Top Numerology Websites: What Are The Best Sites To Follow?

Knowing your numerology helps you discover more details about your life.

Numerology can tell you your:

  • lucky numbers
  • life path
  • potential relationship compatibility
  • and even your career

While you can get your numerology reading from a professional, there are several websites where you can receive a free reading.

In this article, we are going to review top numerology websites that offer free readings.

Let’s begin. 

Table of Contents

Numerologist offers a free numerology reading.

You can calculate your:


You’ll receive a free video report containing all the information you need. 

However, the free video report plays fast, and you can’t pause the video.

You may have to rewatch the video a few times to get all the information.

The website’s blog contains blog posts written by professional numerologists about:

  • current trends
  • spiritual topics
  • and how to use numerology for manifestation.

It also has a weekly and daily forecast of how the planet influences you.

Numerology provides you with all the information you need to interpret your readings.

It is your one-stop website that explains topics like:

  • karmic debt
  • yearly numerological forecast
  • and information on each number 1 to 9.

Everything you need to know about numerology is on this website for free.

Its blog posts cover a wide variety of topics, and it provides a monthly report of what to expect in your numerology.

You can calculate your:

However, you have to do the math by hand, following the instructions on the website.

Unlike, doesn’t provide a free numerology report that calculates your numerology.

Payment is required if you want to get a compatibility report yearly forecast and an in-depth numerological reading.

Affinity Numerology

This website is simple, user-friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about numerology.

Beginners mostly use it, but experienced numerologists also refer to this website when they need to do in-depth research.

Affinity Numerology

It may not look aesthetically pleasing in terms of graphics.

But every blog post on the website is well researched and has the perfect blend of metaphysical application and intellect.

The topics on the blog include:

  • intrinsic number calculator
  • birth date chart tools
  • the effect of your beliefs regarding numerology
  • and marriage life path calculations.

You will receive your numerology reading as a written report that you can print or download as a PDF.

This report provides a thorough explanation of your:

However, there’s no explanation in the free report on how the numbers are calculated.

Numerology Worx

If you are studying numerology, you should check out for all your resources.

Numerology Worx

The blog posts on this website contain unique and informative information not found on other sites.

This website reading incorporates numbers, names, and a pie chart showing an overview of your numerological profile’s highest and lowest numbers and what they represent.

Information like this is extremely informative and not available on other websites, but the actual math behind the statistical overview is not revealed.

Also, there are several numerological calculations in the free reading that have no description at all.

And this would require that you do your research to find out the significance of these calculations.


This website covers everything in astrology, but it has a free numerology calculator hidden within the website.

The free reading provides you with lots of information on your:

  • life cycles
  • life path number
  • balance number
  • destiny number
  • life pinnacles
  • personality number
  • soul number
  • and maturity number

It is the only website that does a FREE calculation of life cycles and pinnacles that explains how your numerology changes as you age.

However, finding this calculator can be tricky because they constantly change how their websites look.

Ifate covers numerology, runes, Iching, astrology, tarot, and all sorts of divination techniques.

This website provides accessible and free tools that can help you with your spiritual exploration.


The free numerology report provides thorough information on your:

It also highlights the struggles and gifts of each number.

But it does not explain how the numbers are calculated.

3HO mission is to spread light and awareness of meditation, yoga, mudras, and other related practices.

You can find its free Tantric numerology reading on its homepage.


And a brief explanation of Tantric numerology and how to master the ancient traditions.

This type of numerology has its roots in Eastern traditions and is quite different from the Western approach.

3HO explains how to integrate and balance your numerology through poetry recitation, meditation, and movement.

It also includes information on your sex life and how to sustain your relationships in the free report.

However, there’s no explanation for how these numbers are calculated.

Final Words

All of the aforementioned websites are great resources for learning about the various aspects of numerology.

If you have any others that you like, then please let us know.

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