Page of Wands Meaning: Upright & Reversed Tarot Meanings

Let’s explore the fascinating Page of Wands tarot card and what it means for different parts of life.

Whether it’s about love, career, money, or health, this minor arcana card has something important to say.

It can guide us and give us insights about our journey ahead.

The Page of Wands holds secrets and symbols that can help us understand ourselves better.

Let’s uncover the meanings of this special card and discover the wisdom it offers to help us make good choices and find our way in life.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Description

The Page of Wands Tarot card portrays a young man standing confidently with a wand in hand.

They are dressed in vibrant clothes, symbolizing their enthusiasm and passion.

The Page gazes intently at the wand, representing their eagerness to embark on new adventures and creative pursuits.

Page of wands
Page of Wands Meaning

The feather at the top of the wand signifies inspiration and fresh ideas.

In the background, a barren landscape suggests the potential for growth and transformation.

This tarot card embodies youthful energy, a spark of inspiration, and the courage to embrace new opportunities on the path of self-discovery.

Upright Meaning – Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is a card of ambition and adventure.

It symbolizes someone daring, creative, and full of ideas.

This person has the potential to be successful in whatever venture they attempt, as they can overcome obstacles with determination and enthusiasm.

The page of wands represents someone who has inexhaustible energy and will work tirelessly to reach their goals.

They can manifest their dreams into reality through sheer willpower and a never-ending drive.

When this card appears upright in a reading it indicates that you should take action towards your dreams and pursue them with confidence and passion.

Now let’s look deeper at the Page of Wands tarot card meanings.

Upright Love

If this card appears upright in a love reading, it suggests that you are feeling passionate and excited about someone or something.

passionate couple

The Page of Wands can indicate the potential for new relationships with people who share your same zest for life.

It also speaks to developing deeper connections with those already close to you.

This card can also show up when you’re beginning to explore new hobbies or activities that will enrich your life.

It’s a good sign for your love life for sure.

Upright Career

In the upright position in a career reading, the Page of Wands tarot card can represent a new and exciting career opportunity.

If the page of wands appears upright, it could mean be a brand-new job or an unexpected promotion.

It may signify that you have recently been offered a chance to take on a leadership role or have your own business.

Examples of this could be starting your blog, becoming a freelancer, or taking up a challenging project at work.

This tarot card is also linked to travel.

So the career opportunity may involve working away from home or exploring new locations.

Upright Finances

When the Page of Wands is upright, it indicates financial potential and opportunity in a financial reading.

This card encourages you to look for new ways to make money, from investing in stocks to starting your own business.

It also suggests that you may have a natural talent or skill that can be put to use for financial gain.

On the other hand, it could be a warning that you need to be careful not to overextend yourself financially.


Make sure you are aware of all the risks involved before investing or taking on any large financial responsibility.

You should also keep an eye on your budget and make sure you are living within your means.

Upright Health

The upright Page of Wands tarot card symbolizes inactivity that could lead to health issues.

It suggests that you should explore healthier habits.

And make positive changes in your life such as improving your diet, exercising more, or taking up a new hobby.

This card can also indicate a recent recovery from illness, which could have been physical or emotional.

Alternatively, it may refer to a spiritual journey for self-discovery.

You may be feeling invigorated and inspired to embark on this journey, which could lead to improved mental and physical health.

Now, let’s look at the Page of Wands tarot card meaning when reversed.

Reversed Meaning – Page of Wands

The Page of Wands reversed can indicate an unwillingness or inability to take risks and move forward with new ideas.

This card may represent a fear or lack of confidence that prevents you from taking action and achieving your goals.

The page of wands reversed suggests overwhelmed or blocked, unable to make progress in any area of your life.

Page of wands meaning reversed
Page of wands meaning reversed

It can also suggest that you are being too cautious, and need to take some chances and trust your instincts.

You may resist change, holding onto ideas that no longer work for you.

The Page of Wands reversed can be an invitation to step outside of your comfort zone and explore the possibilities available to you.

Reversed Love

Reversing the Page of Wands in a love tarot reading can indicate that your romantic enthusiasm is waning.

You may be feeling uninspired and lack initiative when it comes to relationships.


You could be holding yourself back from taking risks or putting yourself out there, making it difficult for the right person to come into your life.

Alternatively, this card can suggest that you’re too focused on what you want instead of looking at the needs of your partner or potential partners.

You may need to take a step back, adjust your expectations and focus on creating a balanced relationship with give and take.

Reversed Career

The Page of Wands reversed in career may indicate a lack of enthusiasm, creativity, or initiative needed for success.

It can be a warning to take more responsibility and stop procrastinating or taking shortcuts.

This is not the time to give up on your dreams.

You need to put in extra effort and focus to move forward in your professional life.

You may feel stuck or overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done but don’t let yourself get discouraged.

Seek advice from a mentor, explore potential opportunities, and keep trying until you find what works for you.

Reversed Finances

You may be facing financial difficulties if the Page of Wands is reversed in finances.


You may be experiencing a lack of money or resources, and it is possible that you feel stuck in an unfavorable economic situation.

If this is the case, it is important to take steps to ensure that you are making wise investments.

And manage your resources responsibly.

It could also mean that you have been too reckless with your finances.

Spending more than you can afford or making risky investments without properly researching them.

In any case, developing a plan for managing your finances is important to avoid potential issues.

Reversed Health

The reversed Page of Wands indicates that physical health could be an issue for you right now.

You may be feeling weak and run down, or have a chronic illness that requires attention.

It’s important to take care of yourself in this situation, as you may need more rest than normal.


Make sure you are eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep so that your body can heal itself.

You may also need to look at the underlying causes of your health problems, such as stress or anxiety, and seek professional help if necessary.

Before You Go

The Page of Wands is a card that speaks to the potential of the future, offering a glimpse of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

It encourages us to take risks, explore our passions and dreams.

What’s more that you are about to take a new direction on your spiritual path.

And use creativity and determination to reach your goals.

In love, career, finances, and health, this card symbolizes new beginnings that can lead to great things if we have faith in ourselves and our abilities.