Can Numerology predict death? It’s Not So Simple

Humans are inquisitive by nature, wanting to know anything and everything.

Sometimes for the sake of acquiring knowledge and other times for a personal and significant cause.

Numerology has provided answers to some of the questions that has sent us on life quests. 

Questions like:

  • “when will I marry?”
  • “What will my first child be?”
  • “What career path is ideal for me?”
  • “Why do I act the way I do?”
  • and “What is my chance of finding my soul mate or twin flame in my lifetime?”

Normally, these questions would have left one pondering for years and decades, encountering many errors, all in search of answers.

But with numerology, we can attest that many people who put the concept to work ended up with satiable answers.

Can Numerology Predict Death?

Now, we have seen and heard people who believe in numerology ask questions like “can numerology predict when I will die?”


If you are waiting for a yes or no answer to this question, we are sorry to disappoint you because it is more complicated than that.

That said, extensive research by various numerologists and astrology enthusiasts conclude that it is impossible to predict when a person will die using numerology.

This is because numerology provides predictions, likelihoods, and tendencies, and so, it cannot predetermine anything about your life.

Numerology Cannot Predict Everything

Note that the predictions numerology makes are flexible and can change with time.

That is why you may have seen that some of the predictions or explanations made concerning your persona may not be 100% correct.

Even though one or two things may resonate strongly with you.

In other words, numerology cannot predict everything. 

Now, we all know that death is inevitable.

A man entering heaven

But many people would like to know when and how it will happen to them to prepare themselves.

Only a doctor can give predictions about when this will happen (in case of a health issue).

A psychic or some spiritualists can also give predictions regarding this.

However, these are only predictions that may or may not come to pass.

The Role of Fear

In the past, the popular astrologer and numerologist Cheiro was believed to have successfully predicted the death date of most of his clients .


He also predicted the deaths of their loved ones, or someone close to them.

His predictions only came true because, despite being a brilliant professor, he was a negative practitioner.

He succeeded in planting a negative seed in the mind of his clients.

Thus building fear in their minds, which led to the events he predicted.

Most people still believe that he was only boasting about what he desired to achieve.

Nonetheless, we won’t entirely rule out the role of fear in this situation.

Fear and a negative mindset, as you know, play a major role in depreciating the quality of one’s life when dwelled upon for too long.

And most psychologists, psychics, or counselors are guilty of instilling this negative emotion in the mind of their clients who truly look up to them.

Do Not Trust

Any astrologist or numerologist who tells you that they can predict the exact date of your death or the events that will surround it isn’t trustworthy.

Nevertheless, their predictions can only come true when you give room to fear.

The basic concept of numerology tells us that it has the power to influence the mindset of an individual, but cannot compel you to comply but allow you to use your free will.

It is now your choice to determine how you respond to the predictions.

Make a Positive Choice

For instance, imagine your career reading predicts that you will soon hit a breakthrough that will define a turning point for your career.


Imagine that you wake up every day with a positive mindset towards the idea, irrespective of the fact that you barely know when or where this breakthrough will come from.

Your attitude towards work or your business changes with time.

This is because you are ready to put in the work for this major turning point you are expecting.

Hence, numerology has only positively influenced your attitude and when the result comes, it will be because of the work you put in and the mindset you head towards it and not solely the predictions from the reading.

In conclusion, numerology has proven to be helpful in different areas.

But if you are banking on its predictions to know the exact time that your life will come to an end, then we are sorry to disappoint you.

Other events or things numerology cannot accurately predict include the following:

  • Who you will marry (the person’s name).
  • If and when you will get pregnant.
  • If and when you will get divorced.
  • Everything about your future.
  • When you will get a job, etc.

Final Words

So, can numerology predict death?

Not really.

And perhaps this is a good thing as if it could, we would naturally change things we did from the point of finding out.

Do not trust any numerologist that tells you otherwise.

Thanks for reading.