from poor health.

Steady, committed changes will lead to better long-term health.

But, it may also caution against rushing the process.

Reversed Spirituality

In spiritual terms, the reversed Devil Tarot card means breaking free from harmful habits and toxic relationships that held you back.

It signals a period of self-awareness and fresh beginnings as you release negative energy.

It’s about recognizing your dark side and transforming it into strength.

You can learn from mistakes, become more robust, and take control of your life.

Start a new spiritual journey.

Before You Go

The Devil Tarot card has significantly different meanings when drawn upright or reversed.

When upright, it symbolizes addiction, negativity, and materialism.

In contrast, the reversed Devil represents liberation and self-awareness, signifying a break from harmful patterns.